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Finnish poker ban perhaps soon a reality

Tags: legal, online poker.
Posted on 12 February 2009 by "K".

The Finnish poker players are among the world's best, such as Future Patrik Antonius, Ilari 'Ziigmund' Sahamies, Juha Helppi etc. But they might experience some difficulty playing online poker within their own country in the future.

The Finnish politicians are preparing a new gaming legislation. According to an interview with Jouni Laiho, the working committee is ready to take more drastic steps. Initially it is a tight ban on advertising of poker companies and a ban on bank transfers to poker sites.

A ban on Internet access to poker sites are also an option, which has also been practiced in Italy.

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39 comments on "Finnish poker ban perhaps soon a reality"

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» Finnish poker ban perhaps soon a reality

 M3turbo12/02/2009 19:38:14 GMT
Posted by mastergryne:
It's ridiculous !!! Banning poker isn't a solution. Let me people decide what they want to spend their money on.

Hey mastergryne good to see you Smile haven't seen you around for some time Confused
 MotoViRuS12/02/2009 21:30:17 GMT
Anyway they won't do this. They will call back this announce before the law will be accepted.
 ulikiluu12/02/2009 21:40:01 GMT
I hope they don't do that.
 Caesar13/02/2009 00:49:39 GMT
Me too...that would be a real disaster!!! I will consider moving to Russia or Sweden in this case Smile
 Pats2913/02/2009 04:17:17 GMT
Instead of spending millions implementing laws and findings ways to ban online poker they should make it legal and get a piece of the pie. Why not have a strict control over the gaming methods to eliminate cheating making it secure for everyone . They won't be able to stop anyway's , they should join in on the action . It would bring them alot of money that they could invest in school's and health care . If they havent thought about that , then they're all a bunch of idiot's !!!
 -janne199013/02/2009 08:23:01 GMT
i'm from finland. if this happens i will move to thailand.
 doomdy13/02/2009 08:48:19 GMT
When this happen in holland i move to thailand too Big Smile

If my gf wants too..........
So no change of goin there Cool
 apinamummo13/02/2009 10:01:04 GMT
It was just a matter of time... Finnish goverment seems to know better whats best for finnish ppl. Monopole ftw!
 Predobar13/02/2009 12:38:57 GMT
If they do the same as Italy did I don`t think it will be a problem to big sites. It will narrow down selection of sites where Fins will be able to play but it will give players more protection at the same time and earn extra income to government budget.
 KealanAce13/02/2009 13:09:40 GMT
Just cause the politicans are all donkeys n throw their money away dosnt give them the right to ban online poker. Suckers
Spade [$]
 Joga14/02/2009 13:27:32 GMT
Bad news for all players around the world.
 xxxbchxxx14/02/2009 13:40:34 GMT
Posted by doomdy:
In Italy its allready wild-west crazy motha fokurs Aww crap!
Now Finland maybe Confused

If these rulez comes too holland i gonna shoot some heads Aww crap!

Who is with me?

go doomdy you raise some hell............................ we'll all be right behind you ............ far behind you lol
 reede14/02/2009 18:51:51 GMT
Not good, zorry zigmuund
 Jonzei8915/02/2009 00:03:26 GMT
that sucks, i am from finland :E
 tipa15016/02/2009 08:40:53 GMT
this is not good
 cptstackrot16/02/2009 10:55:11 GMT
its grim. why does europe need to copy the US? if a country bans online poker then surely all other immoral things should be banned. you can buy card scanning equipment, peoples ids, psychoactive drugs and all sorts online. poker is nothing in comparison to what is available online.cant they just stop credit card gambling? go to cash only?
 GeneYuss16/02/2009 13:37:13 GMT
US didn't ban online right? They just didn't like how the money was being handled or something like that? And some poker rooms didn't want to comply.
 Gagamon16/02/2009 15:23:22 GMT
well i think the want to bann that because they have no profit on that...most onlinepokerplattform are stationed in other countries finnish money flows to other conutries...maybe they want to protect their owm money...i think its understandable....

but im lucky not to live in finnland Big Smile
 M3turbo16/02/2009 16:35:03 GMT
Posted by doomdy:
When this happen in holland i move to thailand too Big Smile

If my gf wants too..........
So no change of goin there Cool

Online poker is illegal in Thailand Tongue
 doomdy16/02/2009 16:35:26 GMT
Holland is so fucked up at the moment.
They want a law so they can get tax on online poker, but there is NOT a good law yet.

But on TV in holland there are really big commercials from Pokerstars, Everest and FullTilt.

Holland is screwed Confused

Posted by M3turbo:
Posted by doomdy:
When this happen in holland i move to thailand too Big Smile

If my gf wants too..........
So no change of goin there Cool

Online poker is illegal in Thailand Tongue

You posted 1sec before me Tongue

Tax isnot really a problem for me yet at online poker (i think).
I make some bucks with online poker but i dont really know how it works with tax in holland.
I searched on the net and problably my winnings are too littl to pay any tax, but not sure.
So for now i keep my money on my poker-account, moneybokers-account and neteller-account.

So if somebody know for 100% how it works in holland feel free Smile
 boyndahood16/02/2009 17:30:49 GMT
i'm very glad i live in latvia, it's way too far from such poker crysis, but very sad for finnish players, i hope you think something out !
 M3turbo16/02/2009 21:32:24 GMT

I would suggest you to find out how the laws and tax laws are for you. It's very important imo especially since you are a regular winner. You can probably get an answer on a NL poker forum....if not contact your tax office for your own sake.

My point was just don't move to Thailand because it becomes illegal in your country cause it's illegal in Thailand too Disagree but probably less controlled Confused
 T3ddyKGB16/02/2009 21:44:44 GMT
this theme is a bit confusing to me though.
for instance high have to be your winnings that you have to pay tax on it ?
50K (year) and up, or no matter how much you won..?

its a joke anyways, in fact you already paid your taxes and then you have to pay again. so you pay twice on the same thing..u know what i mean lol ?
 M3turbo16/02/2009 21:58:34 GMT
In DK poker winnings are only tax related when won on a non EU casino(fx Pokerstars and FTP), so if you play onlinepoker on a site with EU class 3 license it's tax free.

But it's more or less illegal to play online poker in DK, we got a law "paregraf 203" which states it's illegal to make profit on hasard games and danish poker union was "recently" in court where they first won in the City court which made poker a game of knowledge and not hasard the government quickly demanded the case should get to Land court where danish poker union lost the case which made poker a hasard game. Now danish poker union are awaiting a date to be set for the final court in Denmark called Highest court.

So as it is right now you can play tax free on all EU class 3 casinos but it's illegal to win. Because in Denmark you can be luckier than the law allows, I meen they made it hasard so a regular winner must be more lucky than the rest of the players Tongue Aww crap! LOL joke laws Aww crap!

Danish tax office uses these sites to decide wether a online casiono is tax related or not:
 doomdy17/02/2009 00:09:25 GMT
Did some research on the net on ''online poker in holland and tax''

For now there are not so many troubles, if i have to believe what i read its 1,2% tax max on online poker winnings.

Basicly its now that taxman cant really get the online players in holland cos there isnt a good law yet.

Cant give the link of the site cos many poker banners Smile

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