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Champions Invitational: A battle between 20 WSOP Main Event winners!

Tags: Carlos Mortensen, Champions Invitational, Doyle Brunson, Peter Eastgate, Tom McEvoy, wsop.
Posted on 01 June 2009 by "T".

20 poker players that all have won the WSOP Main Event took part in the same tournament (Champions Invitational) yesterday. In the lead before tonight's final table is Carlos "The Matador" Mortensen (42,375 chips) with Tom McEvoy close behind (31,000 chips).

It's not every day that WSOP main event champions play against each other in the same tournament. Through all years, 36 different players have won the WSOP Main Event. 20 of them took part in the Champions Invitational tournament yesterday and today's final table will include these 10 players.

Carlos Mortensen 42,375
Tom McEvoy 31,000
Jim Bechtel 30,475
Doyle Brunson 20,250
Dan Harrington 19,975
Peter Eastgate 18,425
Huck Seed 15,400
Robert Varkonyi 13,450
Berry Johnston 7,625
Phil Hellmuth 1,125

Requiescat in pace
2 poker players that aren't with us anymore, but that would have been great to see in this tournament has to be the poker legends Stu "The Kid" Ungar and Johnny Moss. Both of them have won the WSOP main event 3 times each and are for sure 2 of the best poker players through all time!


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8 comments for "Champions Invitational: A battle between 20 WSOP Main Event winners!"

 shokaku01/06/2009 16:08:05 GMT
Wow. Hellmuth has a lot of chips to work with Blink

Action Dan with nearly 20.000 chips. Dangerous.
 B1gfoot01/06/2009 16:31:20 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Wow. Hellmuth has a lot of chips to work with Blink

Yer he must have had a lot of suck outs Big Smile
 Nitscho01/06/2009 17:59:22 GMT
Too bad i couldn't play with them Tongue
 Preisner01/06/2009 19:11:07 GMT
Strange, I didn't read anything about this any other place! Does anyone know if this is beeing broadcasted anywhere? Maybe ESPN?
 xxxbchxxx01/06/2009 21:27:31 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Wow. Hellmuth has a lot of chips to work with Blink

Action Dan with nearly 20.000 chips. Dangerous.

I love this guy, poker wise, well i respect this guy i should say.
He playes hard and is not worried to tell a player how bad he's decissions are and when some one is that vocal about his game you know he has to be good. Otherwise he would look like a crazy pathetic fool Confused
 Jodoli01/06/2009 21:57:54 GMT
Great final table! Almost all players that won the WSOP had to be excellent players! I say almost all because im thinking in Jamie Gold! LOL You are right to say that Stu Ungar if he was alive he would be in the final table for sure!!
 M4tt02/06/2009 09:04:07 GMT
Peter will win this tournament Smile he is the best ^^
 Fakiry02/06/2009 12:52:07 GMT
Now this is a table full of pros, i should say. I think i bet on Eastgate to become the winner of this Champ Invitational. To me, he has the best of chances, if Doyle doesn't disarm him with one of his slowplay traditional hands. This should be really nice to watch, don't want to miss it!

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