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PokerStars: Mats Sundin's big mistake in WSOP

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Posted on 12 November 2009 by "T".

Just a year ago, Mats Sundin joined PokerStars as its international celebrity ambassador. In the beginning he didn't have much time to play in many of the major tournaments because he was busy being the captain for the NHL team, Toronto Maple Leafs. One year later he decided to retire from hockey and instead focus more on his job as ambassador for PokerStars.

One of the first major tournaments Mats played for PokerStars was in 2009 WSOP Main Event. He was doing very well in the beginning of the tournament and everyone were really impressed that he wasn't only a good hockey player, but also a decent poker player. However, when the first break started, he made a mistake that could have sent him packing. 

When the first break in the tournament started and everyone started leaving their tables, Mats took his poker chips and walked away. What Mats didn't know was that it's against the rules and that many players through WSOP history had to leave the tournament empty handed because of this. Luckily for Mats, one of the PokerStars employees noticed straight away what he did and went up to him explaining that it was against the rules. Thanks to this he could continue the tournament after the break.


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21 comments on "PokerStars: Mats Sundin''s big mistake in WSOP"

 MANUEDO12/11/2009 13:18:45 GMT
Lucky or help, I doubt PS emplyee would have help anyone else.
As for me, rules are rules and I dislike fovouritism ( maybe because I see things like this everyday in my country ).
He should have obligezed to leave tournament
 Doomsday_vic12/11/2009 13:57:17 GMT
wow that would have been a big bummer to play in a high buy in tourney and they do that sort of thing to get kicked out of the tourney. Pstars employees are still the best in terms of helping others Big Smile
 pziko198612/11/2009 14:22:43 GMT
wow that is a huge mistake then. he should have been aware of that rule, but he got lucky that there was an employee there that helped him.
 blazingpf12/11/2009 17:09:02 GMT
]Posted by pziko1986:
wow that is a huge mistake then. he should have been aware of that rule, but he got lucky that there .was an employee there that helped him.

yeap.. totally agree..
wonder if no 1 help him what wld happen haha
Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 fejset12/11/2009 17:31:35 GMT
He cant play poker ...
Neider can i,, Aww crap!
He he he,, Thumbs Up
 ih8usukouts12/11/2009 19:46:16 GMT
Hmmmmmmm, looks like he got lucky. Now if that was someone else would they have been told to go home? Or maybe the employee would of helped out anyone in that situation so no favoritism would of been involved. Either way, good break for him.
 Lutenatik12/11/2009 19:49:52 GMT
Wow got lucky but my guess is that this kinda of stuff should happen a lot at WSOP. Many of them are playing it for the 1st time
 shokaku12/11/2009 20:16:57 GMT
"Big mistake" at the WSOP? Did he fold the winning hand, like some other dude. Big Smile

Such a mistake is easily made, if a player does not know tourneys to well.
 KDRPKR12/11/2009 20:32:05 GMT
Honest mistake, just like Ivey's, who was so pissed 'cause of the ace on the river, he mucked his flush.
 LaBaiz12/11/2009 20:45:49 GMT
good luck that the PS employee was there to stop him breaking the rules. But for the 1st time in big tournament it's probably ok.
 NANACONDA12/11/2009 21:25:29 GMT
It would have been harsh to get knocked out for doing something like this. I would have been seriously pissed. Lucky there was an employee there tho Sleepy
 Plexo13/11/2009 00:08:07 GMT
Lol. I didn't know that rule. Now I'm prepared to avoind mystakes in my first Main Event partipation Big Smile.
Well after this big mistake, What was Mats Sundin's final position? Anyone knows?
 schmoyster13/11/2009 08:17:26 GMT
Every Poker Stars donk has a couple of PS employees assigned to him to watch over when he goes on live tourneys. Just for cases like this. Big Smile
 SuperNoob13/11/2009 09:14:23 GMT
lol that was too naive
but as that was his first tourney he was bound to make such mistakes. maybe thats why PS employee was keeping a watch over him, lol
 mazas13/11/2009 11:37:22 GMT
just start new carriere 4 very good NHL player he was one of the better ice hokey players in the world Worship but now hi is to old to stay in NHL and play new cariere start in pokerstar and i wich 4 him really good luck just become a fovorit here too Big Smile
 ZmxPowah13/11/2009 12:51:24 GMT
I would be rlly mad if i would get kicked out of torney because of some stupid mistake...
Lucky he have someone watching over him ^^.
 Chartoule13/11/2009 16:35:46 GMT
Stupid mistake OMG!!!!

Next time maybe he must read the rules of the tournament.. Oh, he´s a sportman.. maybe he don´t know.
 Btownd8714/11/2009 02:26:02 GMT
We here in the T-Dot will always love that big oaf.
 klopmand14/11/2009 03:57:22 GMT
What an idiot, that is pretty basic tourney rules, maybe pstars whould interview 'pros' instead of hiring them based upon 'exposure'.

What a tool. Maybe great hockey player. This move makes him a poker donk.
 Fakiry18/11/2009 14:16:46 GMT
Inocent ambassador, not "conscious" of all the rules when playing for real. Its a bit strange to watch this behaviour on a person that, traditionaly, should know all the procedures like the palm of his hand, in order to convince others to do it right, "just like the ambassador", as its usually said.
 wardy3218/11/2009 14:42:21 GMT
haha madness it be horrible being kicked out of tourney for that but in fairness he should have known better lucky for him that employee was there

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