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"kipsterDK" wins PokerStars Sunday Million, again!

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Posted on 25 May 2009 by "T".

Jesper "KipsterDK" Hougaard from Denmark won his second PokerStars Sunday Million tournament this weekend and received $206,000 for his amazing achievement. In total he has now won almost half a million dollars from the Sunday Million tournament.

The Danish pro, Jesper "KipsterDK" Hougaard, early this morning won PokerStars Sunday Million tournament and received $206,000 in first prize. Many people would probably agree on that it's a great achievement to win a Sunday Million tournament, but what about if you win 2 Sunday Million tournament almost within a year's time? First time the Danish poker pro took home a Sunday Million tournament was in April, 2008. Then he got $272,133 for his win, a bit more than this time with other words. But one can't stop wonder if a second win of such a prestige full tournament as Sunday Million feels even greater, even though the prize money was almost $70,000 less?


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23 comments on ""kipsterDK" wins PokerStars Sunday Million, again!"

 JFugger25/05/2009 14:41:43 GMT
Great job of him. I need to build up my bankroll some more before I can play in this kinds opf tournaments (and of course for this one especillay create a pokerstars account) or qualify trough a sat. But nice jobe to win this tourney twice in less then a year.
 Mucking25/05/2009 14:46:56 GMT
Wow.. Knew he was in the tournament when i went to bed yesterday! But damn he really won it again! Big Smile

Congratulations my fellow Dane! Blink
 DuraX25/05/2009 14:57:01 GMT
congratz !
 grlsrvicious25/05/2009 18:50:04 GMT
so sick
 Gottfriedx25/05/2009 19:13:00 GMT
twice? that's called a job my friend...

Can I hire him? ^^

I'll pay $50 if ya win lol, + free icescream
 Fakiry25/05/2009 21:32:21 GMT
If he entered the tournament a second time, that's because he knew it was possible to win: it happened to him once! What's one's favourite type of poker game? That wich one can win, no doubt about it! That's why i keep insisting in big prize freerolls, wich is the game in wich i took more profit till now!! Hope some day i can win something in another type, starting to fell sick surrounded by so many first time players... Tongue
 dianakyra26/05/2009 00:11:52 GMT
 aaalien26/05/2009 00:31:14 GMT
oh what a great way to make a living...
 SKORKA11126/05/2009 02:59:36 GMT
wow very nice
 GeneYuss26/05/2009 04:09:28 GMT
Maybe he made a deal the second time. There's a replay on , I'll go watch it.
 Calmplay26/05/2009 07:39:45 GMT
That's some skills guys, ok a luck was surely involved but I do think he played some hands perfectly to be able to beat very tough opponents there Worship
 alhoyo26/05/2009 09:13:39 GMT
of course without luck it is not possible to win, but without very good poker skills...
 ChoonT26/05/2009 12:06:31 GMT
nice video, but i hoped the hu would be some interesting Blink
but nice bluff against AK ^^
 Tchungpo26/05/2009 15:24:52 GMT
Damn, this make everybody dreams no? ^^
Maybe one day, a bankrollmober will live the same thing!

Good luck all and congrats to kipster dk!!
 Jodoli26/05/2009 22:16:05 GMT
Wow! It is great. It is a lot of mony. Sunday Million has a lot of excellent players it is a great achievement winning one time, winning two times is even greater!! Very good! Congratulations to him. It is really a dream! Smile
 Ninja299027/05/2009 02:04:57 GMT
Fedt nok kipstar fandme godt klaret keep up the good work elsker nå det nogen fra danmark der sparker røv
 mcsnakey76527/05/2009 06:33:56 GMT
Posted by Ninja2990:
Fedt nok kipstar fandme godt klaret keep up the good work elsker nå det nogen fra danmark der sparker røv

m8 what english only please that that pain : Sad
 darksorrow27/05/2009 07:07:11 GMT
WoW that's great. Thumbs Up

Congratz to him/ Worship
 MANUEDO27/05/2009 07:59:06 GMT
Very nice work.
A curiosity: how many players signned up and how many hours work to win ?
 GeneYuss27/05/2009 08:09:08 GMT
I watched the final table replay, kipsterDK played near perfect, he deserved it. I couldn't believe Philipoo laid down Queens. The way the hand played out he should have gone broke with the queens but folded and managed to take 2nd place.
 gomango29/05/2009 15:31:49 GMT
That's an internet pro. I cant take anything away from him. I'd like to see him in the main event. Good LUck. Jesper Hougaard
 luffe6529/05/2009 16:18:12 GMT
I think you're wellcome to meet him live, if you want. He won 2 wsop bracelets last year Blink
 M4tt03/06/2009 09:06:04 GMT
wow... nice for him.. you have to luck at least one time in those tournaments... thats good for him^^

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