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The Seinfeld character George Costanza's great success in WSOP

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Posted on 10 July 2009 by "T".

George Costanza, or Jason Alexander which his real name is, has had a great run in the main event of the world series of poker. He has made it to day 3 and is getting closer and closer to the big money.

Jason Alexander is most famous as the character "George Costanza" in the old American TV-series "Seinfeld". But it's not only acting Jason Alexander is good at. He's also a good poker player and the ambassador for PokerStars (like the NHL pro Mats Sundin). Jason has now made it to day 3 of the main event and is getting closer and closer to the big money.

How far do you think Jason "George Costanza" Alexander can make it in the Main Event?


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18 comments on "The Seinfeld character George Costanza''s great success in WSOP"

 Fakiry10/07/2009 17:38:55 GMT
I heard a lot of things about him, as a person, and i believe something really hilarious will happen to him on WSOP. If you search for news about this actor, you will find many things which happened to him that makes remember of his most famous character George Constanza. This guy is just as unlucky as Steinfeld's "George" is. He can probably be in the final table, handing with 27, AAK at flop, and he caughs (cof,cof) and dealer will think he's called and he looses everything. You'll see!
Big Smile
 Mascarilha10/07/2009 19:24:49 GMT
gogo constanza!!
 T3ddyKGB10/07/2009 19:37:10 GMT
i never watch seinfeld (only 2-3 episodes) allthough many say its a good soap, but its not the first time i hear about him being success at poker. he really seem to be good !

when is the final ? if theres some players i do like at final table then im gonna watch it on livestream somewhere.
 spanishman10/07/2009 22:40:23 GMT
hmm i never heard his name anytime before =(
hmm he looks a bit oldfashioned but i think he will get far , because he is unknown and most do not respect him , hmm we will se what he is going to do next days !!
good luck constanza
 Exiles10/07/2009 23:50:26 GMT
me to, never heard of the bloke, but wish him all the best.
 jevo11/07/2009 02:00:30 GMT
He's an all round good fella from what I've seen/heard of him. Being on the poker stars team would have done him so much good I'm not suprised he's done so well.

GL Jason

 Jodoli11/07/2009 13:50:17 GMT
i LOVE SEINFELD! LOL I t is one of the most hilarious comedies series i ever seen. The character of George Constanza is great. He ius really comic! I hope he can have a good ITM position in this tourney! Go George! lol
 fillips0711/07/2009 17:09:50 GMT
never heard of jason alexander who r ye people spanish man ur an idiot
 razordemon11/07/2009 20:30:11 GMT
That caracter george constanza was amazing.
I´m a huge fan.

go go GC
 phaxaq12/07/2009 15:12:09 GMT
Smile Smile
 males12/07/2009 22:13:35 GMT
he still on the wsop?
 hackeru12/07/2009 22:41:44 GMT
good luck man
 guille22xt12/07/2009 23:53:50 GMT
Go george haha! Imagine a final table with this guy, It will be really really funny haha!
 kraemer13/07/2009 13:05:27 GMT
As You can guess from my Nick I would like to see Kramer win the WSOP.
 Scouserrr13/07/2009 13:50:57 GMT
Bob Patterson Big Smile
 teglet14/07/2009 17:41:16 GMT
Costanza is tha shit Smile
 neophron04/08/2009 14:00:34 GMT
Strange that so many havent heard of him, i belived everone watched Seinfeld. I have ssen him lay at some Celebrety pokershow, he was really good.
 ih8usukouts09/08/2009 08:07:38 GMT
Does anyone know what his nickname was in this one episode. It was Mr Be...... can't remember, but it was a funny episode.

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