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PokerStars: 2009's last Sunday Million

Tags: pokerstars, sunday million.
Posted on 29 December 2009 by "T".

2009's last Sunday Million tournament was played last Sunday at PokerStars. Even though the world record tournament was played the very same day, not less than 9344 players signed up for the Sunday Million Tournament, which created a total prize pool of $1,868,800.

The final table was very thrilling one this time as lots of cash was up for grabs. And when there were 5 remaining players on the final table - they all agreed on making a deal. However, the winner of the tournament came to be Coach6999 who received $143,444 and the second place finisher, BBOY received $213,000 thanks to the deal.


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22 comments for "PokerStars: 2009''s last Sunday Million"

 doomdy29/12/2009 12:27:25 GMT
Making a deal in a big tourney, how disappointed Sad
 shokaku29/12/2009 13:23:44 GMT
Posted by doomdy:
Making a deal in a big tourney, how disappointed Sad

Making a deal in a small tourney is a bit pointless!
 xxxbchxxx29/12/2009 13:24:01 GMT
Hmmm see what you are saying. but a deal can be good (if you are behind) lol
Sometimes a win is a win and thats that.
 teteban29/12/2009 13:49:55 GMT
A deal is something to be conmsidered in a big tourney (I wih I ever got the chance of even thinking of a deal). But deals require proper dealing strategy too!
 Tchungpo29/12/2009 14:26:03 GMT
Waw, thats nice. The sunday Million begin to be a really really big event (the price pool is increasing more and more!), soon we will have a wsop main event each sunday xD
 BhStaljin29/12/2009 16:30:45 GMT
welll even if you are chip leader,it is good to makea deal,cause you never know what can happen,
 arsenej129/12/2009 17:27:32 GMT
hows second place get more then first?
 mazas29/12/2009 17:28:22 GMT
yes making a deal and not won all big Sad
but its really exhousting tourney and they all was very tired so the decision isnt very bad at this situation but its no luck ........ Smile
 racpxt29/12/2009 18:44:22 GMT
Searched on google for results and the values are wrong. Of course the chip leader won and got the biggest piece of the prize. On contrary deals would make no sense, unless it was the WSOP Main Event and someone proposed: "You take a bigger prize and I take the bracelet", but even that...
 leroi2130/12/2009 02:44:53 GMT
i dont understand the second place get more then first wtf someone dont know how to make good deal Big Smile
 ZmxPowah30/12/2009 08:21:35 GMT
I don't understand either...
The winner was the biggest stack?
I would prefer to get more cash the a title in tournament like that for sure....
If he gave some cash to the other just to get title i think it's stupid.
Hey take 50k but i will be teh winner nee? Ridicuolus.
 riversucks130/12/2009 08:38:51 GMT
Posted by doomdy:
Making a deal in a big tourney, how disappointed Sad

i watched alot of the sunday millions a couple years back always seemed like deals were always made its just what happens
 smaffie30/12/2009 16:51:49 GMT
I would be glad after all those ours to get the money and get some sleep!
 racpxt30/12/2009 19:34:37 GMT
For those who can't understand the money share each player got... Read all posts in this thread, the answer is out there. Who would make a deal like that? No one of course.
 LaBaiz30/12/2009 20:42:36 GMT
great that at the final table players can arrange some deals so that everyone gets a good share of the money. Too bad I'm not amongst them Blink
 AA-Daelt-AA30/12/2009 20:46:41 GMT
lol it's kinda weird that the second place finisher wins more money than the first place.
Anyway gratz to them, that's a good illustration on why you have to think before accepting deal at final table.
 MANUEDO30/12/2009 21:48:24 GMT
It sounds strange because the second one earned more than the first one but often happens players make a deal; not only in Italy as I can see... Smile
 SuperNoob31/12/2009 01:24:44 GMT
second place got more money than first, but he must not be playing his natural game since a deal was already made out between them.
 Aggro66631/12/2009 03:34:12 GMT
oh a deal is fine, but seems they made a strange deal in this case
 BhStaljin02/01/2010 10:40:17 GMT
Wou, that is great. The sunday Million begin to be a really really big event,the price pool is increasing more and more,, soon we will have a wsop main event each sunday hehe
 TheCardDemon04/01/2010 16:20:51 GMT
Why not make a deal ? Since the prize pool is nearing that of a major offline event, I think there's nothing wrong with it, on the contrary.
 parrix05/01/2010 10:48:51 GMT

Well I hope that with this latest pokerstars tournament of 2009,

the year 2010 would be more useful in these tournaments,

so great where it is very difficult to cash,

but if you cash in one of these tournaments and made the box as a year or who knows if more.

Dollar Thumbs Up Blink

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