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Mike Sexton Expects Chris Ferguson To Speak Out About The Full Tilt Scandal

Tags: black friday, Chris Ferguson, full tilt, Mike Sexton
Posted on 15 June 2016 by "T".

Mike SextonThere were mixed emotions when Chris Ferguson showed up last week at the World Series of Poker. Many of the players were not happy to see him returning. Nevertheless, there were some who urged him to come clean and tell his side over what happened at Full Tilt Poker.

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Million Dollar Breakaway: $1 Million In Prize Giveaways!

Tags: Full Tilt, Million Dollar Breakaway
Posted on 24 November 2015 by "T".

Full Tilt's biggest promotion of the year is on! From November 23 until January 3, $1 million in prize giveaways will be awarded to players through eight different online activities, including deposit offers, Leader Board races and freeroll tournaments.

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Gold Rush Is Back At Full Tilt

Tags: Full Tilt, Gold Rush
Posted on 12 November 2015 by "T".

Great news! Gold Rush returned to Full Tilt yesterday! For the third time in history this popular promotion has come to Rush Poker ring game tables, offering players the chance of winning up to $25,000 instantly!

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Full Tilt's Major Change To Ring Games

Tags: Full Tilt
Posted on 17 April 2015 by "T".

As you already might have noticed, Full Tilt made several changes earlier this week in the poker client to make the game lobbies easier to navigate, i.e. to make it easier for new players to find active tables, but also, of course, to generate bigger revenues. These are the games that have or will be removed from the poker client:

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BRM Exclusive: Win a ticket to FTOPS 27 Main Event for $1.10

Tags: brm exclusive, ftops, full tilt
Posted on 10 December 2014 by "T".

ftpFull Tilt is hosting a special satellite tournament for all mobsters to enjoy on the 13th of December at 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT, 14:00 ET). The prize is 2 tickets to FTOPS 27 Main Event which is played on the 14th of December at 19:30 CET. Each main event entry is worth $635.

Name/ID: BankrollMob FTOPS ME Sat/280627388.
Prize: $1,274 (2 tickets to FTOPS 27 Main Event worth $635 each and $4 to 3rd place).
Max players: 4,500.
Game: Hold'em No Limit
Buy-in: $1.10
Password: rollme
Time/Date: 13th of December at 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT, 14:00 ET).
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SWAG Tournaments

Tags: full tilt, swag tournaments
Posted on 11 November 2014 by "T".

From Monday November 10th to Sunday November 23rd, Full Tilt Poker will run 5 daily tournaments with branded hats, t-shirts and hoodies in the prize pool.

Buy-ins starts from as little as $0.55 and if you play three or more Swag tournaments you automatically get a ticket for a Swag Freeroll tournament in which 25 more prizes are up for grabs! Visit Full Tilt Poker's website for more information or click one of the banners below. 


Full Tilt Parts Ways With Gus Hansen & Viktor Blom

Tags: Full Tilt, Gus Hansen, part ways, Viktor Blom
Posted on 23 October 2014 by "T".

In December 2013, Full Tilt Poker announced that Tom "durrr" Dwan was no longer a part of its The Professionals. A few days ago, many poker fans over the globe noticed that Viktor Blom and Gus Hansen's pictures had been removed from Full Tilt Poker's website and poker client - which started some speculations on whether they also had been removed from the The Professionals.

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6 Players Defeated "Isildur1" For $5,000 Each

Tags: Full Tilt, Viktor Blom
Posted on 10 October 2014 by "T".

Last Sunday, as a part of the Sit & Go Trio promotion, 18 Full Tilt qualifiers got to play heads-up against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom for $5,000. The "lucky" players only needed to enter three Sit & Go's to earn a ticket to a special freeroll where the first prize was to play against the feared Swede.

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Gus Hansen Becomes First Ambassador of The New Full Tilt Poker

Tags: ambassador, denmark, full tilt, full tilt pro, gus hansen, the great dane
Posted on 03 October 2012 by "T".

Yesterday Full Tilt Poker revealed in a press release that its former pro Gus Hansen will be the first ambassador when the site re-launch on November 6, 2012. This is what Hansen had to say about his return to Full Tilt Poker.

"I'm very excited to represent the industry's most authentic poker brand," Hansen said in a press release. "Full Tilt Poker has the best games, most innovative software and the strongest poker community; to me this feels like coming home."

"Gus is one of the best-known and most respected names in the poker community," said Sarne Lightman, the newly-appointed Head of Marketing at Full Tilt Poker. "Gus has always embodied the best characteristics of the Full Tilt Poker brand and we are thrilled to have him return as an ambassador."


Negreanu's message to Bitar, Ferguson & Lederer: "I hope you guys go to prison!"

Tags: black friday, Chris Ferguson, daniel negreanu, full tilt, Howard Lederer, video blog
Posted on 16 February 2012 by "T".

Daniel Negreanu posted a video blog yesterday in which he talks about Full Tilt Poker and Black Friday, and some other stuff. It's not very often you see Negreanu pissed off, but when it comes to how Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Ray Bitar have handled things after Black Friday, Negreanu doesn't hold back his anger.

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Luke "__FullFlush1__" Schwartz's attack on "jungleman12"

Tags: daniel cates, fight, full tilt, jungleman12, Luke Schwartz, personal attacks, rude, __FullFlush1__
Posted on 31 March 2011 by "T".

The Englishman Luke Schwartz is well-known troublemaker in the poker world. For example, he has been banned from several casinos due to misbehavior and stealing. However, there hasn't been much talk about him lately and it almost seemed like his character had changed for the better for a while. Well, that was until a few days ago when he once again got himself into trouble after personal attacks on Daniel "jungleman12" Cates.

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David Gorr took home the Aussie Millions Main Event ($2,000,000)

Tags: aussie millions, chris moorman, david gorr, full tilt, jeff rossiter, patrik antonius
Posted on 31 January 2011 by "T".

After 2 weeks of grinding in the Crown Casino poker room, the 2011 Aussie Millions Main Event finally got a winner. David Gorr from Australia survived a field of 721 players and beat pros such as Patrik Antonius and Chris Moorman on the final table. For the win he received nothing less than $2,000,000 (AUD), the far biggest win in his long poker career. James Keys took the second place and received a bit more than a million australian dollars.

Here are the final table results
1. David Gorr (Full Tilt Poker Sponsored player) - 2,000,000 AUD
2. James Keys - 1,035,000 AUD
3. Jeff Rossiter (Full Tilt Poker Sponsored player) - 700,00 AUD
4. Michael Ryan - 450,000 AUD
5. Randy Dorfman - 325,000 AUD
6. Samad Razavi - 225,00 AUD
7. Chris Moorman - 175,00 AUD
8. Patrik Antonius (Full Tilt Pro) - 130,000 AUD



Aussie Millions Main event: Patrik Antonius is ready for the final table

Tags: 2011 aussie millions main event, full tilt, patrik antonius, randy dorfman
Posted on 28 January 2011 by "T".

The 2011 Aussie Millions Main Event is down to a final table after 6 days of play. In the lead is Randy Dorfman with almost 3.9 million chips. Yes, Dorfman, who lead the field after Day 2, has regained the lead and he's definitely the big favorite to take down the tournament if he continues playing as good as during Day 4. Someone that will get a lot of attention on the final table is the Finnish Full Tilt Pro Patrik Antonius. Antonius will bring 1.3 million chips to the final table and he's definitely the one of the 8 finalists who has the most experience to play televised final tables where lots of money is up for grabs.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a really interesting final table ahead of us. All the finalists are guaranteed at least 130k AUD each and the winner will get stunning 2,000,000 AUD.



Aussie Millions Main Event - Day 1b completed: Gavin Griffin finished in 10th place

Tags: aussie millions, chris furgeson, full tilt, gavin griffin, jeff sarwer, main event
Posted on 25 January 2011 by "T".

Day 1b of the Aussie Millions Main Event is now in the books. In total 209 players have now made it to day 2. Only 3 Full Tilt Pros survived the day, Scott Montgomery (49,2k) - Chris Ferguson (45,4k) - Roland de Wolfe (26,1k), and will return to play Day 2 of the Main Event tomorrow. Two notable Day 1b survivors in the top of the field were Gavin Griffin (10th place - 101,700 chips) and the chess prodigy Jeff Sarwer (5th place - 120,500). However, the one who accumulated the most chips during the day was Jeff Rossiter - 154,900 chips.

The third and last starting day of the Main Event is running at the moment. We will return with an update as soon as the day has come to an end.



David Oppenheim won the $25,000 Shootout Invitational

Tags: $25, 000 Shootout Invitational, david oppenheim, full tilt, james bord
Posted on 24 January 2011 by "T".

It ended up being the American poker pro David Oppenheim, who entered the final table as chip leader, who took home the first prize of 250,00 AUD in the $25,000 Shootout Invitational tournament after an easy heads-up win against James Bord. Here are the final table results.

1: David Oppenheim - $250,000

2: James Bord - $150,000

3: Howard Lederer - $80,000
4: Barny Boatman - $50,000

5: Patrik Antonius - $40,000 

6: Eli Elezra - $30,000



Durrrr challenge: Tom Dwan wins $180,000

Tags: durrrr, durrrr challenge, full tilt, tom dwan
Posted on 10 December 2010 by "T".

The challenge between Tom "durrr" Dwan and Daniel "jungleman12" Cates is moving forward slowly lately. However, they managed to play abut 1500 hands the other day and now they have played more than 11,000 hands. Durrrr was down about $800,000 against junglemen when the 1500 hand session started.

Finally the poker gods were on durrrr's side and he ended up winning $180,000 from jungleman12. In other words, durrrr is "only" down about $720k. Let's hope for some more action this week!



jymaster11 wins another big tournament at Full Tilt

Tags: full tilt, Jordan Jymaster 11 Young, sunday, tournament
Posted on 30 August 2010 by "T".

Jordan "Jymaster 11" Young has done it again. Last night, about 1 month after winning Full Tilt's 2 biggest Sunday tournaments, he took home the $200,000 Guarantee rebuy tournament at Full Tilt Poker for a first place prize of $79,784. What makes the win even more impressive is that he had to defeat 3 Red Pros (3rd - Damian Salas, 5th - Peter Feldman, 9th - Jono Karamalikis) on the final table.

Jordan Young is, at least if you ask me, one of the best online poker tournament players in the world at the moment. I mean, he has won 3 of Full Tilt's biggest Sunday tournaments in just a month's time - it can't just be luck! Or? Some people say that he has been extremely lucky and that's the reason behind his great success. Well, it takes much more than that to win big tournaments where lots of money is up for grabs. Also keep in mind that many of the players taking part in these tournaments are pros. It will be interesting to see if Full Tilt (or maybe even some other poker site) will offer him some kind of sponsorship contract soon. I'm sure it would be a great investment! 



Gus Hansen lost all his money - asked Cole South for a loan

Tags: Cirque du Soleil, cole south, full tilt, gus hansen, Guy Laliberté, loan
Posted on 25 August 2010 by "T".

The danish poker pro Gus Hansen has been running extremely bad in the past couple of years. In the beginning of this year, however, he started off in the best possible way by winning a few hundred thousands and it almost seemed like he was going on a winning streak and would take back some of the money he lost.

But it didn't take long before he started losing huge amounts again. And now it almost seem like 2010 will be his worst year ever as he has been on the top 5 list of the weekly losers many, many times this year. Not a very good sign even when it comes to some of the world's richest and best high stakes players.

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Great news for French poker players

Tags: ARJEL, Autorité de Régulation des Jeux En Lignee, france, full tilt, gaming license, pkr
Posted on 29 July 2010 by "T".

For almost 3 years, the online gambling market in France was owned by a state run monopoly. In April this year, a law was passed to allow for regulated gaming, opening up the market to foreign operators who follow strict guidelines and rules. In June, 11 sites received a license, followed by another 7 sites. On Monday, ARJEL (Autorité de Régulation des Jeux En Lignee - Authority of Regulation of Online Games) issued 9 new licenses to companies that want to offer internet gambling services to French customers (Full Tilt and PKR are 2 of the biggest sites among these 11).

In total, 27 sites foreign sites now have received a license to operate in France. Hopefully more countries with gambling monopoly will follow in France's footsteps and start issuing licenses to foreign betting companies.



High Stakes: durrrr wins $200k - in just 3 days!

Tags: 2010 wsop, durrrr, full tilt, high stakes, phil ivey
Posted on 25 June 2010 by "T".

Tom "durrrr" Dwan is playing lots of events at the WSOP this year, mainly because he wants to win his first bracelet and the prop bet against Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu which will give him $2 million dollars! One would think that it must be tiring to play so many events, but it doesn't seem to be that way for durrrr since he has been finding energy and time to play online as well. How come someone with millions of dollars in the bank account still can be hungry for more and eager to play every single day, all year round? The answer is very simple, Tom Dwan loves the game and the kick he gets from playing against the world's best poker players. That's probably what makes him one of the best poker players in the world.

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Gus Hansen is running good at the moment

Tags: brian townsend, full tilt, gus hansen, high stakes, tom dwan
Posted on 19 May 2010 by "T".

The danish poker pro Gus Hansen has been running extremely good in the past 2 weeks, and he's also the one who has won the most money during this time. However, it has been a tough struggle for Gus as the swings have been sick. Anyhow, he ended up winning not less than $476,603 last week and we can only hope that his winning streak continues so that he make up for some of the losses he had last year.

Brian Townsend had a very tough time at the poker tables last week. He lost $580k and we can only hope that he will run better this week.  Tom "durrrr" Dwan also lost quite big last week ($392k). However, it probably didn't hurt his bankroll so much.

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Video: Tom "durrrr" Dwan in new commercial for Full Tilt Poker

Tags: commercial, durrrr, full tilt, tom dwan
Posted on 08 April 2010 by "T".

Tom Dwan has just posted a link to a new video commercial for Full Tilt Poker in which he takes part. This is Tom Dwan's first video commercial appearance for Full Tilt Poker, but probably not the last one since he's the most successful poker player in the world right now.

Personally I have always liked Full Tilt's commercials because they are very professionally made and always with a new cool theme. Well, judge for yourselves! Here is the new Full Tilt commercial. Enjoy!

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High Stakes: Great action last night

Tags: cole south, full tilt, High Stakes, illari sahamies, patrik antonius, tom dwan
Posted on 27 January 2010 by "T".

Even though the action at the high stakes tables isn't the same like in the end of last year when Isildur1 played, there are still some games going on once in a while. Last night, the action was really on at Full Tilt poker when pros like Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Cole South, Illari Sahamies and Patrick Antonius tried their "luck".

Big winners of last night came to be Cole South ($257,000), Illari Sahamies ($436,000), Tom "durrrr" Dwan ($132,000). All of them played quite short sessions, but still made a good profit. In other words, it was a good day at work for all of them.

A player that had a tough time at the poker tables last night was the Finnish poker pro Patrik Antonius. It simply wasn't his night, and nothing went his way (like it did the most of time back in 2009). When he finally decided to give up, he had lost $826 000 in just 434 hands. Even though $826 000 is a lot of money, Patrik Antonius probably isn't crying out loud since he won about $9 million last year.



durrrr challenge: Tom Dwan's lead is getting bigger

Tags: durrrr, durrrr challenge, full tilt, high stakes, patrik antonius, tom dwan
Posted on 23 December 2009 by "T".

Yesterday, it was finally time for another durrrr challenge session between Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Patrik Antonius. Lots of people rushed to their computers as 2 of the worlds best were about to play some real high stakes poker at Full Tilt. None of these people/spectators can have been disappointed with the action field game they got to watch.

During 7 hours, Dwan and Antonius played almost 2000 hands. And as usual when Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius play against each other -the swings were enormous. Many times during this session, Patrik Antonius was in the lead and seemed to have everything under control, but Tom Dwan managed to fight back and make some great plays and also overtake the lead. After that the session was over, Tom Dwan had won another $225k from Antonius. This means that after almost 30,000 hands, Tom Dwan is in the lead with almost $940,000.



Allen Kessler wins the 2009 Bayou Poker Challenge

Tags: Allen Kessler, Bayou Poker Challenge, Chainsaw, full tilt
Posted on 22 December 2009 by "T".

The Main Event of Bayou Poker Challenge attracted 80 players this year. Not a lot of players in other words, but since the buy-in was $3000+$120 it created a total prize pool of $221,709. It came to be the American poker pro Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler from Las Vegas who took home the the three-day event. A very well deserved win for Allen Kessler who has developed quite a reputation in the past few years. For the win of this tournament he received $70,797, a gold ring, and also a seat in the 2010 World Series of Poker. Allen Kessler now has almost $1,5 million dollars in tournament winnings through his career.

Final table results:
1. Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler - $70,976

2. Ed Corrado - $44,360

3. Moutray McLaren - $28,279

4. Jim McBride - $19,262

5. Michael "Car Wash" Schneider - $16,080

6. Justin "Lockdowntex" Allen - $13,308

7. Ben "the Destroyer" Mintz - $11,090

8. Will "the Monkey" Souther - $9,426

9. Phil Hall - $8,317



Luke Schwartz - "I don't regret anything!"

Tags: ept, full tilt, high roller, Luke Schwartz, sandwich
Posted on 21 October 2009 by "T".

The poker millionaire Luke Schwartz has been a big talk about lately after that he got banned 2-3 times in no time from all the casinos in the UK. However, the thing that most people associate Luke with, is when he took a sandwich and refused to pay for it. Now he speaks out about the incident that gave him the nickname "sandwichgate".

"I had just gone out of the tournament during Day 2 of EPT London. I was in a very bad mood at that time and there was a really long queue to pay for the food. There wasn't a chance in the world that I would wait that long just to pay for a sandwich."

He continues...

"I have paid around $1000 in rake just to play in the High Roller Event and EPT. Who cares about a sandwich for £5? It should be free!"

Luke Schwartz is aware that many people don't agree with him about this. But it's nothing he cares about.

"I have better things to do than to worry about what these retarded people think about me"



Phil Ivey won over a million dollars playing 7-game

Tags: 7-game, Cole South, full tilt, gus hansen, phil ivey
Posted on 09 October 2009 by "T".

A new variant of poker called 7-game has become a very popular high stakes game at Full Tilt poker recently. A few days ago, Phil Ivey, won over $1,000,000 playing 7-game against different high stakes players. It seems like Phil Ivey can handle all poker games there are. This is very, very impressive if you ask me!

Other players that really enjoy the new game are for example Gus Hansen and Cole South. South dominated the game at first when he and Gus played heads-up, but then Gus managed to win back most of the money he had lost. Many of the pots when these two played landed on around $100k-$200k. With other words it seems like both of them are very comfortable playing 7-game.

What is 7-game?
7-game is a mix between the 7 different games below. Usually 10 rounds of each game is played before it switches to another game. For the ones that master all the 7 games in 7-game (like Phil Ivey), there is a lot of money to be made as many poker players who tries 7-game out are newbie's when it comes to many of the games.

Game 1: Fixed limit Holdem
Game 2: Fixed Limit High/Low Seven Card Stud
Game 3: Fixed Limit Razz
Game 4: Fixed Limit High/Low Omaha
Game 5: Fixed Limit Seven Card Stud
Game 6: No Limit Texas Holdem
Game 7: Pot Limit Omaha



Gus Hansen has lost $2.9 million this year

Tags: denmark, full tilt, Gus Hansen, poker
Posted on 24 September 2009 by "T".

Gus "The Great Dane" Hansen has won millions of dollars during his poker career. He has won all these money from playing the biggest tournaments and at the highest cash game tables (both online and live) there are, against the best poker players in the world. Gus Hansen's poker career has been great with other words. But as we all know, playing at the highest stakes is not always a bunch of roses.

Gus Hansen has really got to experience it this year as his bankroll has decreased with around 2.9 million US dollars. But even though he has lost so much money this year, the most people following his poker career are certain that he will start winning soon again. It's just a matter of time according to them. It's hard to disagree with them as this is not the first time he has lost big amounts of money.



Biggest pot in the history of televised poker

Tags: big pots, durrr, Full Tilt, Million Dollar Challenge, phil ivey, tom dwan
Posted on 23 September 2009 by "T".

It has been kind of quite around Tom "durrrr" Dwan and his high stakes games lately. But now he hits the headlines once again as he has played what probably is the biggest pot in the history of televised poker in Full Tilt's Million Dollar Challenge. 

The pot landed on $1,100,000 dollars, and it was against one of the best poker players in the world at the moment - Phil Ivey. This is how the $1,1 million dollar hand between Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey was played out.

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WPT Cyprus: Only 10 players left

Tags: cyprus, full tilt, huck seed, world poker tour, wpt
Posted on 10 September 2009 by "T".

Only 10 players are now left in the tournament with the chance of winning the first prize of almost $600,000. The Team Full Tilt pros have been doing very well in WPT Cyprus. However, Huck Seed, is the last Team Full Tilt pro who still have a great chance of winning the tournament after that Kelly Kim was eliminated a few minutes ago in 11th place ($20,760)

Rep Porter, has a big chip lead at the moment with around 1.7 million chips. On second place is Jonathan Little with 940,00 chips, and on third place is Layne Flack with a bit less than 940,000 chips.

Payout structure:
1 $579,165
2 $380,645
3 $216,275
4 $121,115
5 $90,835
6 $73,535
7 $56,240
8 $38,940
9 $27,680
10 $20,760



Hard times for Gus Hansen

Tags: full tilt, gus hansen, the great dane
Posted on 17 August 2009 by "T".

It's very hard times for Gus "The Great Dane" Hansen at the moment. Nothing is working out the way he wants, and he keeps on losing big. Gus Hansen, has lost over 4.8 million dollars at Full Tilt poker since April this year. One can't even imagine how it feels after losing so much money. Many people probably have asked themselves this question many times: Why don't poker players that have earned many millions of dollars stop playing when they have enough money to live the rest of their lifes in nothing but luxury?

The answer to that question in Mr. Gus Hansen's case is for sure his love for the game of poker and also because the kick he gets from playing on the highest stakes with lots of people watching him. We can be sure of one thing however. There is not a chance in the whole world that Gus Hansen will stop playing at the highest stakes until he has made of for all the losses.

We are looking forward to more action at the high stakes tables at Full Tilt poker this week. 



Billionaire Andy Beal won over 14 million dollars

Tags: andy beal, doyle bruson, full tilt, phil ivey, todd brunson
Posted on 12 August 2009 by "K".

The billionaire, Andy Beal, needed a big challenge back in 2001, and therefore he decided to play against some of the world's best poker players with sky high stakes. Even though he knew he was not even close to as good as the pros, he thought that betting huge amounts of money which the pros couldn't afford to lose would give him a great advantage at the table.

Anyhow, Andy Beal, played against players like Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Todd Brunson, Jennifer Harman, and Gus Hansen. In the beginning nothing worked for the American billionaire and he lost around about 3.4 million dollars to Jennifer Harman, Todd Bruson and other pros.

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WSOP - Main Event: This is how much Phil Ivey gets if he wins

Tags: full tilt, main event, november nine, phil ivey, poker hall of fame, wsop
Posted on 06 August 2009 by "K".

Phil Ivey, is probably the best poker player in the world at cash games and tournaments since a few years back. He has won millions of dollars live, online and from different tournaments. He's greatest achievements during his whole poker career however, has to be that he has won 7 WSOP bracelets. It also thanks to his huge success in WSOP that he's now one of the top candidates to get voted in to "Poker Hall Of Fame".

At the moment, Phil Ivey, is one of the 9 players that will play the WSOP main event final table in November this year. On the final table, he has the chance to get another WSOP bracelet and also to win over 20 million dollars. This huge amount of money, according to an article on a poker site. This is how the author of this article came to this conclusion.

1st prize = $8,5 million + $10 million extra from Full Tilt (assuming that Full Tilt pros have the same deal as satellite qualifiers) + $2 million for the side bet he placed with Andy Bloch ($20,000 to 99,1 times the money when around 2400 players still were in the tournament) + $1 million from Tom Dwan. 

The total winnings according to this calculation would therefore be $21,5 million dollars. But who knows? Maybe Phil placed more than 2 side bets on himself to win the main event?



HighStakes: Tom "durrrr" Dwan wins $800,000 within 24 hours

Tags: David Benyamine, durrrr, Full Tilt, high stakes, tom dwan, Urindanger
Posted on 22 July 2009 by "T".

Tom "durrrr" Dwan won around $800,000 yesterday when he took on some of the biggest poker pro's in the world on the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables at Full Tilt poker. One of the biggest pots was against Di "Urindanger" Dang and David Benyamine, then Dwan won around $310,000.

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Guinness World Records: Full Tilt VS PokerStars

Tags: full tilt, guinness world records, pokerstars
Posted on 21 July 2009 by "T".

Last week we wrote that Full Tilt poker were really tired of always being in the shade of "big brother" PokerStars and their huge success. Now they wanted to break PokerStars biggest online tournament record by offering a tournament with low buy-in and huge overlay. This is how the Guinness world record attempt went for Full Tilt...

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American authorities cause problems for PokerStars

Tags: Cake Poker, Full Tilt, PokerStars
Posted on 23 June 2009 by "T".

A few days ago the American authorities froze $33 million US dollars in transactions from American poker sites. PokerStars traffic went down with 7% because of this when Full Tilt and Cake Poker's traffic increased instead.

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HighStakes: "Ziigmund" wins a $723,938 pot!

Tags: durrrr, full tilt, highstakes, Ziigmund
Posted on 27 May 2009 by "T".

Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies and Tom "durrrr" Dwan have now played the second biggest pot ever in online poker history! Both of them have had some really bad months with hundreds of thousands dollars lost almost every week, but still they didn't let the negative start of 2009 affect their game on the high stakes they are famous to play on.

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"tophy4life" takes home Full Tilt's $750k Guarantee

Tags: $750, 000 guarantee, badboypony, Chad Eveslage, full tilt, tophy4life
Posted on 26 May 2009 by "T".

Full Tilt's $750,000 guarantee tournament attracted a huge starting field this time. Not less than 3,646 players signed up and took on the fight for the first prize of $132,757.

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A new poker show on NBC - "Face the Ace"

Tags: Face the Ace, full tilt, full tilt poker, NBC poker
Posted on 01 May 2009 by "T".

NBC has just announced that they will soon air a new poker show called "Face the Ace". Host of the show will be no one less than "The Sopranos" actor Steve Schirripa. The show will be called "Face the Ace" and the premiere will be on Saturday, August 1st at 9 pm ET.

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HighStakes: Gus Hansen won over $2,000,000 last weekend

Tags: full tilt, gus hansen, high stakes, patrick antonius, Tom durrrr Dwan
Posted on 30 April 2009 by "T".

Gus Hansen had a rough start of 2009, loosing lots and lots of millions. Now however it seems like he's getting back on track as he has been playing much better lately and also thanks to a friendly board that has been running his way. Last weekend he won around $2,000,000, in just 2 days. This big win makes up for a lot of the money he lost in the beginning of the year.

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Durrrr challenge: Durrrr in the lead!

Tags: Durrrr challenge, full tilt, highstakes, Patrik Antonius
Posted on 25 March 2009 by "T".

Tom Dwan is back in the lead against Patrik Antonius after about 6 600 hands have been played between them in heads up. Durrrr now leads with USD$67,000 after that he won the 10th session last Sunday.

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HighStakes: Gus Hansen Chasing OMGClayAiken at the Tables

Tags: Full Tilt, Full Tilt poker, Gus Hansen, OMGClayAiken, Phil Galfond
Posted on 13 February 2009 by "T".

Last year Gus Hansen was losing a lot of money to Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond at the Omaha tables at Full Tilt Poker. But at the beginning of 2009 it has been a completely different story. Yesterday they could be found playing at their usual PLO tables at Full Tilt Poker and it was Gus Hansen who continued his winning streak in 2009. In fact seven out of the ten largest pots were won by Gus Hansen.

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HighStakes: Gus Hansen vs Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan

Tags: Full Tilt, Gus Hansen, High Stakes, Tom Durrrr Dwan
Posted on 19 January 2009 by "T".

Last night the action was really on at Full Tilt as Gus Hansen and 'Durrrr' Dwan played heads-up on the highest limits. The blinds were $500/$1000, and the game was Pot Limit Omaha. Thousands of people were watching, and not many of them can have been disappointed with the action and excitement this duel delivered.

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Va Shon Watkins went from unknown and broke to one of last year's biggest winners

Tags: FTOPS, FTOPS main event 2008, Full Tilt, Va Shon Watkins
Posted on 08 January 2009 by "T".

Va Shon Watkins is probably someone that the most people haven't heard off before? The ones that find his name a bit familiar maybe associate him with winning FTOPS Main Event and $450 000 last year at Full Tilt poker. In an interview with a big poker magazine he speaks out about the not so easy life before the big win...

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