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WSOP Europe Main Event: Phil Hellmuth Wins 13th Bracelet!

Tags: cannes, final table, jason mercier, joseph cheong, main event, phil hellmuth, WSOP Europe.
Posted on 05 October 2012 by "T".

A big congratulations to Phil 'The Poker Brat' Hellmuth who outlasted a field of 420 players in the 2012 WSOPE Main Event in Cannes, France! This was the poker legend's bracelet victory number 13, and it occurred only three months after his 12th win at the WSOP (Event #18: $2,500 Seven Card Razz)!

Hellmuth is now in the lead in the "Player of the Year" race for 2012. Only Greg Merson can now surpass Hellmuth, but Merson needs to win the WSOP Main Event Championship in order to do so. The final table will be played at the end of October at which time the "Player of the Year" winner will be determined. 

"I don't say this often, but I am truly humbled by this," said Hellmuth afterward.  "This is one of the most prestigious titles in poker and to get this one, it's right up there with the (1989) world championship."

Final table results:
1st - Phil Hellmuth, €1,022,376
2nd - Sergii Baranov, €632,592
3rd - Stephane Albertini, €423,360
4th - Joseph Cheong, €292,320
5th - Christopher Brammer, €207,648
6th - Paul Tedeschi, €149,184
7th - Stephane Girault, €108,864
8th - Jason Mercier, €84,672


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14 comments for "WSOP Europe Main Event: Phil Hellmuth Wins 13th Bracelet!"

 pochui05/10/2012 08:28:11 GMT
Lol this Stephane Albertini is tremendous- way better than hellmouth- he managed to come in second and third in same tourney- now that's epic, and he got a bigger payout than the winner, lol. i thought mercier will outdo phil...
 Doarulle05/10/2012 08:34:24 GMT
Yupiiiiiiii i won too because i bet $1 on Phill Hellmuth will win the 13th bracelet and i won $5 Smile) i knew it, Phill is the best.
 nipitiri305/10/2012 09:07:03 GMT
welll i guess he is extremly good good luck to him
 Cliffem05/10/2012 09:34:20 GMT
Welldone Philly!!! Defo go down in history, 1st person to win a M.E WSOP and WSOPE Bracelet!
 djpremier05/10/2012 09:49:37 GMT
I was also surprised to see Mercier be the first one to leave the final table : O

Anyways, congrats to Phil he's crazy! 13 bracelets it's unbelievable!
 remco250405/10/2012 09:58:00 GMT
I watched this live till late and he had some of his old tantrums ..very entertaining
He was laying on the ground and all screeming and stuff ...great
Kept me up till late but i was glad he won.

congratz Phill
 Mysik8605/10/2012 10:02:08 GMT
Great! I hope that the 13 won't be unlucky!
 teddybears7305/10/2012 12:05:41 GMT
hellmuth has just proved once again that he is one of best players ever,i really don't know how some people can argue against that.i wonder how long untill number 14 ?
 vitaliyk2005/10/2012 14:49:55 GMT
that is correct:
1st - Phil Hellmuth, €1,022,376
2nd - Sergey Baranovi, €632,592
3rd - Stephane Albertini, €423,360
4th - Joseph Cheong, €292,320
5th - Christopher Brammer, €207,648
6th - Paul Tedeschi, €149,184
7th - Stephane Girault, €108,864
8th - Jason Mercier, €84,672

that is correct:
1st - Phil Hellmuth, €1,022,376
2nd - Sergey Baranov, €632,592
3rd - Stephane Albertini, €423,360
4th - Joseph Cheong, €292,320
5th - Christopher Brammer, €207,648
6th - Paul Tedeschi, €149,184
7th - Stephane Girault, €108,864
8th - Jason Mercier, €84,672

 MarcWinz05/10/2012 17:18:57 GMT
There is only one Phil Helmuth....some would say thank god for that, but, I would say good luck to him and it is nice to see that he has not lost his brat features.............

Wish I could be like that and play like him, with his success....................

One day perhaps........................ Worship Worship Worship

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 Macubaas06/10/2012 04:24:21 GMT
Big congratulations to Phil Hellmuth, thats indeed a great result and i fact this is his first WSOP european bracelet i think Big Smile

The action on this event was really good and so it should have been considering all the big names that took part Smile

 ayaraled07/10/2012 11:10:00 GMT
wow 13 bracelets...hellmuth is really on of the best in tournament poker.....also he's character makes poker more entertaining when he plays...sometimes his rants are out of line but he is really a good player....
 Fakiry08/10/2012 09:55:19 GMT
Hellmuth is everywhere and his race for bracelets seems that won't have an end this soon. He keeps winning them, and i am sure he doesn't think about stop doing it, or at least keep trying to do it. And even if he doesn't win the Player of the Year title, he will still be amongst the best and the memorable ones, with a picture of him holding his 13 bracelets.
 MartinSharKK14/10/2012 06:28:16 GMT

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