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An 18-year old freeroll qualifier takes home PokerStars LAPT Season 2 Grand Final

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Posted on 20 April 2009 by "T".

Dominik Nitsche from Germany wins the LAPT Grand Final tournament in Argentina after taking down the Main Event final table in less than four hours. For the win he received $381,030 and is for sure someone to watch out for in future tournaments.

Dominik Nitsche won his entry to the LAPT Grand Final tournament through a freeroll at PokerStars, and then he took home the whole tournament. With this achievement he really showed poker players around the globe that it's possible to make big cash from playing freerolls, and that there is no need to have a lot of experience. Of course Dominik Nitsche is very talented as well. Because to make it all the way in a LAPT tournament against very experienced poker players one can't just be lucky!?


name country prize
Dominik Nitsche  Germany              $381,030
Jorge Landazuri De Los Rios Mexico  $211,700
Rodolfo Awad Chile $141,140
Jason R Skeans USA $105,860
Segio Farias  Argentina $77,620
Derek Lerner Canada $63,520
Alfons Fenijn  Netherlands $49,400
Jose Barbero Argentina $35,280
Leonardo Fernandez Argentina $28,220


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22 comments on "An 18-year old freeroll qualifier takes home PokerStars LAPT Season 2 Grand Final"

 umarplus20/04/2009 17:36:00 GMT
very nice, not only because he is german! Blink

i really like this kind of story. Smile well played Dominik Nitsche!
 B1gfoot20/04/2009 18:18:58 GMT
Glückwünsche Dominik Nitsche, a truly great achivement.
I was too busy getting drunk and chasing girls at 18 didnt have time to play silly games :}, now im 19 i know what its all about, yer i said 19 lol.
 EimsbushKing20/04/2009 19:15:17 GMT
best comment ever b1gfoot

i laugh so hard
 mirked20/04/2009 19:33:16 GMT
Nice, the next an 18 year will win a big tournament it will be me Blink.

Remember my name because I will be on the final table in the next WSOP
 dmelchart20/04/2009 20:22:52 GMT
Not to burst your bubble mirked, but i believe you gotta be 21 to play the WSOP as its in the US, so, watch out for you in a couple of years than?
 Davoodoo20/04/2009 20:27:43 GMT
Poker skill game ?? pff ... sad its all bout the cards .
 Americano9620/04/2009 20:28:26 GMT
I see that recently more and more young people are achieving successes in the poker. That's sounds great!

I'm waiting now for a moment when the WSOP bracelet goes to man, who will be younger than P. Eastgate. Maybe this year?
 Vinyull21/04/2009 08:52:30 GMT
best regarts
 MANUEDO21/04/2009 11:13:50 GMT
What a wonderful gift for18 years.
Like a fairytale: from Germany to Argentina to win a great tournament...
 thpe94ad21/04/2009 11:33:14 GMT
 lomax21/04/2009 17:46:29 GMT
Wow simply fantastic! he is only 18 years old and with a freeroll he had a great possibility to win a lot of money! poker sometimes is crazy
 GeneYuss22/04/2009 06:01:18 GMT
He must have won a few freerolls to get into $5000 buy in tournament or like won a 8k-10k man freeroll? Anyway, that's pretty cool, reminds me of Chris Moneymaker.
 w00zy22/04/2009 20:18:47 GMT
winning $380K from a freerolls with only 18 years old... That's amazing. Nice story to tell someday to the grandchieldren.
 leonardo8422/04/2009 22:38:26 GMT
 robkamm23/04/2009 02:11:31 GMT
that guy looks like a retard
 Merkkari23/04/2009 02:43:43 GMT
Wow! That's really impressive.
 noobyfish23/04/2009 02:44:27 GMT
Posted by robkamm:
that guy looks like a retard

have to admit i think you re right... but perhaps everyone of his opponents thought the same and its one reason he won? great work dominik!
 Rebostatus23/04/2009 03:50:15 GMT
that's amazing, From freerolls to this.
 Jodoli23/04/2009 21:00:50 GMT
Wow that is amazing!! From a freeroll to that amount! This cant be only luck, he has to be a good player. I didnt watch the final table, but i know that to win against top players you really have to have very good pokerskills
 DrTre121326/04/2009 03:38:18 GMT
Way to go, Dominik!! Now I guess you won't be playing freerolls any don't need to now with over $300k in your pocket!!
 xxxbchxxx26/04/2009 03:41:50 GMT
WOW nice work if you can get it
Thats some playing for a pup .. lol
 preedator7626/04/2009 10:51:46 GMT
that's a very nice story. hope could be the same for me............... .......
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