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PartyGaming, bwin merge to create the world's biggest online gaming company

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Posted on 30 July 2010 by "T".

In December last year, one could read about merger speculations between bwin and PartyGaming in the british newspaper The Sunday Times. However, later on bwin denied that they were holding advanced talks with PartyGaming about a merge. Yesterday, almost 8 months later, PartyGaming announced that they have been negotiating with bwin for some time about a merge of the 2 companies.

Now, If everything goes according to plan and the shareholders agree to sell, PartyGaming will buy bwin for $1.76 billion and create the world's biggest publicly traded online gambling company.

The first thing that came to my mind when I read about an eventual merge in December last year was that they are doing it to keep up with the poker giants PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, and after I read what Gianmarco Bonacina, an analyst with Equita SIM SpA in Milan, said in an interview with Bloomberg, I no longer have any doubts.

"From an industrial point of view this is both an offensive and a defensive move. In Europe, Bwin and PartyGaming are losing market share in poker versus Pokerstars and Fulltilt, so the combination will protect them. In the U.S., the move is offensive. They want to attack that market and are in a better position if they combine." said Gianmarco Bonacina to the Business & Finacial newspaper Bloomberg.


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19 comments on "PartyGaming, bwin merge to create the world''s biggest online gaming company"

 duck_199130/07/2010 11:30:54 GMT
i don't like the ideea ... i play on both sites and i like them as they are .. :|
 dianakyra30/07/2010 11:34:14 GMT
Lol very old news of course Did post this in december

March it was Smile

Good news BTW maybe there is going 2 be a big site now wich don't want that all the big money is going to the american players look when you play on PS or FT American players always seems a lot more luckier(because they so worse) than us Europeans. 2nd thing is that they rather have the american Economy stimulated than the european economy and by giving americans the money they succeed in that Big Smile Byebye FT en Stars
 psycokiller30/07/2010 11:50:54 GMT
I'm not sure about this one. Partygaming pissed off alot of american players and Bwin seems to have done pretty well without this merger.
 shokaku30/07/2010 12:07:05 GMT
Both Ongame and Party do not accept players from the US of A at the moment. So no "offensive move" on the american market. Unless of cause Party wants to return.
 awood8830/07/2010 12:25:09 GMT
I hope not too. Bwin is one of my favourite sites. There's not a lot of promotions and they don't give away much no deposit bonuses, but I think this is to their credit as they don't have to claw it back. The rake is considerably lower than at party and the gtd tourneys are often +ev.
Party poker is one of my worst sites. It gives you lots of free money and the promos and rake bonuses are good but I always lose money there. The play is too swingy and the software is horrible.
 dozn0130/07/2010 13:25:21 GMT
looks like there will be plenty of Danish/Swedish users from bwin who will like this,
who got there NDB,
only countrys who got it Sad
 dule-vu30/07/2010 15:28:11 GMT
I dont like this news too!think that this will change both sites and changes wouldnt be good!lats see what time will bring,but its not just enough to merge 2 companies!
 arsenej130/07/2010 15:30:13 GMT
Posted by dozn01:
looks like there will be plenty of Danish/Swedish users from bwin who will like this,
who got there NDB,
only countrys who got it Sad

maybe they'll open up the offer for the resta the world?
 Funope30/07/2010 18:57:55 GMT
I don't hope that Party is gonna be an I-poker client.
 mazas31/07/2010 09:01:14 GMT
2 companys want work togher that it means they want just eat all the small sites and take the monopoly Big Smile
 Fackinas31/07/2010 12:03:21 GMT
I do not think that could happen but I hate bwin and marge rooms Big Smile better stay as it is now Tongue I think most off people would like to..;] BTW PARTY POKER ROCKS other sucks.
 twicEight01/08/2010 23:40:20 GMT
Maybe we will see a new poker Giant! More interesting tournaments, prizes etc.!!
 mrnugger02/08/2010 08:47:47 GMT
They want to try to dominate the online gambling industry and try to make more profit , don't know if it is the best thing to do for the players but don't think they care a lot about the players .
 Im2good4u02/08/2010 11:37:55 GMT
Well, merging poker rooms is like the norm nowadays. this is due mainly to player leaving the sites because of gambling regulations / restrictions and such. instead of trying to maintain few players and eventually "fold", it would be best for them to join other poker rooms to gain more traffic.
 Sapoazul02/08/2010 12:12:25 GMT
"old news"
 IslandJack02/08/2010 23:19:34 GMT
Not sure I like that merger....

I like Party, mostly because of their Promotions.
Not too crazy about Bwin, mostly because of their players.

Curious as to what this will mean in the future.
I guess from some of the posts this happened a while ago?
So maybe nothing will change...
 awood8803/08/2010 01:00:21 GMT
Doesn't seem like the move is going to be very popular with their existing clients. Neither bwin fans nor party fans want the merger.

I'd say that if this merger did come to pass both sites could stand to lose more than they gain in the short-term. Maybe it will give them a bigger share of the market and more power in the competitive world of poker but I think the sites together will be less than the sum of their parts.
 B1gfoot03/08/2010 17:09:05 GMT
I think there is going to e a lot more of this to come, its been talked about for over a year now, but it seams they are finally joining forces.
PartyPoker want to take over the world..only Chuck Norris can stop them now.

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