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Excalibur Casino Getting the live dealers back

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Posted on 26 June 2009 by "M".

Earlier this year we reported that a couple of land based casinos were going to try out the new PokerTek tables which are electronic and do not require a live dealer. One of the casinos who have tried this out is the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas.

The Excalibur Casino have now decided not to renew the conract that they have with PokerTek and which means that they are going to bring back the live dealers at the real poker tables and throw out the new electronic tables. This is due to the fact that so many players have requested the old "Real" tables to be brought back.

The experimnents with these electronic poker tables have had mixed results to say the least. While poker rooms located in California has been having some success with them other casinos like the Trump Placa and the Excalibur have decided to get rid of their tables.

Bill Torrance, a frequent casino visitor had the following to say about the electronic tables:

"I don't care how many more hands a robot deals, I come to a casino because I want the total experience of the game, green felt, cigar smoke, and dealer included"


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6 comments on "Excalibur Casino Getting the live dealers back"

 Fakiry26/06/2009 16:09:21 GMT
If you take PC's to the casino, whats the point of the casino? Its too japanese, to soon to ocidental players like that. One thing is to travel to Macau or to Tokio and try out those systems at their casinos. Other is to try to install those system in the ocidental world and make people like it. Everyone will try it once but, like almost everything that comes from oriental lands, people get tired fast.
 Davoodoo26/06/2009 16:49:00 GMT
Electronic poker tables at the local pub ? OH YES ... electronic poker tables in the casinos ? HELL NO!
 Heffron8926/06/2009 18:09:08 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
Electronic poker tables at the local pub ? OH YES ... electronic poker tables in the casinos ? HELL NO!

Actually only internet poker should be electronic, live poker is live poker and not some electronic stuff!!!!! Angry
 jevo27/06/2009 02:24:14 GMT
We have a WSOP heads up NLHE machine at my local card room, it's ok for a laugh, couldnt take it seriously tbh!
 DrTre121330/06/2009 05:41:17 GMT
There are electronic poker tables at the casino in Montreal, Canada (the closest casino to me who has them). I hear the mixed reviews from people at that casino too, although I've never tried them. Dunno if I'd like it. Sure, it's convenient and high hands per hour...but there's just something about holding your cards and shuffling your chips that can't be replaced.
 spanishman05/07/2009 22:33:10 GMT
hmm thats a reason for me not to play at this casino
with the live dealer option it takes to long playing blackjack for example a match takes 2 minutes at every other site it takes maybe 10 - 15 seconds !

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