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APPT Cebu: Day 1a and Day 1b reports

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Posted on 12 November 2009 by "T".

Day 1a of PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour kicked off yesterday. 105 players came to start, and after seven one-hour levels of poker, 50 of them had made it through to Day 2 of the tournament. In the lead of the tournament is Terry Fan with 140,000 chips. Terry doubled-up at the early stages of the tournament and used his big stack very well as he remained in the top throughout the day.

Day 2b of the tournament attracted a much more interesting starting field than Day 1a, but unfortunately the most of the bigger names fell early including Eric Assadourian, Dennis Huntly, and Aaron Benton. 58 players made it to Day 2 from Day 1b. Now a total of 108 players will fight for the prize pool of around $600,000.


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9 comments on "APPT Cebu: Day 1a and Day 1b reports"

 blazingpf12/11/2009 17:19:24 GMT
cool.. cant wait to see how this tour goes..
looks like it is going to be fun?
they have satelite or video broadcast?
 fejset12/11/2009 17:28:07 GMT
dont got a clue,, Aww crap!
 LaBaiz12/11/2009 20:49:02 GMT
this tour is pretty interesting as there are not so many familiar names, and lots of the big names we even don't know. Good prize pool for 108 players.
 Profetul13/11/2009 01:25:36 GMT
Registration was closed in 1a or in 1b ?
 ibarra13/11/2009 02:14:26 GMT

The APPT Cebu is a live tournament, most players are qualifiers fro Pokerstars freerolls and buy-ins.I got two friends playing there right now,the first one got busted and the other one made it to Day 2.
 MANUEDO13/11/2009 08:58:12 GMT
They are far away from the number of players of WSOP but I'm sure this tournament will grow up quickly.
Also because prize pool begin to be interesting
Ibarra, good luck to your friend
 SuperNoob13/11/2009 09:07:58 GMT
prizepool of 600k only,
no wonder big names didn't come,
most of the players are from satellites so most probably one of them will win it too
 Fakiry19/11/2009 15:23:10 GMT
By my coment you will only understand that i rarely play poker on real tourneys: one-hour levels? Oh boy, thats a lot of time. On one side, look like its enough to prepare the strategy and study other players, but for unexperienced players can get really tough and start to boring, till the time of the decision of going all in and get against some quiet guy on the other side of the table who says call with a much bigger pair in the hand, comparing to ours, which going to make us go home sooner than expected (ok, so i just told my worst real tourney experience; i was new on it and it run real bad). Perhaps things change in our mind when we know we are playing for a prize pool of $600,000. Smile
 mazas19/11/2009 15:31:06 GMT
really good poll and no big stars some of them fall earlie so unknown player can win this and take good prize and start his cariere maybe some pro pokers teams involve the winner to his company ........ the tourney just 4 new talents too find and the winner can become a new star in the poker wold Smile

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