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November 9 countdown - 3 days: Joseph Cada

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Posted on 04 November 2009 by "T".

Joseph Cada is only 21 years old and the youngest player on the final table. Joseph has been playing poker for 6 years and he started playing poker online at Party Poker at the age of 16. After that, he has achieved a lot in different tournaments at Full Tilt poker. This year Joseph Cada played his very first World Series and took the world of poker by storm as he made it to 2 final tables!

On Saturday Joseph and the other 8 remaining players will have hundreds of thousands people from all over the globe watching them. It will be very interesting to see if Joseph can handle the pressure like he said he could in an interview some time ago.

After some research about Joseph Cada it stands clear that he's one of the November 9 players that people talk the most about on different forums and websites. Many think that he won't have a chance on the final table, when others think that he has a great chance of becoming one of the last remaining players, but maybe not another Peter Eastgate.


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9 comments on "November 9 countdown - 3 days: Joseph Cada"

 sirthomas04/11/2009 15:32:51 GMT
vote vote!
 B1gfoot04/11/2009 15:42:12 GMT
Is that allod playin at 16? Will party poker not get a telling of for letting it happen.
Hmm, we got 2 admins, is Tony getting lazy? Is bankrollmob getting too busy? Have they bumped of MobManager?
ahh, thomas is the Durrrr fan....He said WSOP ment nothing to him, he wanted to go to his room and play on line LOL, thats why he didnt get to far.
 Administrator04/11/2009 16:09:59 GMT
B1gfoot - "sirthomas" is a Mob team member too and is usually the guy doing our news articles and also much behind-the-scenes stuff.
 MANUEDO04/11/2009 16:12:54 GMT
In Italy is forbidden to play poker if you're less than 18. ( but too many things are forbidden here )
Probably he won't win but I would prefer him instead Schulman.
For sure he won't throw away any bracelet
 Harry929504/11/2009 16:56:16 GMT
I agree with you

Ivey gonna win

He has good streak

Says hes learned alot
 B1gfoot04/11/2009 17:04:33 GMT
Posted by Administrator:
B1gfoot - "sirthomas" is a Mob team member too and is usually the guy doing our news articles and also much behind-the-scenes stuff.

Hope he does no do the audits Shock (Guess most wont get that)
 Aggro66605/11/2009 00:09:20 GMT
better shulman throuing away the bracelet than another aggro donk

will take it home
 SuperNoob05/11/2009 04:43:13 GMT
he surely can handle the pressure if he already made 2 final tables in world series but winning will take too much from him.
as for poker sites allowing minors to play, i think many pros started young online
 zialionka05/11/2009 10:35:30 GMT
Ivey has balls, Ivey will be World Champion

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