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The most popular weekly poker tournaments

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Posted on 04 August 2009 by "T".

Every Sunday, PokerStars and Full Tilt poker, arrange their biggest and most popular tournaments. And it's not for nothing that these two sites attract thousands of poker players week after week to play in their tournaments. PokerStars Sunday Million tournament has a guarantee of $1,5 million dollars for the buy-in $200+$15. Usually the prize pool ends up greater than the money PokerStars guarantees. Last Sunday, 7911 players entered the tournament and created a prize pool of $1,582,200. The winner came to be "Sosnoviy", he received $236,610 in first prize. The biggest "Sunday tournament" at Full Tilt poker is the $750,000 guarantees. Only half of the prize pool which PokerStars guarantee, but this tournament is still very popular as the guarantee is reached every time. The last $750,000 guarantee at Full Tilt attracted 4401 players who were willing to pay the buy-in of $200+$16. The prize pool landed on $880,200 and "DOOLfan" took care of the first prize of $155,434.


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12 comments on "The most popular weekly poker tournaments"

 neophron04/08/2009 14:18:25 GMT
I have qualified for the Sundaymillion 3 times, the long way with doublehootout satellites. First time i thought that everone one should be extremely good so i played my worts poker ever and went out early, second and third time i was just focusing on playing my own game and that worked much better, i finished ITM in both. So if you get a chance to play in Sunday Million, take it. It is a great experience and helped me devolpe me as a poker player alot, it gave me the confidence that i needed to become a better player.
 dianakyra04/08/2009 14:31:12 GMT
2 big 4 me
 Fakiry04/08/2009 18:00:54 GMT
Having a chance to enter it through a freeroll is one thing, but paying $215 to be side by side with 8,000 oponents is a big risk. Only a well prepared and ready for a 12 hour tourney player should pay it. I know i wouldnt spend $200 on it, but if i happen to win a ticket...
 Flangel04/08/2009 18:13:48 GMT
PLay it sometimes
+ the 250.000K weekly on ipokernetwork

I agree with Fakiry, its a minefield playing it. altho somebody gotta win it right.
 karstenkloss04/08/2009 18:25:11 GMT
The big tournaments are very hard. I always play the Sunday-quartermillion on PS. 30.000 players and in average after 3h it's over. Sometimes in the money, but until now never at the final-table. Sad Only to play good poker is not enough, in tournaments like this, you need a lot of luck to win.
 Calmplay04/08/2009 18:37:29 GMT
Only when it will be money that I can afford to lose... well I guess it's never going to be... as I'm a low limit player, even if I win a satellite I would be very tempted to unregister and take the money...
 Exiles04/08/2009 23:55:30 GMT
A tournament that we can only dream about
 PokerJosh05/08/2009 00:00:22 GMT
Nice pricepool, but if I would win a satelite, I would take the buy-in money, especially on PS.
 duKKKAA05/08/2009 00:21:12 GMT
big prizes = big maraton . See WSOP -
 SuperNoob05/08/2009 02:46:20 GMT
I don't think i will play it ever, too much money to pay for 1 tournament and too long, and you need lot of luck to win too
 JKLB88806/08/2009 10:28:26 GMT
much as i'd love to play in these events it's way too pricey for me to get in to. At a guess i would say huge chunks of profits are made from us smaller stakes folk so once in a while it'd be nice to see some rewards for us. And i'm talking proper give us something back not play 50 tourneys to get into the one spot for a $100 or play ten hours for $2. Gamble with us as much as we gamble with you once in a while is my thought.
 mcsnakey76506/08/2009 11:54:10 GMT
I like them i have finished 41st ino one befor that was pretty good other waise my best win was the super tuesday

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