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Poker Hall of Fame: These are the 9 nominated players

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Posted on 10 September 2009 by "K".

There is probably nothing bigger for a poker player than getting inducted to The Poker Hall of Fame. Its a proof that one has been a really successful player that have stood the test of time and contributed to the game of poker. The nominated players this year are the following.

- Dan Harrington
- Phil Ivey
- Tom McEvoy
- Daniel Negreanu
- Erik Seidel
- Mike Sexton
- Barry Greenstein
- Men Nquyen
- Scotty Nguyen

Tom "durrrr" Dwan is no longer a nominee for the Poker Hall of Fame
As you can see, Tom Dwan, the American high stakes pro, is no longer one of the nominees. The reason for that is that the already inducted Poker Hall Of Fame players (that get to vote) thinks that Tom Dwan is too young and therefore didn't meet the "stood the test of time" requirement.

The requirements for getting inducted to Poker Hall of Fame

*A gambler must have played poker against acknowledged top competition,
*Played for high stakes,
*Played consistently well, gained the respect of peers,
*And stood the test of time.
*Or, for non-players, contributed to the overall growth and success of the game of poker, with indelible positive and lasting results.

The big favorite to get inducted to the Poker Hall of Fame this year is Mike Sexton. Sexton, has more than fulfilled all of the requirements and also been the one that other PHOF nominess thinks deserves it. For example, Doyle Brunson (Poker Hall of Fame), made it clear a while back that he will vote for Mike Sexton and no one else. It will be interesting to see if the other Poker Hall of Fame members share Doyle Brunson's opinion.

The history behind the Poker Hall Of Fame
In 1979, Benny Binion, the owner of the Horseshoe Casino, created the Poker Hall Of Fame to preserve the names and legacies of the world's greatest poker players. He also was the man behind the first ever World Series of Poker (1970), and the first one to organize high stakes games where the public could watch. Anyhow, Harrah's Entertainment took over the right for WSOP in 2004, and also the ownership of the Poker Hall of Fame. Today the Poker Hall of Fame is handled directly by the WSOP crew. Up till now, 37 people have been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. Only 15 of those people are still living.

Mob users - vote now!
A poll has been added to the forum thread for this news - click here to visit it and cast your vote!


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37 comments on "Poker Hall of Fame: These are the 9 nominated players"

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» Poker Hall of Fame: These are the 9 nominated players

 Flangel10/09/2009 16:15:29 GMT
Ivey or Sexton
Two different type of players, but both accomplished alot.

Liv ftw Heart
 doomdy10/09/2009 16:19:31 GMT
I voted for Ivey Thumbs Up
 Raggamann10/09/2009 17:21:20 GMT
Mike Sexton,
not because of his pokerskills (though he is a top player i think), but because of what he did for poker the last years (and still does). especially his work as commentator is great (i guess poker on tv wouldn't be that successful without him). and he helped poker to get away from that "illegal gambling" image and made the public see it as a sport-like competition.
ivey would be a good choice too, as he is IMO the best pokerplayer and he is beating the highest stakes for years. he will be part of the hall of fame anyway the next years, but at the moment Sexton deserves it more.
 B1gfoot10/09/2009 17:25:39 GMT
NO Durrrr, must have been reading my posts Big Smile .
Only 3 of the list stand out to me, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and Barry Greenstein now coz I already know that Ivey is going to get in im gonna vote Barry Greenstein and the main reason being that not only does he contabute a lot to poker and stood the test of time, but he kinda goes unnoticed wich I think is great for any high profile and does a lot of charity work showing that poker is not only for themoney hungry Durrrrs of the world.... GO Greenstein...BTW if you disagreee your wrong.
 Fakiry10/09/2009 19:18:27 GMT
I voted for Mike Sexton because to be in the Poker Hall of Fame is not just to have won a lot of money against some of the biggest pros, it is also to help developing the name of poker world wide, and Mike Sexton is the one who have made more for poker from the list. Daniel Negreanu is also in a good way to be there one day, considering is atitude towards the game. Remember he is now making social responsability gaming, with prizes to institutions, and that is more significant to the world of poker than playing and winning a $1,000,000 pot.
 Plexo10/09/2009 20:22:17 GMT
Ivey is not already in The Hall of Fame?...I don't know what people are waiting to includ Ivey.
Well anyway he'll get there after he wins the WSOP Main Event on November, that's for sure.
 mattel10/09/2009 23:35:44 GMT
Tom McEvoy - for winning main event and the champion of champions event where he drove off in the corvette along wi a shit load of prize money - besides beating just about every wsop winner alive among others.
 Phospate2211/09/2009 05:58:34 GMT
" I woted for Dan Harrington. He wroted so powerfull books. I learn a lot from that books."

Smile Phil Ivey i voted Phil Ivey Smile so Phil Ivey for president Smile
 romcan11/09/2009 07:08:36 GMT
I would go for Harrington simply because of the books he wrote wich they are apreciated not only by me. I think soon Ivey and Negreanu will take their rightfull place. Smile
 eldrithevans11/09/2009 08:34:20 GMT
agree, with poll idea for this. I like and voted mike sexton
 hackeru11/09/2009 17:09:09 GMT
daniel negreanu. Big Smile
 doomdy11/09/2009 17:11:02 GMT
Nobody voted for ''Men Nquyen'' Sad
One off the greatest ever Sad
 Emanu11/09/2009 17:15:46 GMT
although my favourite player (and the best one) is Daniel Negreanu. Dan Harrington is the Father of Poker and he REALLY contributed to the society. He invented the Independent Chip Model and so many other concepts in poker.
 wintwin11112/09/2009 03:24:48 GMT
durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr obv
 SuperNoob12/09/2009 12:18:32 GMT
well its a difficult decision to make phil ivey is a great player harrington has done so much for poker and thn there is sexton who's a good player and also contributed a lot to poker also.
i voted for ivey tho
 lacuevahpoke12/09/2009 12:32:26 GMT
Phil is the best !
 mrnugger12/09/2009 17:35:30 GMT
phil ivey is favorite but some others as harrington or sexton can win the title also ! i will try with sexton
 Foldpls12/09/2009 17:38:24 GMT
Phil Ivey for sure Blink
 xxxbchxxx13/09/2009 01:38:31 GMT
Daniel Negreanu 12 15% Come on poker heads he is unreal one of the true greats for sure he has style and passion and will never start ranting and raving after being beaten... he takes it like a man then just plots your demise,,,,, painfull demise. Worship
 paldcs13/09/2009 12:29:09 GMT
Phil Ivey got the poll nuts Worship Thumbs Up
 TheRoboDuck13/09/2009 21:26:50 GMT
I hope Dan Harrington will get it. He is a real sympatic guy and wrote some good books. But Ivey is more famous and he has also a big media bonus. I think he will win..
 Joe_Average13/09/2009 23:00:07 GMT
Ivey: 46 / 51%
Phil for President!
 ViaNegativa13/09/2009 23:01:25 GMT
not yet iveys time, too young to be selected. greenstein, seidel and sexton are very close to be selected! IMO.
 MANUEDO14/09/2009 20:16:45 GMT
Ivey of course, no one is better in this list.
I appreciate his way of playing even if I don't like him so much Blink
But is really strong
 kwacks20/09/2009 09:52:13 GMT
Ou no, Phil Helmuth is not included in this list Sad
hmm, they did not discuss poker with him..

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