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Guinness World Records: Full Tilt VS PokerStars

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Posted on 21 July 2009 by "T".

Last week we wrote that Full Tilt poker were really tired of always being in the shade of "big brother" PokerStars and their huge success. Now they wanted to break PokerStars biggest online tournament record by offering a tournament with low buy-in and huge overlay. This is how the Guinness world record attempt went for Full Tilt...

Full Tilt poker announced last week that they will try to get in to the Guinness World Records book by beating PokerStars old "Biggest online tournament record" of 35,000 participants. In order to do this, Full Tilt guaranteed $250,000 and added another $250,000 for as little as $5 in buy-in. Full Tilt was about to write history and get in to Guinness World Records. But PokerStars had other plans...

PokerStars answered Full Tilt's record attempt by in the last minutes creating a tournament with $130,000 guaranteed for $1 buy-in. However, Full Tilt managed to get 50,000 players to take part in their tournament and the old record held by PokerStars was beaten. But PokerStars showed why they are the biggest and the best site in the world as they got 65,000 participants in their tournament, and with that, PokerStars keeps the Guinness World Record as organizer of the world's biggest online tournament ever.



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16 comments on "Guinness World Records: Full Tilt VS PokerStars"

 Fisto21/07/2009 12:05:08 GMT
Full Tilt tournamen is deffenatly better. They had $5 buy-in and Stars - $1. At stars you could also getto the tourney through freerolls. So Full Till should have won.
Now they might make 100,000 entries tournament
 shokaku21/07/2009 12:46:24 GMT
Yep. It won't be long untill we see a 100.000 player tourney somewhere. It is complete madness, but it will happen.
 dianakyra21/07/2009 13:19:23 GMT
maybe the biggest 2 day event online would be a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Fakiry21/07/2009 14:18:58 GMT
Perhaps they can start thinking in making a different record attempt:
-the biggest online tourney with biggest buy-in (making business with sites like BRM so this can offer a gift to the players who register the tourney through them; for example, one would make a $100 deposit just to register the $100 tourney, the poker site double the amount of the deposit, and a site like BRM would guarantee $50 back if he couldnt get to prize places).
 SuperNoob21/07/2009 22:31:41 GMT
Full tilt tried to beat pokerstars, but got themselves beaten, lol
They'll never match pokerstars whatever they do, pokerstars has the bigger player base and fulltilt's software is having a lot of problems lately.
 DrTre121321/07/2009 22:37:59 GMT
Correction: FullTilt offered freeroll satellite seats into the Record Breaker. 20,000 players played for 4000 free seats. There were also FTP and low buy-in "as little as $5 buy-in" is incorrect.
 vamosuy22/07/2009 02:10:28 GMT
Pokerstars is the best site of poker ever. Fulltilt poker doesnt exist.
 Davoodoo22/07/2009 09:18:25 GMT
Posted by vamosuy:
Pokerstars is the best site of poker ever. Fulltilt poker doesnt exist.

WHY do youthink it is so ? Just because you have 14,35 $ on stars and 0 on fulltilt doesnt make stars a better place to play on .
I think stars has way better MTTs but fulltilt have more fish at the LOWER stakes cg ... playing 1/2 blinds on fulltilt is just idiotism.
 Jodoli22/07/2009 10:46:57 GMT
Full tilt and pokerstars seems like two childs fighting for a toy! Who cares who has the biggest online poker tournament! What players want is good tournaments with with good structures. I wouldnt like to play a tournamnent with 50000 players i would fell asleep! Smile
 KingEraiser22/07/2009 15:18:25 GMT
gratulation to Pokerstars for an new World Record... i was part of this Record i am very Proud!!!!!! ^^
 Lutenatik22/07/2009 16:49:30 GMT
How long did those tourneys last?
 Btownd8722/07/2009 19:03:40 GMT
The full tilt tourney lasted 9 hours, i dunno about p-stars.

Keep in mind that with these 2 sites 'battling' each other, the users stand to win most.

They should run a Freeroll, add maybe 30-50 Grand to the pool, and offer cheap rebuys. That will get well over 65000 players, and not put as much of a dent to their own finances.
 ChoonT22/07/2009 19:12:24 GMT
played some tourneys with ~3000 entrants and it was very hard to play that long time ( and whats the earnings for playing 3hrs a far cry from the final table ... i doubled my buyin wow...)
i often play the 1$ 1000$-gtd doublestack on stars and there are a lot of luckboxes you cant count...
how would it be on that big tourney? i think its interesting but what if you get outdonked after 3-4hrs for nothing ?
 shokaku22/07/2009 21:41:11 GMT
Posted by ChoonT:
how would it be on that big tourney? i think its interesting but what if you get outdonked after 3-4hrs for nothing ?

You are out. Big Smile

Tourneys with such huge fields are a bit pointless. But if they find enough players, they can host some.
 xxxbchxxx23/07/2009 09:35:05 GMT
Ohhh thats a lot of people does any one know how long it took ?
 GeneYuss25/07/2009 22:50:38 GMT
Huge tournaments lol. Definitely easier to get most players at a lower buy-in. Would they count a freeroll as a record too? Just have a $100k freeroll and everyone can enter lol.

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