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Freddy Deeb Wins WPT Celebrity Invitational

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Posted on 05 March 2009 by "T".

Lots of celebrities, poker players and VIPs were invited to the World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational at Commerce Casino, near downtown Los Angeles. On the 4th day of playing the tournament was down to 6 players which were going to fight for the first prize of $100,000.

The World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational attracted a big starting field this year and it was a very successful event, even though the prize money is nothing compared to the other WPT events. On Saturday the tournament started and after 3 days of intensive poker there were only 6 players (1 celeb named Nick Gonzalez and 2 poker pros, Scott Clements & Freddy Deeb) left who could go home and charge the batteries before it was time for the televised final table.

Seat 1: Scott Clements -- 1,170,000
Seat 2: Freddy Deeb -- 1,190,000
Seat 3: Jose "J.J." Tavares -- 1,390,000
Seat 4: Nick Gonzalez -- 1,190,000
Seat 5: Tom Hall -- 2,310,000
Seat 6: Ottavio Tassone -- 850,000

First player to leave the tournament came to be Jose Tavares who got his chips in with A Q against Gonzalez A-A. Second player to go out of the tournament was Ottavio Tassone who's K-J couldn't hit anything when he called Scott Clements all-in with pocket 8's. After that all-in Scott Clements took the chip lead and now no one really thought anyone could stop the pro from taking home the tournament. But they were wrong, very wrong as Clement shortly after doubled up both Nick Gonzalez and Freddy Deeb. All of a sudden the pro and favorite to win the tourney was short stacked and decided to move all-in with A-9 and Tom Hall decided to call with A-3. Flop came 3-3-2, turn J and river 2 and clement had to leave the tournament on 4th place.

With only 3 players left it took about 30 hands before another player was eliminated from the tournament. This time it was Tom Hall's turn to leave as his Q-J ran in to Freddy Deeb's 7-7 on the board J-7-3-6-K. The very next hand came to be the final hand of the tournament as Nick Gonzalez pushed all-in (1.25 million chips) before the flop with A-6 and Deeb decided to make the call with 8-8 (6.85 million chips). The board ran out J-7-3-6-K and Gonzalez was eliminated on second place which gave Deeb the victory and $100,000. This is Freddy Deeb's second WPT title and he has now won around $6,000,000 during his career only from playing tournaments.

1. Freddy Deeb - $100,000
2. Nick Gonzalez - $50,000
3. Tom Hall - $20,000
4. Scott Clements - $15,000
5. Ottavio Tassone - $10,000
6. Jose "J.J." Tavares - $5,000



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6 comments on "Freddy Deeb Wins WPT Celebrity Invitational"

 Stigmatt06/03/2009 01:31:17 GMT
i like this player ^^ i known him can)
 Calmplay06/03/2009 10:54:07 GMT
Damn, the WPT forgot to invite me as usual Aww crap! anyway Freddy is one of the best all rounder player on this planet, well deserved win Worship
 shokaku06/03/2009 14:11:19 GMT
A9 vs A3. Flop 33x. Life poker must be rigged. Blink
 GeneYuss07/03/2009 04:40:58 GMT
I heard a lot of the players donated a lot of their winnings to charity, Like Deeb donated half his winnings.

Anyone know where I can watch the final table online? I can't find any poker shows on TV, only Poker After Dark and that's on super late.
 MANUEDO07/03/2009 19:23:34 GMT
E chi sono questi qui ?
Maybe is for I live in Italy but I don't know any of them...
Ottavio Tassone??? Who's? Actor, Singer, Politician ??
Could I have been invited too...ahahaha
 Cranberry16/03/2009 08:42:24 GMT
Haha cool Tongue

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