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Alpo Kuparinen qualifies for Team Titan through BankrollMob

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Posted on 23 February 2009 by "K".

BankrollMob member and Titan Poker player, Alpo Kuparinen from Finland, qualified for Team Titan and will represent Scandinavia through Titan Poker in poker tournaments, during the first half of 2009.

Having qualified for Team Titan, Alpo Kuparinen received a 6 month sponsorship contract to represent Titan Poker at tournaments, $16,500 to use for buy-ins at major land based poker tournaments and lots of Titan Poker gear.

Alpo signed up at Titan Poker through BankrollMob back in September 2008 using one of our Titan Poker deposit bonuses.

Read more about Alpo Kuparinen in this Titan Poker interview.

BankrollMob wishes Alpo good luck in the upcoming tournaments!

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18 comments on "Alpo Kuparinen qualifies for Team Titan through BankrollMob"

 Davoodoo23/02/2009 15:32:32 GMT
Suomalainen voittaa aina ...
 guille22xt23/02/2009 16:49:50 GMT
NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!! Congratz to him and to BRM too! someday, maybe someday some of us will be playing there :O
 B1gfoot23/02/2009 16:52:22 GMT
Nice one fella.
Would be nice if he drops by now and then, show some love, GL.
 Calmplay23/02/2009 18:48:52 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
Suomalainen voittaa aina ...

English please, yes definitely he should drop and show some recognition.
 guille22xt23/02/2009 22:40:34 GMT
I dont believe he will come here, he just found a deposit bonus here, its not like he started hes carreer with the no deposit bonus!
 GeneYuss24/02/2009 00:04:30 GMT
That's pretty cool. How do I win one of those 6 months contacts Tongue
 guille22xt24/02/2009 00:20:50 GMT
You have to play at titan, and be the best of your country in the country tournaments, in your case obviusly Canada... I dont think its easy, hope to see the guy with some winnings!
 eaziabi24/02/2009 01:06:49 GMT
that is so sickk..
im gonna deposit on titan noww n play with alpo to think he started with a no deposit bonus
ultra sickk
 Cliffmf24/02/2009 03:14:40 GMT
i think you will find if you actually read the article it was a deposit bonus. but good luck anyway
 Calmplay24/02/2009 08:16:44 GMT
Posted by guille22xt:
I dont believe he will come here, he just found a deposit bonus here, its not like he started hes carreer with the no deposit bonus!

Rigged member Thumbs Down
 doomdy24/02/2009 08:21:28 GMT
Wud luv to hear his story on BRM forum, but i guess there is littl change on that....
 MANUEDO24/02/2009 13:10:26 GMT
Nothing to say, he has X factor.
It's really hard to start with a bonus and make a so unusual career in very short time as he did.
 Siouxi24/02/2009 20:17:14 GMT
voi vittu, kaikenlaista
 beenz198325/02/2009 11:16:05 GMT
god bless you boy
 ibarra25/02/2009 12:40:21 GMT
Congratulations Alpo for qualifying in the Team Titan through BankrollMob. I wish I"ll be the next BRM member to achieved your feat. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.
 T3ddyKGB25/02/2009 18:16:32 GMT
so do i. well i got 1 a half years time yet to reach the same Smile considering hes been only 2 years playin online.
ive also read the interview on titan site but couldnt find out how he did it.
is there a "team country tournament" or something ? i guess..

congrats !!
 guille22xt25/02/2009 18:36:53 GMT
Yeah, but the event takes place 1 every year or once every 6 months I believe... cant find the info either!
 GeneYuss25/02/2009 23:34:26 GMT
Only playing 5-6 months on Titan. Titan must give out sponsorships every 6 months. And must be only for tournaments, can't really keep track of cash games?

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