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EPT Kyiv: New chip leader!

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Posted on 21 August 2009 by "T".

PokerStars EPT in Kyiv attracted 296 players who paid the buy-in of €5000. 129 players took part in Day 1a and 167 players in Day 1b. 203 players made it through to Day 2 from Day 1, and after that day 2 had been played there were 69 surviving players left. The top 4 players (all with 300k-400k stacks) of these 69 players were Vitaly Tolokonnika (Russia), Maxim Lykov (Russia), Jonas Kronwitter (Germany), and Kirill Boydachenko (Russia). Now as Day 3 has been running for a while there are 41 players left. The current chip leader is Maxim Lykov from Russia with 760,000 chips. On second place we find an Italian named Michele Limongi (715,000), and on third place we have the previous chip leader Vitaly Tolokonnikov (452,000).

As we mentioned before, the PokerStars players and qualifiers have been playing very well so far in the tournament. Day 3 is not an exception as 9 of them are still in the tournament and two of them are in the top - Michael Jurgen Meyburg (Germany), 7th place with 300,000 chips and Vyacheslav Rotach (Russia) 10th place with 286,000 chips. Less than half the amout of chips as Maxim Lykov and Michele Limongi have, but still these two have a great chance to fight their way up to the top as the blinds still only are 2,500/5000.

Tomorrow at 11:00 CET (05:00 ET) you can watch EPT Kyiv live by clicking here.

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5 comments on "EPT Kyiv: New chip leader!"

 guille22xt21/08/2009 16:03:17 GMT
Woah, I love the structure of this tourneys, You dont have to struggle to take blinds, you can make way more moves, its not 3bet and all in on flop...
IDK If they are playing well but the structure is really good!
 SuperNoob21/08/2009 23:36:00 GMT
yes i agree when the blinds is so low you can play without any pressure and play as you feel comfortable and if you get unlucky you still have chance to bounce back.
 capinheiro22/08/2009 17:35:40 GMT
The Russians are taking over! There aren't any "big names" in the chipleaders... maybe they will come on top for the 4rd day! Smile
 Fakiry22/08/2009 18:26:44 GMT
Pokerstars have a great chance to once more show the superiority in terms of professional level of players around the world. Others rooms are trying to beat it creating new tourneys and other type of promotions and events, but to conquer the title of "best in the world" they will have to bet on the best "online" and "for real" players world wyde or they will always keep miles below Pokerstars.
 voitansut22/08/2009 23:07:12 GMT
Maxim win. This moment huge 2597K stack.

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