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Rounders 2 - soon a reality?

Tags: Brian Koppelman, David Levien, matt damon, rounders, rounders 2.
Posted on 30 July 2009 by "T".

Have you seen the classic poker movie Rounders from 1998? If no, then you really have missed out on the best poker movie ever done (if you ask me). If you have seen Rounders and always hoped for a follow-up, your dreams will most probably come true within a near future.

In an interview with a poker site, David Levien, one of the writers of Rounders, says that he and the other writer Brian Koppelman have started writing down ideas for a new Rounders movie.

-"We've been concentrating on Rounders 2 lately; Ideas are percolating."; says David Levien.

And according to actor Matt Damon, or "Mike McDermott" which his name is in Rounders, he don't think there will be any problem to get the actors from Rounders to be in Rounders 2 as well (if there will be one).

-"Everybody would probably come back. The actors all had a really good time working together. I know Edward would want to do it; we had a blast working together."; says Matt Damon.

When David Levien gets to know that all the actors from Rounders probably would be interested in a second movie, he says that its great to know that all of the original players want to come back and do another one.


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20 comments on "Rounders 2 - soon a reality?"

 RUS_Artem30/07/2009 15:12:13 GMT
i watched it, but i like much more the film "21"
 Fogman30/07/2009 16:28:33 GMT
I loved Rounders Big Smile and would love to see Rounders 2
 fochizza30/07/2009 17:41:29 GMT
Yeah loved rounders!!
 kingoffools30/07/2009 17:42:45 GMT
rounders is definetly a good movie, but will they not ruin it with a follow up like most movies, make a really good first one and then just make one to make more money...hopefully it will be as good as the first one but most likely not....
 DrTre121330/07/2009 18:09:17 GMT
WOW! This is great news! I friggin loved that movie!!

21 was made much more recently and had a HUGE budget. The thing about Rounders is that it's nitty gritty real-life stuff. Of course 21 is based on a true story, but you know what I mean, right? It's right there on the streets of New York and I think it tells a story that could be yours or my story. many people go to Vegas and win 100's of thousands and get chased by oldschool casino henchmen??! Great movie, but not as much of a personal connection for me.

I'm sure Rounders 2 will be great! It has been 11 years, after all. Movie production and directional skillz have improved over the years, as have the actors. I think they will make a stellar movie!
 T3ddyKGB30/07/2009 18:29:20 GMT
awesome movie if not the best pokermovie with a great cast, cant think of a better one anyways.
but it would only be interessting if at least 3/4 of the actors take part again in rounders 2.
 shokaku30/07/2009 19:56:34 GMT
And what will be the plot? One of the players challenging the whole poker world, and then not playing a single hand in a month. Cool
 B1gfoot30/07/2009 20:01:46 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
And what will be the plot? One of the players challenging the whole poker world, and then not playing a single hand in a month. Cool

Well Durrrr
Iv not even seen rounders yet, been meaning to for ages and it best be good after all the hype iv heard.
Just watched a little bit, what great poker lol. not sure if im going to LOL at this film or be gripped.
 PokerJosh30/07/2009 21:28:11 GMT
This thread reminds me to buy the movie.
But the reviews I read so far let me hope for a sequell which is worth watching it. There are not many good "Card-game-movies" out there.

Spade Club Heart Diamond
 KG197530/07/2009 23:22:03 GMT
21 was crap, seriously. The actors [besides Kevin Spacey] were awful. Rounders is a must see. I hope there's a sequel, especially if Norton is back in.
 MasterY30/07/2009 23:31:32 GMT
Rounders was pretty cool, but I have to say the way he outsmarts John Malkovich (KGB guy) is ridiculous. If he has such an easy tell everybody would eventually beat him.

I will await a sequel with my expectation high. But I don't think you can really learn anything from it. Smile
 SuperNoob31/07/2009 07:41:24 GMT
I loved rounders, can't wait for the sequel.
Just hope norton is still there, i just love his acting
i didn't like 21, poor acting by actors(only spacey was good)
 Fakiry31/07/2009 15:08:50 GMT
Never heard about this movie, it hasnt been much talked about in Portugal, but i will try to get it. If its about poker life, i have got to see if it talks about the really important things in the game, like in life. The only movie i ever watched that made references to poker was Maverick and it was just a scene.
 Aleshimo31/07/2009 17:24:12 GMT
I liked Rounders, but not 21. Also I liked Shade, with Silvester Stallone
 hoddiechris01/08/2009 12:45:31 GMT
havent seen rounders yet but am going to very soon!! Has every body seen what I class as the best poker film.......Cincinnatti kid! steve mcqueen was a legend!!
 zerouts01/08/2009 13:30:49 GMT
if yall loved Rounders and 21, then watch The Last Casino, from Pierre Gill.
@ /title /tt0419909 /

I got luckly and watched it before 21, please post your thougts about the movie : )
 sindbad02/08/2009 17:51:03 GMT
the sequel could be a hit, its not just casting but also the strory essence which does the trick!
 Whiskerer02/08/2009 19:21:16 GMT
I really liked rounders, I thought that it was a decent depiction of poker at least, 21 was horrible though, not only the acting but the script on top of that. In the entire movie they hardly focus for a seccond on the math of counting cards, instead they just keep going on and on about their code for telling how fat the deck is.
 twinsun02/08/2009 19:26:39 GMT
I also like Rounders and will be excited to see a follow-up, but has anyone also seen the old poker movie Cincinnati Kid with Steve McQueen? Also a great movie and 1 you have to watch...
 PhoenixRazz06/08/2009 23:31:38 GMT
I like Rounders, I'm waiting for the second part Smile

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