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Scotty Nguyen broke his promise

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Posted on 31 August 2009 by "T".

Earlier this year, Scotty Nguyen, made a statement that he would stop playing poker if he didn't win at least 4 million dollars in 2009 WSOP. The most people thought that it was crazy of him to say something like that, and they meant that there is not a chance in the world that he will stop playing if he doesn't win 4 million dollars. All of them were right. Scotty Nguyen, weren't even close to win that much money in 2009 WSOP, and he never stopped playing poker after the world series. In an interview with a Swedish magazine he said the following.

What went wrong in WSOP?
- You know, it was too much pressure. The statement I made that "I will stop playing poker if I don't win 4 million dollars in WSOP" is the biggest statement I have ever made. I had such a good self-confidence before WSOP. But, when I played the WSOP everyone tried to take me out just because of what I had said. It wasn't fun playing poker because of this. All I could think of was that I have to make $4 million and succeed. But I let me and my fans down as I didn't make it.

Do you feel like you're in shape now even though you didn't do so well in WSOP?
- Oh yeah. After the World Series I spent the most of my time with my wife, kids, and close friends. I have only played 1 tournament after WSOP, so now I'm ready to take on some new challenges.

Scotty Nguyen is going to play EPT Barcelona and WSOPE in London this year. It will be very interesting to see if he still got what it takes to take down a big tournament? 

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25 comments on "Scotty Nguyen broke his promise"

 Fogman31/08/2009 15:11:34 GMT
Who thought he was going to make it? Tongue
 Dellbo9931/08/2009 15:51:38 GMT
No surprises here then. Scotty say the dumbest things.

I think he is lossing most of his fans, after the disgraceful performance in the HORSE last year and now this.

I have little time for Scotty these days and I know many others feel the same.
 magatt96631/08/2009 16:54:45 GMT
I like scotty and I'm happy he broke his promise (and was sure he would have done)..
go scotty go
 NoMoney-AA31/08/2009 17:32:53 GMT
good man him self Smile
 Calmplay31/08/2009 19:12:36 GMT
Haha Scotty quitting poker? That was one of the biggest joke I heard Big Smile no way no way he will quit poker until death...
 dodie31/08/2009 20:41:37 GMT
Nice bluff Blink
 Plexo31/08/2009 22:42:48 GMT
I don't like this guy. What he did in the horse event was awful. I'd had liked he hadn't broken his promise.
 M3turbo01/09/2009 00:12:15 GMT
Never trust a drunk gook Tongue
 capinheiro01/09/2009 00:41:16 GMT
Can't say i would be unhappy if he give up! Big Smile
 cyclonisz201/09/2009 08:07:37 GMT
m3turbo thats uncalled for can you trust anyone drunK? lol
 ih8usukouts01/09/2009 09:21:20 GMT
Never trust a drunk gook..... Wow that's ruff, he talks alot of crap but can make me laugh at times. Don't really care if he plays anymore or not
 mattel01/09/2009 09:47:21 GMT
Posted by M3turbo:
Never trust a drunk gook Tongue

lmfao - and what he did in the 08 horse (as sum1 already said) was a disgrace, he lost any respect he had from me - this post is all over baby - and with any luck his career n all. PRICK.
 erhooPT01/09/2009 10:38:14 GMT
lol "You know, it was too much pressure." Am I a professional or just a noobish? Come on Scotty... be an adult!! Big Smile
 SuperNoob01/09/2009 11:20:24 GMT
lol you can never trust a poker player ever and that too about quitting poker. just some cheap trick to get some attention
 Fakiry01/09/2009 15:39:04 GMT
I believe when he speaks about the pressure. After saying that, it shouldnt be easy to play with everyone looking at him, in expectation. Every pros have people looking at them, but after saying he believes he's going to win 4 millions, things get even tougher! Perhaps now that things got calmer he can come back to his victories!
 tarock200902/09/2009 07:50:25 GMT
his just a gambler, he will never stop play poker, many pros are saying stuff like that they just talk blablabla
 soultaker109/09/2009 09:21:43 GMT
scotty is a has been , give up son the game has evolved its a donkey sport now...
 mrnugger09/09/2009 09:46:35 GMT
well , he is not the first who broke a promise , will not be the last also .
 PokerJosh20/09/2009 02:01:32 GMT
A Bluff! Kill him! xD
 kwacks20/09/2009 09:47:01 GMT
this kind of promises are silly to be thrown out, Poker is epidemic, and can be cured only by angry wives/husbands. Poker is based on greed, everybody wants to win, and if they don't then they start making stupid decisions and trying to win back lost money and therefore loose another paycheck Aww crap!
 males20/09/2009 23:05:54 GMT
that scott is an idiot.he shouldnt say those things to the media when everybody knows hes not keeping his promises
 joulukinkku26/09/2009 20:20:55 GMT
I don´t really care if he will keep playing or not. Fu**ing promise breaker!

He is just a drunk Agree
 Davoodoo26/09/2009 20:41:49 GMT
Hes time in the poker world is over ... bring some new young gun instead.

 xxxbchxxx27/09/2009 13:27:25 GMT
Ha Ha everyone knew he would not give up poker...
How can you give it up when its such a big part of your life, he owe's every thing he has to poker so turning his back on it would be crazy.
Well scotty has been called far worse than crazy before.

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