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WPT bestbet Open: The Final Table Begins Today

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Posted on 30 April 2013 by "T".

The final table of six is set after three days of intensive poker at the World Poker Tour bestbet Open in Jacksonville, Florida. Danny Schechter will be the chip leader (3,825,000) when the final table kicks off at 20:00 CET tonight (2pm ET). Schechter only had 52,000 chips when Day 3 started, so you can just imagine what an incredible winning streak he has had.

He has almost double the amount of chips of his closest opponent (Michael Linster) and it will be interesting to see if he can keep a cool head at tonight's final table - where a first prize of $321,521 is up for grabs! 

Final table chip counts:
Seat 1: Pete Tinnesz - 1,035,000
Seat 2: Danny Schechter - 3,825,000
Seat 3: Michael Linster - 2,150,000
Seat 4: Pete Chwala - 1,180,000
Seat 5: David Bell - 1,980,000
Seat 6: David Diaz - 375,000

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3 comments on "WPT bestbet Open: The Final Table Begins Today"

 Sorin88830/04/2013 08:17:43 GMT
Tony Cousineau Out in 7th Place ($35,691)
David Bell min-raises from the hijack to 80,000, and Tony Cousineau calls from the big blind. The flop comes Qspade10diamond4heart, and Cousineau quickly moves all in for about 240,000.
Bell snap-calls with AclubAheart, and Cousineau winces and turns over Qdiamond9club (pair of queens). Cousineau will need to improve to stay alive.
The turn is the 6heart, the river is the 7diamond, and David Bell wins the pot with his pocket aces to eliminate Tony Cousineau on the WPT Final Table bubble in seventh place.
 Bigritefoot30/04/2013 09:19:24 GMT
Is it just me or does Schechter look more like he should be sat outside talking to himself and drinking cheap whiskey from a bottle in a paper bag and not chip leader at a big money FT? Confused Evil

Good luck to him though as he has obviously gone on an epic run on Day 3 Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 spawnyx30/04/2013 14:20:40 GMT
well...Good things come to those who are willing to yea epic run Smile

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