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New Bwin freeroll to be announced!

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Posted on 01 December 2009 by "A".

Dear all,

It seems that Bwin has a chat directly in their client, which have made the distribution of tonight's freeroll password somewhat easy. As a result tonights tournament will probably be "less" than exclusive as promised.

However Bwin has generously already promised us a new $600 freeroll later in December to make up for it. We will try and find a way to make sure only BRM members gets access to the next one.

Meanwhile we do hope that the eventual winners of tonight's freeroll (which we will of course play anyways) will be BRM Members!!!

New freeroll date will be annouced probably later this week.


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23 comments on "New Bwin freeroll to be announced!"

 dule-vu01/12/2009 18:08:22 GMT
this is unb,how people share pass in chat window!evety 4 post is pass for this tournament!it will be lot of people who not have account here!
 Meryville8901/12/2009 18:12:39 GMT
iam in 2000players and more will play
 GladaFisken01/12/2009 18:28:44 GMT
I didn't even get in. It was full! Sad
 LaBaiz01/12/2009 18:34:05 GMT
i got in at about 1900 players, too bad bwin has a chat in every tournament window, and someone from this forum told the non needed players the password ;(
 wolfstefan01/12/2009 18:35:25 GMT
only 2000 players Sad
 BhStaljin01/12/2009 18:38:21 GMT
this is terrible,I didn't even managed to get in it was full,why are they so stupid to give away a password.
 mrc01/12/2009 18:53:44 GMT
Let's hope that BRM members get the prizes Blink
 dunotra01/12/2009 19:00:51 GMT
Posted by BhStaljin:
this is terrible,I didn't even managed to get in it was full,why are they so stupid to give away a password.

And how many of these will be sitter outers from the start.... thay are just sad Sad
 KG197501/12/2009 19:03:18 GMT
Yeah, I couldn't get in either, as I said in other thread. Why was this a supposed consolation on the calender? When any member could enter with the password. Waste of bloody time downloading and registering on there.
 Plexo01/12/2009 19:08:25 GMT
2000??? I think I'm not goingto create an account there to play. I don't have so much time today Sad
 Meryville8901/12/2009 20:25:48 GMT
what a shitty hand every river death so many donks,worse poker client then party poker it goes contra if you have just one out it gaves your opponet that out,,,so many bad beats you won belive it!!!!!!!i Played Under Zlajmer17
 dipstick201/12/2009 22:03:13 GMT
it really sucks that ppl would stoop so low as to give away pw that they had to work for.maybe brm ought have a criteria for who gets pw and then bwin gets alist and if you not on it ,you not in it
 Ab1ss01/12/2009 22:04:42 GMT
i propouse to make it with tickets... best 100% safe

Or somehow open the password 5-6 min max before tournament start cause i was there at begining and yes in 10 min were like 500 regisered
 flopsy02/12/2009 01:24:45 GMT
do they accept players from U.S.A.?
 dunotra02/12/2009 02:34:23 GMT
So Who Won was it a BRM member... or a scrounging asylum seeker that tricked there way in Question
 Aggro66602/12/2009 09:16:35 GMT
other sites make the passwort only available 3 min. before the tournament... avoids this kind of situation
 AlekYahoo02/12/2009 12:18:45 GMT
And I cannot participate: - (((
The country does not approach! And I have Bwin an account only without a bonus: - (((
 dlkiv02/12/2009 13:24:00 GMT
Posted by Aggro666:
other sites make the passwort only available 3 min. before the tournament... avoids this kind of situation

Personally I think the ticket way is the best way to go cause if u dont have one then ur bumming Big Smile
 guldstof02/12/2009 15:28:44 GMT
ahhhhh i forget that freeroool.. :// when are the next one Big Smile?
 Ab1ss02/12/2009 16:40:33 GMT
I can see a new bankroll mob 200$ added but the buy in is 2,20$? can somone explain ty Smile
 jessthehuman02/12/2009 23:59:05 GMT
^ umm, that'd be a $200 added tourney. I.e; NOT a freeroll, but great value and IMO much better than a freeroll.

Also, what kind of dipshit gives out a freeroll password?? lol maybe they thought the prizepool would go up if more people registered Blink
 SuperNoob04/12/2009 18:49:35 GMT
if they found out who gave that password, they should ban him for life from BRM. these kind of people don't deserve anything better
 PorscheGT04/12/2009 19:11:59 GMT
I'm lucky registered for tomorrow bwin's freeroll (the password is not so hard if u seen 2 before Blink)
But what i want to say (and please) people:
When i just get registered 5 bwin users started to ask for password;
Someone even asked me "why?", when i said "no way for u to get password"-they are so dump!!!
Please ALL DON'T GIVE the password to anyone -> u get the password -. there is better chance for u to get nice place in tournament.
Who dont understand this simple thing is dump as this gay from bwin's todey chat.

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