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November 9 countdown - 5 days: Darvin Moon - The working class hero

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Posted on 02 November 2009 by "T".

With only 5 days left to go before the 2009 World Series of Poker final table kicks off, we will put a lot of our energy and focus on writing about the November 9 finalists and other relevant information that might be of interest. First out is chip leader Darvin Moon.

Darvin Moon - The working class hero
Darvin Moon, 45, lives in Oakland, Maryland and work as a logger. He won his ticket to the Main Event through a satellite at a casino in West Virginia. But even though he was going to play the main event, he didn't put his hopes up high, and he could never ever imagine in his wildest fantasies that he would make it this far in the tournament. He was wrong as the whole cards and the flops were the best possible for him from start until the final table. Now he has a massive chip lead and is the big favorite to take home the main event.

-"With the cards I'm getting it's easy. The first hand I sat down I had pocket kings and rivered trips. Three hands later I had pocket aces and flopped trips. How hard is it?"; Moon said in an interview earlier this year.

Davin Moon is not a professional poker player like many of the other November 9 finalists, and he has no interest in getting signed either. Instead he he wants to keep poker as a hobby and continue he's day time work in the woods even though he's guaranteed at least $1 million dollars and can win up to $8.5 million! Darvin Moon is a true working class hero who many people will hope for on Saturday!

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Who will become the World Champion?

18 comments on "November 9 countdown - 5 days: Darvin Moon - The working class hero"

 sirthomas03/11/2009 10:10:42 GMT
On Saturday its finally time for the final table of 2009 WSOP Main Event. This is for sure the biggest happening in poker this year, and also the most interesting! According to many polls on different forums and websites, Phil Ivey is the big favorite to take home the tournament.

We at BankrollMob are interested to know what our members think and therefore we have created our own November 9 winner poll+thread where you can vote, and maybe also motivate why you think your November 9 player will become the World Champion.

 s1m0nmp02/11/2009 18:01:58 GMT
Lucky him... KK and AA in four hands, and get trip from it Smile sweet
he didn't want to sign up with anyone!!!.and keeping poker as hobby...
I really hope this guy shows up few more times in the future...
 ih8usukouts03/11/2009 10:18:49 GMT
Phil Ivey, I'm cheering for the maniac to get another win under his belt. I would like to see Moon play some poker other than getting dealt great hands. As for the rest of the field, ah who
 shokaku03/11/2009 10:25:27 GMT

I want to see how he drops the bracelet in the garbage bin. Cool
 ih8usukouts03/11/2009 10:33:12 GMT
Posted by shokaku:

I want to see how he drops the bracelet in the garbage bin. Cool

That's right, I forgot about I would like to see the reactions to that
 xxxbchxxx03/11/2009 11:35:26 GMT
I say James Akenhead will be heads up with ??? but i dont think he can win ?
No actually i think James will win the lot hes a very good player with razor sharp wits and will defo be in with a shot at the top prize.
(besides he has a wicked name dont you think) lol
 zirafa7303/11/2009 11:49:44 GMT
Phil Ivey, i hope so Worship .
I like his style of playin poker so I voted for him. But it will be hard. My second choice is Shulman.
 MANUEDO03/11/2009 14:55:10 GMT
I think Phil Ivey ,despite his low stack, has good chances to win this event.
He is the only pro and probably will play in his aggressive way trying to earn more and more chips quickly.
For the same reason I think he can finish on 9th place Blink
 Pjot03/11/2009 16:35:31 GMT
I voted for Phil Ivey. I really hope he wins, I got 15 cents riding on him! Shock Will make me a cool 215 $ if he wins. I laid a bet on Nordic with odds like 1- 1500 I think it was. Big Smile

Edit: The math, and my memory, was totally wrong...
 Janiman03/11/2009 16:56:30 GMT
I'm cheering for Phil Ivey (who's not??)
 Davoodoo03/11/2009 17:04:25 GMT
I dont know who will win but i know Ivey will be the first one out . hes not playing for second or third place his only goal is the bracelet . He will probably get AK pretty earle and then some pig calls with K J and hits the J on river Blink
 rory-san03/11/2009 18:29:56 GMT
Phil Ivey is the most capable of the players left.
Well that's only my opinion.

I really hope Ivey wins this one, he deserves it.

 fcumred03/11/2009 21:07:05 GMT
Posted by Janiman:
I'm cheering for Phil Ivey (who's not??)


Personally I have this suspicion that Buchman will do it. Akenhead you can all but discount because hes just far too shortstacked.

Ivey, well possible. If anyone can do it he can, but I think hes got too much of a mountain to climb.

The rest I know nothing about..

But either way, its gonna be fun to watch
 pokersztar03/11/2009 21:36:36 GMT
I think Phil Ivey will win because he is the best poker player in the world. He is my favourite poker player. I hope ge win the tournament. Meet at the tables, best wishes
 SuperNoob04/11/2009 00:25:07 GMT
Moon has chips Phil has experience and skill, its a difficult one to bet on but one thing is sure if phil can get over that chip lead early in the game he'll be favorite to win it
 Gabri06/11/2009 00:09:06 GMT
I hope Phil wins. He deserves that more than anyone at the final table. The only one I want NOT to win is Moon. He's only there because he had an unbelievable lucky run. He was getting monster hands all of the time. Not impressed with his poker skills. Besides, have you guys looked at his face at the table? - Show some emotion , man! He looks like a short stacked and that he was forced to be there or something. ...Anyway, Go IVEY!!!
 gluesniffer09/11/2009 13:47:00 GMT
The person writing the article has terrible writing skills Sad
 TinTin09/11/2009 13:57:14 GMT
Posted by gluesniffer:
The person writing the article has terrible writing skills Sad

Interesting first post...
Cut down on the glue, sniffer.

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