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Pennsylvania: 3 men charged for organizing poker tournament

Tags: Greensburg poker, illegal poker, illegal poker tournament, Pennsylvania poker.
Posted on 11 February 2009 by "T".

A PA judge in Greensburg has ruled that poker tournaments are illegal and should fall under illegal gambling since poker is not considered a game of skill, according to him. He has charged three men for organizing a poker tournament. David Millstein is the Attorney for the three charged men and he claims that poker is a game of skill and not chance. Therefore it shouldn't fall under illegal gambling.

Doesn't look good for the three men charged
A Judge of Westmoreland country called Richard McCormick Jr. has been working on similar cases before and he has become an expert on these types of cases and the outcome. He think it's very clear and that it should be common sense that poker is illegal and that organizing poker tournaments should differently fall under the illegal gambling law.

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21 comments for "Pennsylvania: 3 men charged for organizing poker tournament"

 B1gfoot11/02/2009 15:52:04 GMT
What a joke..
Is this the world we live in, hang them you honer, guilty beyond sin, we must make an example of them.

They should hold a game in court and if they win the game it should prove its a game of skill.
 Administrator11/02/2009 16:07:26 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:
They should hold a game in court and if they win the game it should prove its a game of skill.

Too bad if they're getting bad beated too much, the poker players Shock
 B1gfoot11/02/2009 16:19:31 GMT
Iv just been doing a bit of reading on the case, quite a nice set up they had.
They should not have took a fee but insteed sold drinks etc at a high price, like buy a 60$ coke and play for free.
 MeeKutz11/02/2009 16:29:25 GMT
Ah, poker is considered a game of luck/chance in my country as well, and it's often considered as a form of hardcore gambling .... common misconception Sad
 jagerbomb24111/02/2009 17:47:03 GMT
This is a joke. Fuck pennsylvnia and fuck the u.s. They try to get into everything we do. There trying to pass a law in my state where oral sex is illegal. fing ludacris
 B1gfoot11/02/2009 18:51:34 GMT
I did hear that, didnt think it was true, so you cant tell them to go suck your.......
But on the poker side old Franky(dont know his sirname) is fighting to save poker for you guys.
 T3ddyKGB11/02/2009 21:05:06 GMT
just unbelieveable..

even if it was no game of skills, why the heck have the gouverments to infantilize grown men like children Confused
im not kidding when i say we need something like a "french revolution" again. and many laws are from 5000 b.c.
just sick
 B1gfoot11/02/2009 21:49:52 GMT
Posted by T3ddyKGB:
just unbelieveable.............

Agree You could kindly give (waste) 1k to charity no probs but cant waste 1k having fun!!
its crazy its your own money, lol
PPl are too lazy for a revolution we just all seam to except whats given but poker seams to have a stong community so i think slowly it will be excepted
 guille22xt11/02/2009 23:15:49 GMT
Lol, that seriously suck... I really cant believe it, I alawys have tournaments at my place Tongue
 GeneYuss12/02/2009 08:38:13 GMT
"They should hold a game in court and if they win the game it should prove its a game of skill."

lol B1gfoot Smile They just need a good lawyer than can prove it's a game of skill.
 ashkai12/02/2009 17:03:10 GMT
there really trying to make oral sex illegal what state do u live in i dunno age of consent in canada is 14 a little gross i think sodimy is iilegal enless botth are over 18 im not sure and poker is skill and chance more skill though i think this is personaly a joke thank god i live in canada phew i love my country
 mastergryne12/02/2009 19:27:55 GMT
lol what a crime. While other crazy psycho murders are running they prefer to spend their resources on crap like this. Unbelievable !!
 GeneYuss13/02/2009 06:26:15 GMT
ashkai, you reminded of this picture;


Isn't age of consent in Canada 16?

As for the 3 men, how big was the tournament?
 B1gfoot13/02/2009 13:12:30 GMT
Posted by GeneYuss:
Isn't age of consent in Canada 16?
As for the 3 men, how big was the tournament?

I think it is 16, think russia is only place to have it below that at 14.
But I think you have to be 18 to be a gay lol.
The tourns was quite big, There were 22 people inside when police broke down the door and three more arrived during the raid, they made close to 1k per tourn at a cost of 100 for rent.+ all the extras id guess.
Posted by mastergryne:
lol what a crime. While other crazy psycho murders are running they prefer to spend their resources on crap like this. Unbelievable !!

Yep its like our govenment at the moment, spending up to 300k per district to cut back on fraud, but the fraud is estimated to cost the system 100k per district, fkn crazy, thats my tax money down the drain.
 GeneYuss15/02/2009 00:09:00 GMT
"Three more arrived during the raid"

lol, It would be funny if they thought of something like; "Is this the someone's residence? Must have the wrong place" than try and leave lol.

I guess it doesn't matter, only 3 of the are charged.

I think they should have a licence to host the tournament but gambling is illiegal? I'm confused.
 B1gfoot15/02/2009 18:17:22 GMT
The outhers involved i belive they could only get a max fine of $100, so i guess its no biggi for them.
Not 100% on the laws, think they varey from state to state, all a bit messy.
 tipa15016/02/2009 08:43:14 GMT
 cptstackrot16/02/2009 10:50:21 GMT
bless america. proof they have it all wrong. which is more dangerous, a country with some poker players or a country that is so heavily armed? 10 million people in texas, 50 million registered firearms. anybody think that US government have funny ideas regarding "protecting" their citizens? i suppose gambling is unholy and america has such a good social concience that they cant be seen to be upsetting god. hmmmm. or not
 GeneYuss16/02/2009 13:26:45 GMT
B1gfoot, I see. Have you heard Mike Sexton went to court to fight for one case, I'm not sure if it was this case but the judge decided it was a game of skill. There was one interesting question the judge asked Sexton, what is the result of two players with the same skill level. One would think luck but Sexton said no one can be the same skill level as another player and the winner would be the one who makes the most correct decisions.

But, the Judge hasn't decided if it was a home game or not.
 B1gfoot16/02/2009 19:53:39 GMT
thats a diffent case, think i posted it a while back may have bee kntucky cant quite remember.
but if i remember correct the judge was partial to a game or 2.
and think the law only applies to tourns, could be wrong.
 GeneYuss17/02/2009 14:50:48 GMT
The case I'm talking about happened in South Carolina. I would post the link but I don't want to violate forum rules. South Carolina case is more recent, did Mike Sexton testify in the Kentucky case too?

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