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Aussie Millions: Day 1b Report

Tags: Alexander Kostritsyn, Brett Daphne, Chris Ferguson, Josh Malone, Sam Vakili Aussie Millions 2009.
Posted on 20 January 2009 by "T".

In Day 1b of Aussie Millions Main Event 202 players participated, but only 102 of them would make it to day 2 and join the other 76 players from Day 1a.

Defending champion Alexander Kostritsyn, Chris Ferguson, Erik Seidel, Emad Tahtouh and Ross Boatman were players many people believed in and thought would make it to Day 2 of Aussie Millions Main Event. But nothing really worked for these guys in this year's Aussie Millions Main Event as all of them went out of the tournament quite early. Brett Daphne is the chip leader from Day 1b and he will bring 120,250 chips with him to Day 2 of Aussie Millions Main Event. Brett is closely followed by Josh Malone, Sam Vakili and Michael Toreniec. All of them with over 100k chips each.

Top 10 of the 102 surviving players from Day 1b

1. Brett Daphne - 120250
2. Josh Malone- 112400
3. Sam Vakili - 106300
4. Michael Toreniec - 101525
5. Ali Ghezelbash - 92575
6. Erol Aygon - 92100
7. Josh Onas - 89700
8. Ivan Demidov - 81925
9. Annica Zvert - 81575
10. Michael 'Timex' McDonald - 80675

In Day 1c of Aussie Millions a 300-plus field are expected to participate. Notable players (just to mention a few) that will take part in Day 1c are Gus Hansen, Joe Hachem, John Juanda and JC Tran.


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11 comments on "Aussie Millions: Day 1b Report"

 umarplus20/01/2009 14:14:49 GMT
thanks for keeping us up to date bankrollmob! =)
 19ben8820/01/2009 14:18:19 GMT
yes it nice to read something about the aussie millions here on bankrollmob keep us updated Big Smile
 Calmplay20/01/2009 14:26:36 GMT
Day 1c ended not long ago, something sick happened there. The guy sitting 2nd in chips won a huge pot to sit there, here was the action caught on the river with the board reading 8 Spade K Spade Q Spade Q Diamond A Spade . Player 1 had checked to Player 2 who bet out 15,000. P1 then check-raised all in for 42,000 in total and P2 insta-called and tabled 10 Spade J Spade for the royal! P1 was in shock after turning a full house with his K Diamond K Club only to see it shrivel up on the river. Shock terrible ...
 guille22xt20/01/2009 14:34:52 GMT
Woah, that was almost a bad beat jackpot, poor guy!
And what a hand the royal flush, thats something I have only seen in live in the WSOP quad Aces vs Royal flush!
Nice hand
 shokaku20/01/2009 14:47:05 GMT
Yep. KK, the hand of doom again. Smile

If something like that would have happend online, surely someone would have come up with the "action flop" theory. Blink
 playapole20/01/2009 23:28:46 GMT
Famous to read something about it!!!
 GeneYuss21/01/2009 03:00:03 GMT
Anyone know where we can watch this online? Maybe pokertube, youtube or . I'll take a look later.
 mathletics21/01/2009 03:06:03 GMT
Great job, I hope we'll hear more of this quickly Smile
 shokaku21/01/2009 10:45:12 GMT
Posted by GeneYuss:
Anyone know where we can watch this online? Maybe pokertube, youtube or . I'll take a look later.

In the last years the aussie millions found their way to pokertube rather quickly.
 GeneYuss22/01/2009 05:01:27 GMT
Thanks shokaku, I'll take a look a little bit later.
 AKacekings22/01/2009 14:54:28 GMT
Yep. KK, the hand of doom again

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