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WSOP is Back Live this 2021!

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Posted on 19 April 2021 by "T".

The gaming industry's biggest poker tournament series returns this 2021, the World Series of Poker announced at the beginning of April. This time around, the popular WSOP Main Event returns and it's going to be played on the live felt.

WSOP 2021

  • Duration: September 30 to November 23, 2021
  • Venue: Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

A popular event known worldwide, the tournament series experienced record-smashing participation in 2019 and adjusted to a hybrid format in response to the 2020 pandemic. This year, WSOP 2021 will be back in-person at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino this autumn pending applicable state and/or regulatory approvals. Cards are set to play for a diverse calendar of events starting Thursday, September 30 and concluding on Tuesday, November 23.

The 2021 opening weekend shall be expected to feature a special charity event to benefit health workers - a $25,000 H.O.R.S.E. and a $5 million GTD No-Limit Hold'em event named as "The Reunion." More details on the complete schedule will be released this summer.

"The Main Event" will start on Thursday, November 4 and will run through Wednesday, November 17. Players shall have their choice of four starting days on November 4, 5, 6 or 7.

Hotel room reservations are currently being accepted across Caesars Entertainment's Las Vegas resorts, including the headquarters at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, with rates as low as $10 for existing Caesars Rewards members.

Specific COVID-19 safety protocols and other related 2021 tournament policies will be reviewed with gaming regulators in the lead-up to the event.  The World Series of Poker will be compliant with all directives from the state of Nevada regarding social distancing and capacity limits on the tournament dates.  

WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart said, "This year, more than ever, we embrace our role at the WSOP to deliver memorable experiences and bring this community of poker lovers back together.  In 2021, the theme is, get vaccinated and get back to Vegas."



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69 comments on "WSOP is Back Live this 2021!"

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» WSOP is Back Live this 2021!

 Cesar1403/05/2021 18:51:43 GMT
sorry friend DULE-VU I have made a mistake, I recognize it, sometimes when I try to translate into English there I copy wrong, but surely I have not done it on purpose but I thought it was fine, well I will try to improve that part.
 CALICUL04/05/2021 14:52:16 GMT
let's go back to the WSOP and listen to what the professionals will say then. We have a few more months in which we can try online qualifications. Whoever wants this thing can do it with little money, because you have the chance to get in Las Vegas and have a dining experience with formidable players.
 CALICUL18/08/2021 22:54:02 GMT
in a few weeks the games of this famous world series of poker will start. This is also beneficial for us, if we follow their strategies carefully. I don't understand why more big poker rooms don't make online satellites for players to qualify for US tournaments.
 CALICUL09/10/2021 09:10:34 GMT
I don't see any news in brm, about qualifying tournaments or in the poker rooms where i play. There are probably satellites in pokerstars and party poker. Anyone who wants to visit Las Vegas and has no problems with covid 19, tests or vaccines, can always try to get in a live game, or more.
 antonis32110/10/2021 16:50:31 GMT
I wonder how many are the participants on this WSOP , during to COVID restrictions , and how many players are willing to travel to USA to lay on this seeries . Are the prizepools big enough , how much in comparison to previous years . I think an article for this would be intersting
 dule-vu10/10/2021 16:51:02 GMT
probably not lot of people,because nobody know what rules will be when he will need to back in his country!
 dule-vu11/10/2021 17:40:29 GMT
as I see on their page,everything already started on 30.9.,ofcourse with smaller events and there was more then 20 tournaments so far!most of players are from usa,but I can see on list players from other countries,so they allow to all,its just question how many of them will travel or maybe some of them live there!
 antonis32112/10/2021 16:19:14 GMT
I read an article that main event in WSOP will have a big prise for 1st place , maybe even 8 millions $$$ , depending on how many entrants it will finally have , less than the 2019 10 M , but still big . I think it's overestimated , maybe next post-COVID year , 2022 , it will be so or even better like it used to be .
 CALICUL12/10/2021 16:19:57 GMT
these tournaments are strong...
 antonis32113/10/2021 23:54:06 GMT
Phil Helmuth did it again , in a 7stud game (I think it was) . He started cursing a player , who finally won the bracelet , that is not a way to win one more bracelet , if he is so anxious for his next bracelet , he should focus on the gameplay , leave everything else aside . I read the news , didn't like what he did .
 dule-vu13/10/2021 23:59:35 GMT
Dont know what happend!will read it!
 dule-vu15/10/2021 18:48:42 GMT
till main event is lot of days,more then two weeks,exactly on 4.11.,so player have time to decide will they travel in usa or not,but ofcourse they need to have both vaccines,because in lot of states they dont allow that somebody come in hall or this kind of places,like basketball players cant,so there are lot of things to think and not just to pay buy in of 10000 $!
 ligador3716/10/2021 15:06:32 GMT
Posted by antonis321:
I read an article that main event in WSOP will have a big prise for 1st place , maybe even 8 millions $$$ , depending on how many entrants it will finally have , less than the 2019 10 M , but still big . I think it's overestimated , maybe next post-COVID year , 2022 , it will be so or even better like it used to be .

8 million for the first one is a huge prize even if it is less than last year. But as you say, the years to come, the awards will surely be better.
These times are marked by the Covid pandemic. But once that is in the past, I think the WSOP will start to get more participation.
The boom that happened online, I suppose it will carry over to the game in real life.
 dule-vu16/10/2021 15:23:52 GMT
last year we didnt have wsop,so this year would be even more players then before,just that we still dont have this rules!maybe next year everything will be better!
 antonis32116/10/2021 16:50:40 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
Dont know what happend!will read it!

 dule-vu16/10/2021 16:53:18 GMT
Thanks on this,I will open it now!

cant even count how many times did he use word f... Big Smile
 dule-vu19/10/2021 17:19:50 GMT
I can imagine what will happen when he will come on bigger tournaments,with bigger prize pool and what he will do to other players!seems that live poker missed to lot of players,especially to this pro players like him!
 dule-vu23/10/2021 21:22:27 GMT
Soon main event will start and too bad that doyle will not be part of it!he is too old for this long tournaments,especially to play for days!this will be his last wsop,but ofcourse on smaller tournaments,like few days ago!
 ligador3724/10/2021 03:16:10 GMT
In a couple of weeks we will have the main event and it will be very good to follow it on a channel, twitch or some streaming. I prefer to see it with a comment in Spanish, but if that is not possible, I will settle for English.
without a doubt it will be a different tournament. I don't know if phil ivey will participate in this case. supposedly he was interested, but for some personal problem he was not playing the wsop
 dule-vu24/10/2021 04:29:49 GMT
Lot of people will watch it!
 dule-vu26/10/2021 10:10:54 GMT
people didnt had almost any live tournament in last two years,so they will watch this wsop for sure,after it was canceled last year!this year everything is bit later then last years,but its important that it will be,just depend what number of players will play main event!
 ligador3726/10/2021 13:18:59 GMT
Yes, I think that you are right. Surely there are many more people who watch these tournaments. Also with the algorithms of social networks, it is news that appears to us everywhere (I have watched a video about poker hands and within minutes FB is already showing me another hand to watch). The same is true for poker related news. I imagine something similar happens to you
 dule-vu26/10/2021 13:19:57 GMT
everything start is 7 days,so we will see how everything will look!
 ligador3726/10/2021 13:24:15 GMT
I think I will be able to see the final moments of the tournaments, or I will have to watch them delayed. Just next week I'm going on vacation, and I won't be touching any computers, and I'll be enjoying the beach instead of being locked up watching streams haha.
But once I'm done, I'll catch up. Let's hope it's a good tournament
 dule-vu26/10/2021 13:25:23 GMT
ofcourse,beach before any poker streams!you can come on forum or something like that,but not to watch live poker for hours Big Smile

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