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WSOP: John Kabbaj takes home the world champion title in PL Hold'em

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Posted on 26 June 2009 by "T".

The Englishmen, John Kabbaj, took home event #45 PL Hold'em with a buy-in of $10,000. When the tournament was down to heads-up, it took 28 hands before the final hand was played and John Kabbaj finally was the last man standing.

It seemed like it would be a long heads-up between John Kabbaj and his final opponent Kirill Gerasimov. But after 28 played hands everything came to an end when both players picked up monster hands.

Kirill Gerasimov raised to 435,000 from the button, and John Kabbaj made the call.

FLOP 4Diamond3Spade7Heart

John Kabbaj bets 400,000, Gerasimov looks at Kabbaj and then decide to raise to 1,000,000. John Kabbaj then takes a sip of his beer and leaned back in his chair before announcing that his all-in. Gerasimov quickly calls.

Kirill Gerasimov shows:KHeartKDiamond
John Kabbaj shows:AHeartAClub

Table runs out 4Diamond3Spade7Heart 4SpadeQDiamond

John Kabbaj takes home the tournament with his higher two pairs and receives $633,335 in first prize. This is the 6th time John Kabbaj cashes in the World Series of poker.

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7 comments on "WSOP: John Kabbaj takes home the world champion title in PL Hold''em"

 spanishman26/06/2009 22:32:27 GMT
haha KK verses AA i always thought that this is only possible on some fakey poker sites =)
but that shows me how lucky you must be to win a tourney of such a size ,, i does not count only skill but also luck , many luck =)
congratulations to John Kabbaj for this great win
 jevo27/06/2009 00:58:23 GMT
pretty sick final hand to any tourny, let alone the world championship. Well done John!
 Fakiry27/06/2009 20:19:09 GMT
Funny how this touney ended. This final would always be remembered by the two players whatever the final hand and the result, but with a final hand like this, its a story to tell to their grandchildren and they start saying "no way, is that true? Did that really happened grandpa!?" Both will say its a true story, the difference is that one says it smiling and the other says it with a tear in the eye! Blink
 aikstefan28/06/2009 08:27:53 GMT
Nice cards from both, and congratulations to John Kabbaj who won.
Big Smile
 heaterr28/06/2009 22:15:02 GMT
it would be nice to know, how lucky were other players Smile
 blinkt29/06/2009 09:46:51 GMT
hope gera isnt TOO upset
 DrTre121330/06/2009 05:38:10 GMT
I thought it was great how Kabbaj just sipped his beer, sat back, and raised all-in. Now how's THAT for cool??!!

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