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WSOP - Main Event: Everest poker gives $1 million to their online qualifiers

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Posted on 24 July 2009 by "K".

The players at Everest poker who qualified online for the main event must be really happy at the moment as they will get a share of $1 million dollars. All this thanks to that Antoine Saout from France who made it to the final table in the main event.

Not less than 53 players qualified online to play in the main event in WSOP through Everest Poker this year. Everest were really generous this year as they promised to add the total amount of money that their players made from the main event to a special "pot" (from their own pocket), a pot which their online qualifiers got to share between them. However, the maximum amount of this "pot" was set to $1 million dollars, luckily for Everest Poker, as one of their players has made it all the way to the final table in WSOP. All the 53 online qualifiers will now get $18,868 each, plus that they already got to play in the main event.


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13 comments on "WSOP - Main Event: Everest poker gives $1 million to their online qualifiers"

 ADACTA24/07/2009 13:26:10 GMT
omg what a nice bonus.
Damn, i dont like everest poker but thats really generous.
Ill deposit some soon to clear a bonus and then we'll see.
Will play all onlinequalifiers for the wsop2010 Big Smile
 Jodoli24/07/2009 15:53:25 GMT
It is a very generous gift! But honestly i think that everest poker never thought that one of his player would reach the final table! One million dollars is a lot of money but now they have to do what they told!
 KingEraiser24/07/2009 16:05:29 GMT
1 player at everest poker reach the final table
 guille22xt24/07/2009 18:12:20 GMT
Amazing, but everest will get more than that for sure, its a long term business for them haah
 shokaku24/07/2009 18:16:07 GMT
I guess i have to play some of the qualification tourneys there for next years WSOP. Smile

One cool million divided between 53 players -> next big tourney is payed for
 ih8usukouts24/07/2009 18:17:45 GMT
It would be nice to have been in that one
 AvegZ24/07/2009 19:09:25 GMT
lol, everest poker must have big pockets
 Btownd8724/07/2009 20:50:41 GMT
I don't recommend any of you deposit at Everest. Look in the testimonials section and you'll know why.
 Fakiry25/07/2009 21:43:51 GMT
This was a very nice campaign from Everest. It just shows that poker rooms like to reward their champs and also the good online players and those who have money to participate in events like that. Despite being smaller size Everest does things that others dont.
 BlackPanther26/07/2009 18:11:15 GMT
Yeah but normally the high costs for advertising arent as obvious as now so its just stunning^^ And i dont think its a reward
 SuperNoob26/07/2009 19:02:26 GMT
thats a very good gift by Everest poker to its qualifiers, no doubt the players will be happy as those who didn't win anything must have won something atleast now. Other sites shud do something like this too
 fochizza26/07/2009 19:16:27 GMT
Thats very nice of them! And good publicity Smile
 Ali_c26/07/2009 19:24:21 GMT
pokerstars also had a 1m freeroll torny for every 1 who won a seat to the WSOP. + they give you supernova status for the rest of the year. so you can play in the 75.000 weekly freeroll.

and full tilt said they would give 10m EXTRA if you win the main event and had won a seat through FTP

so not just everest who have good bonus.

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