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PokerStars ambassador cannot decide what to do

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Posted on 13 August 2009 by "K".

The last few days there have been many rumors circulating in forums and newspapers that PokerStars ambassador Mats Sundin will stop playing ice hockey after thirteen seasons in Toronto Maple Leafs and a short comeback in Vancouver Canucks. According to Mats himself, he says that the rumors are not true and that he still haven't decided what to do yet.

However, Mats says that he will take the final decision very soon. Many people have been asking themselves what would happen with his poker career and his ambassador job for PokerStars if he stops playing ice hockey.

According to Johan Bondesson at PokerStars there are two options. -"If Mats decides to stop playing hockey, then he will play more tournaments, and if he decides to continue playing, then we will just continue like now." 

Do you think it's time for Mats Sundin to stop playing ice hockey and instead concentrate more on his poker career? 

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13 comments on "PokerStars ambassador cannot decide what to do"

 AvegZ13/08/2009 17:07:00 GMT
Look at Doyle Brunson, he is hanging in there and walks with a cane.
Imo Mats should play hockey until he breaks a leg or something fatal, then he can start playing poker like Doyle.
 godlike66613/08/2009 19:52:23 GMT
I never heard of the guy , but looks like hes doing alright so he should stick with what he does and not blow his money on poker..
 Davoodoo13/08/2009 21:49:06 GMT
Icehockey is 1000 000 times more sport than poker ... stick to playing with real hockey sticks instead of 77 Big Smile
 dianakyra13/08/2009 23:12:27 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
Icehockey is 1000 000 times more sport than poker ... stick to playing with real hockey sticks instead of 77 Big Smile

please double my mobpoints
 PhoenixRazz14/08/2009 01:28:16 GMT

I think that the ice hockey are a sport very different than the poker, don't exist comparison; is a decision of him to devote itself himself to other thing...


Is he a good player of poker? lol
 PokerJosh14/08/2009 11:24:46 GMT
also never heard of him. But in his situation I would sick with hockey till I get to old and focus then on playing poker.
 Fakiry14/08/2009 19:48:33 GMT
Ice hockey is a tough game and you need to be in very good shape to continue practising it as a pro. If Mats Sundin is changing trains for poker, he soon can get hurt, because it is a bit violent game too. But ice hockey works as a secure monthly income, and poker isn't like that. Tough decision...
 hudpaul15/08/2009 01:05:06 GMT
he is loosing his hockey spirit...he needs to focus on hockey to rekindle the hockey spirit, but if he wants to quit let him...althought he never won a stanley cup ring yet.. so he should see if he can get the ring this year, and if not go ahead and make the move to poker...
 Flangel15/08/2009 01:45:27 GMT
Do a coinflip
 ChoonT15/08/2009 03:50:27 GMT
i didnt take a deeper look into nhl hockey, but he could be too old for this hard league.injuries could come oftener and worser and it must be frustrating to see other players ovartake with endurance and hardness.
i saw a great player retireing past season with 41years and what happend? the team had the worst case and missed all targets and that was no nice goodbye to the deserved hockey-pension
 SuperNoob15/08/2009 11:07:10 GMT
i guess he's old and in few years they will stop renewing his contract for hockey, then he'll have no choice but to play poker at pokerstars. i wonder how long will pokerstars keep him when he no longer plays poker
 ChoonT15/08/2009 12:51:31 GMT
he´s a swedish hero and thus he is a good promo Blink
and i think he has a nice bankroll to play there ( if you know how topstars earn at NHL - and he plays for very long time there Blink )
 GeneYuss16/08/2009 01:18:32 GMT
I think Sundin should have retired last season..But Vancouver was willing to overpay him. I'm fairly certain he will retire this year, last season he got just 28 points in 41 games for Vancouver which is not great..If he does play another year, he should have accepted 2 year,$20 million deal.

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