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WSOP is Back Live this 2021!

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Posted on 19 April 2021 by "T".

The gaming industry's biggest poker tournament series returns this 2021, the World Series of Poker announced at the beginning of April. This time around, the popular WSOP Main Event returns and it's going to be played on the live felt.

WSOP 2021

  • Duration: September 30 to November 23, 2021
  • Venue: Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

A popular event known worldwide, the tournament series experienced record-smashing participation in 2019 and adjusted to a hybrid format in response to the 2020 pandemic. This year, WSOP 2021 will be back in-person at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino this autumn pending applicable state and/or regulatory approvals. Cards are set to play for a diverse calendar of events starting Thursday, September 30 and concluding on Tuesday, November 23.

The 2021 opening weekend shall be expected to feature a special charity event to benefit health workers - a $25,000 H.O.R.S.E. and a $5 million GTD No-Limit Hold'em event named as "The Reunion." More details on the complete schedule will be released this summer.

"The Main Event" will start on Thursday, November 4 and will run through Wednesday, November 17. Players shall have their choice of four starting days on November 4, 5, 6 or 7.

Hotel room reservations are currently being accepted across Caesars Entertainment's Las Vegas resorts, including the headquarters at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, with rates as low as $10 for existing Caesars Rewards members.

Specific COVID-19 safety protocols and other related 2021 tournament policies will be reviewed with gaming regulators in the lead-up to the event.  The World Series of Poker will be compliant with all directives from the state of Nevada regarding social distancing and capacity limits on the tournament dates.  

WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart said, "This year, more than ever, we embrace our role at the WSOP to deliver memorable experiences and bring this community of poker lovers back together.  In 2021, the theme is, get vaccinated and get back to Vegas."



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46 comments on "WSOP is Back Live this 2021!"

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» WSOP is Back Live this 2021!

 CALICUL25/04/2021 15:19:42 GMT
In the past, i liked to watch certain games from important tournaments in Las Vegas. Another tim i was watching at some professionals who play for large sums. It was interesting and we have something to learn from there. The WSOP impresses many people.
 Rogerio1026/04/2021 08:18:32 GMT
I just hope everything will be ok and we can finaly watch another wsop series again this summer. I enjoy watching it, specialy main event or bigger buy ins. Edited videos of course, all game would be boring. And at the end the final 9 of main event. Fingers crossed that everything will go right way and this will happened for real.
 Cesar1426/04/2021 13:38:57 GMT
We all want that, to be able to see this game show, the WSOP are the most exciting tournaments that exist with big jackpots and great professionals who enter to compete, it will be a pleasure to witness the level of poker of these players.
 CALICUL26/04/2021 15:27:53 GMT
Any amateur or poker player with an interest in making a poker career... should follow the professionals when they playing at the WSOP. Returning to normalcy will be good for the fans because they will see the real talent there. This thing will help a lot.
 dule-vu27/04/2021 09:30:57 GMT
Posted by Rogerio10:
I just hope everything will be ok and we can finaly watch another wsop series again this summer. I enjoy watching it, specialy main event or bigger buy ins. Edited videos of course, all game would be boring. And at the end the final 9 of main event. Fingers crossed that everything will go right way and this will happened for real.

for me its more important that we can have normal summer and that I can travel where I want,to watch football games and to come on some country and not to pay test for that!who will care now about this wsop,especially because its in america and till october you have 5 months,who know what will happen till then and will you have most of us players on it!
 Cesar1427/04/2021 14:20:02 GMT
I think that those who care the most are the viewers who are going to see these poker tournaments, but it will be difficult for those who are going to play live, they are very different sides of the coin, hopefully this can improve over the months to enjoy this.
 CALICUL27/04/2021 15:28:52 GMT
English language it is the inconvenience for many players, because if you know and get to Las Vegas can find many details here about chips and how to play live tournaments. This is not a cause for concern, because you learn there everything that ''scares you''. WSOP helps you through casino employees.
 Cesar1428/04/2021 22:09:36 GMT
Players come from all over the world to face each other, many of them have to communicate in English but I think it is manageable, now what matters is that this great poker tournament can be held despite the restrictions, I want to see people play my favorite players who are many one of them limitles.
 dule-vu29/04/2021 11:18:47 GMT
what english language have with wsop and would some player come in las vegas to play or not?you guys in every thread talk about crap things and something that have nothing with thread!
we dont know what will happen till october and who care does anybody know english and its not even important for playing poker live!
 CALICUL29/04/2021 17:11:10 GMT
Players come to make money and most of them know English. The others know how to play poker and as long as they are confident in their poker game can handle it easily without talking. This thing is not a problem. Anyway, WSOP is the most important series and sharks come here for glory.
 geseco1230/04/2021 04:52:55 GMT
I hope this great tournament can be held, I really like poker, and I like it more when I see the greats and references playing with each other, due to the situation it will be difficult but I do not lose hope of seeing them, these tournaments are the ones that many long for play them.
 Cesar1430/04/2021 14:30:44 GMT
They have asked many players if they want this WSOP tournament to take place, they answered that it would be good if they did, not for the money, but rather that it is like a symbol that unites the poker community that makes them feel that it is present And nobody has forgotten it, but they also say that it is impossible due to the restrictions that exist due to the pandemic, now I hope everything improves by that time.
 CALICUL30/04/2021 17:58:57 GMT
this time the professionals players / gamblers are happy, because now they will feel at home at the poker tables in casino. WSOP fans will be able to watch this series and to enjoy with this thing. I would like to watch but only the summary.
 geseco1201/05/2021 05:11:07 GMT
We all enjoy this, I would like you to be able to do it without any problem, later on we will have many things clearer about this, now we can only speculate, but reality will be seen in a few months.
 dule-vu01/05/2021 12:30:26 GMT
ofcourse that every poker player want that we have wsop this year and that is live,not online,its silly to even talk about it,but that nobody know and nobody cant tell what will be in one month and not in six months!its same that you ask football fan would he love to see euro this year,ofcourse he would like!
but you must know that same as last year,nobody know what will happen till october!
 antonis32101/05/2021 15:11:51 GMT
So in 5 months the so prestigious event will come back , after a year of absence (live) ?? I hope that will happen , this is most anticipated by all poker players , professionalls or not, everyone wants things to go back tonormality and see again the huge prize pools of the WSOP poker events again live at Rio Hotel/casino at Las Vegas . Hope everything will go as planned .
 Cesar1401/05/2021 17:10:16 GMT
We all want the WSOP to be back and to be able to enjoy the poker tournaments that they will do, the situation is difficult and we will see later if it will improve and things can be changed, but if not, we will have to wait even more.
 CALICUL01/05/2021 17:56:42 GMT
I'm curious if there will be anyone who surpasses one of the 3 players who are in the top 3 in terms of total poker winnings. Then if there is any professional player who has 6 bracelets or more and if he will be able to win another one. WSOP is a real series.
 geseco1202/05/2021 08:35:24 GMT
Many of the poker professionals want this tournament, even those who play cash on the internet such as limitles, truetteler, linus, among others, they said that they earn more playing on the internet but they come to this tournament for the prestigious trophy that the winner gets and that's why everyone wants to play it.
 Cesar1402/05/2021 17:39:40 GMT
Depending on the levels you can play, you can take advantage of your time, some see 50 dollars as if it were enough, that is due to the level they play, it may seem quite a lot, but for others who play at high levels it could not be, that every one will judge his game.
 dule-vu02/05/2021 18:13:29 GMT
I am glad that you copy same post from other thread (dinopolis slot game) here in wsop thread,just to collect 10 points Thumbs Up
 CALICUL03/05/2021 13:57:59 GMT
I'm curious this time abiut the restrictions which will be on distance between players at the poker tables. I don't know if they will wear masks, but it is very hot there and i hope this idea will be removed. It is time for things to return at normal.
 geseco1203/05/2021 14:24:54 GMT
It is a mistake that can happen to anyone, we should not judge for that, we also know that this tournament is in doubt to be carried out would be something very out of the question that they can do it, but we all want that to the delight of the eyes, those who we love poker.
 Cesar1403/05/2021 18:51:43 GMT
sorry friend DULE-VU I have made a mistake, I recognize it, sometimes when I try to translate into English there I copy wrong, but surely I have not done it on purpose but I thought it was fine, well I will try to improve that part.
 CALICUL04/05/2021 14:52:16 GMT
let's go back to the WSOP and listen to what the professionals will say then. We have a few more months in which we can try online qualifications. Whoever wants this thing can do it with little money, because you have the chance to get in Las Vegas and have a dining experience with formidable players.

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