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Florida looking to legalise online gambling

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Posted on 24 June 2009 by "M".

Online poker players have gotten some great news from the state of Florida where Governor Charles Grist has signed off on a new bill passed by the state legislature earlier in May this year. This bill authorized an in depth study of the impact that legalising online poker in certain states will have on the economy and on the people.

If the report should come out showing a positive result it would provide a lot of leverage for the politicians such as Brney Frank who wants to see online gambling regulated and licensed by the US Government to provide additional income streams for the Government.

The objective of the bill is to research what needs to be done in order to protect the state residents from online gambling offered by offshore companies. It is also important for the Government to implement a system to prevent the underage from being able to access online gambling.

Apparantly the results of this research will be ready to be published and be taken in to consideration by the Senate in December 2009.

At the same time the state of California is looking in to getting a similar bill passed as they too are interested in offering onlien gambling within the state borders to generate additional tax income.

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10 comments on "Florida looking to legalise online gambling"

 Fakiry24/06/2009 19:56:31 GMT
This are great news to american online poker players, but not that great to poker entrepeneurs. If i understood this right, poker enterprises will have to show their acountability to the states where they act, they will have to pay taxes from incomes, they will have a lot of extra expenses... but i think it will worth it to the poker room owners to invest in this new oportunity of market!!!
One day it will be in Portugal: we always copy the best from the richest countries!!!
 fochizza24/06/2009 21:59:43 GMT
Hope the bill gets trough! => more usa fishes online!!! :d
 DaneMitic24/06/2009 22:22:35 GMT
Posted by fochizza:
Hope the bill gets trough! => more usa fishes online!!! :d

I hope so too! Big Smile
 nietopereek24/06/2009 23:05:58 GMT
Poland won't legalize online gambling Sad
 Jodoli24/06/2009 23:27:41 GMT
this is great news! I think every states or countries should think like that. Legalizing online poker is the right path. I hope politicians can do that! This game has come to stay! Poker is getting more famous and played by a lot of players in all countries in the world!
 Davoodoo25/06/2009 07:17:51 GMT
Isnt the governor in Florida Arnold Scwarzenegger ? Big Smile
 MrMan25/06/2009 07:34:03 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
Isnt the governor in Florida Arnold Scwarzenegger ? Big Smile

No, he is governor in California. Blink

But Florida is as sunny as California. Cool
 d0ink25/06/2009 09:34:57 GMT
Legalize online poker is the right way to a better economy
 xxxbchxxx25/06/2009 17:50:26 GMT

This will be great for America.
They will get the bug all over when a few states give in and start being reasonable again.
It does not effect me but by brother lives in Florida and he loves poker.
He knows that ist coming so i've already hooked him up with BRM Worship
Big Smile Cool
Big Smile Cool
Big Smile Cool Big Smile Cool
 spanishman26/06/2009 22:47:29 GMT
hmm i don't understand why they don't let the us americans play online poker or go to online casinos ,,, they are the state with most casino in the world i think but in the internet they prohibit it ,,, that sounds a bit silly to me ,, what do you think about it???

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