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Welcome to the new BankrollMob design 2009

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Posted on 31 March 2009 by "K".

By the time you are reading this notice, our new design has already been launched. Since BankrollMob started in 2007, we have had "two and a half" designs.

First we wanted to get something that really said "mafia", so in 2007 BankrollMob looked like this (image 1).

It didn't take too long till we figured that it was probably too dark after all, so we changed the "main content background color" to something a bit more white/yellow'ish, just around 2008 (image 2).


Later in 2008 we decided to update it and make it even brighter, more modern and more appealing to new users, instead of scaring them away Smile

So we ended up with a design looking like this (image 3).

And now, in 2009, we're moving even further into the "modern age" with our design, while trying to still keep the mafia/mobster theme intact. That's the design you're seing here today.

We would love to hear your comments on this new designs, so feel free to post comments below...

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47 comments on "Welcome to the new BankrollMob design 2009"

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» Welcome to the new BankrollMob design 2009

 B1gfoot31/03/2009 19:44:25 GMT
yes no probs, i ll see if i can find a beter one.
 JunkyMonkey31/03/2009 22:01:43 GMT
You forget just one day to visit BRM and what happens? A new, great design appears!
Well done.
Like the resolution!
 DUDEHIGHLAND31/03/2009 22:10:16 GMT
wow. looks great. nice banner
 Kriillee31/03/2009 22:59:32 GMT
Really nice design i like this much better Smile Worship
 kevinnivek31/03/2009 23:05:20 GMT
Excelent!!! Smile i am surprised by positive
 Marduk4401/04/2009 00:04:50 GMT
Al Capone times Big Smile Cool , retro style Cool
 Outcast01/04/2009 00:06:14 GMT
Excellent new design, light and strict enough. Very beautifully looks. How much I have understood, a banner in style of "untouchable". Sry my bad english.
 weemanjcb01/04/2009 00:39:01 GMT
it`s nice the new look is better Cool
 MarkusCo01/04/2009 00:46:46 GMT
this is nice site. good luck BM!!
 guille22xt01/04/2009 04:48:31 GMT
To me, this one is a keeper, the other two were really ugly ahaha!
This one rocks! I love it!
 doomdy01/04/2009 07:29:40 GMT
Looks very nice Smile

Luv the MOB-car pic at top of the screen (middle). Big Smile
 umarplus01/04/2009 10:19:00 GMT
thats a very slick design on first view now! Smile

i like. well played bankrollmob! Big Smile
 neo8301/04/2009 10:47:53 GMT
very nice
 kekambas01/04/2009 13:19:44 GMT
Congrats for the work made Thumbs Up

The new look provides a nice combinaison of retro-mafio and serious Hard cash Dollar

Looks realy great
 seismografos01/04/2009 13:46:15 GMT
The new skin kicks ass...I really LOVE IT.Good job. Worship Worship Worship
 GeneYuss01/04/2009 16:40:22 GMT
Layout looks good. I like the new side bar. Font is a little small and I think the banner needs some colour.

I change my website template like every month lol..Have you ever heard that saying, "Man is never satisfied of what he has". I think it's true Smile
 xxxbchxxx01/04/2009 16:41:21 GMT
Yeah it looks good. well it looks a lot better than the last one for sure. a bit more style and not so young (if you know what i mean) deffo more mature......... Tongue

Hmmm just get rid of that UGLY bird gauarding the safe
then maybe you'll get some more cracks...
get some cracks guarding the safe.....lovely
 tipa15001/04/2009 17:30:28 GMT
old was better i think
 alcapone6702/04/2009 00:17:29 GMT
I m a new player poker player on Bankroll mob and I find the design very cool, and the offer are so profitable!
 Skyggeman02/04/2009 08:14:14 GMT
Love the new design - thinking of the old...
 radom16902/04/2009 12:26:43 GMT
I like this new side... Good work Smile
 massit-tanne02/04/2009 14:51:37 GMT
I like this new desing too... usually when sites make new designs they fail (like facebook, i hate it). But this brms new face looks really nice Smile
 cyber02/04/2009 21:32:58 GMT
I like the new layout very much. Wasn't really prepared when i got here today, thought I'd clicked the wrong bookmark first Smile
 MarkusCo03/04/2009 05:08:26 GMT
good interfase! and thx for the bonus
 buckmaster15/04/2009 17:45:18 GMT
i love the new layout,great features,keep up the good work

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