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Denmark upholds Lower Court ruling to tax online poker winnings

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Posted on 15 September 2009 by "K".

Denmark is well-known for having one of the most heavy-handed taxation codes of any country in the EU. Peter Eastgate who took down $9.1 million when he won the WSOP last November, was taxed at a 45% rate for the first $4 million he earned and at 75% for the remainder of the money, leaving the youngest WSOP champion ever with an estimated $2.5 million in prize money.

The Danish Supreme Court ruled that a 35 year old unemployed man who had been making a living as an online poker player, would have to be taxed as a "professional gambler", similar to the tax rate of Peter Eastgate. Over the past year, he allegedly earned around €26,000 from playing at several online poker sites.

The Supreme Court did, however, refuse to enforce the DKK 5000 fine (€670) issued by a lower court, his resulting tax bill ends up at €11,700.

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12 comments on "Denmark upholds Lower Court ruling to tax online poker winnings"

 paldcs15/09/2009 14:48:02 GMT
damn....does anybody here got experience with such issues ?
 Davoodoo15/09/2009 19:16:59 GMT
But wasnt it so that Peter eastgate didnt have to pay any taxes in the end ? He like switched nationality or something ?
 Ali_c15/09/2009 19:56:06 GMT
eastgate moved to london dont know if he did pay the taxes
 Plexo15/09/2009 20:58:14 GMT
Wow. Hope this kind of laws never get to my country hahaha, but I guess it will end happening.
 PokesPhil16/09/2009 00:21:27 GMT
If I'm right, and I think I am, he moved to London just before the tournament, so he didn't have to pay the taxes in Denmark..
 ih8usukouts16/09/2009 07:34:42 GMT
That is serious tax rate, I would be inclined to move elsewhere too if I had to pay those kinds of taxes
 Flangel16/09/2009 07:37:43 GMT
Funny he they are taxing so much.
and this is what I get in my maibox from a contact of mine/ manager of this room :

We have just received news that the Danish government has listed HollywoodPoker as a no-tax website.

Tell your players from Denmark that it is OFFICIAL.

The Danish tax authority has added HollywoodPoker to its very exclusive list of poker rooms. Now Danish players can enjoy HollywoodPoker and be assured that their winnings will not be taxed

Liv ftw Heart xoxo Heart Marry Me Heart
 paldcs16/09/2009 10:55:18 GMT
is their any website, where i can get informations about taxes regarding poker incomes ?

Would really like to have some informations about tax rates in other european countrys...

 xxxbchxxx16/09/2009 16:25:23 GMT
If i was him id say i dont live there anymore and just up and leave straight away..
You could live anywhere with that sort of prize money.
 Fakiry16/09/2009 16:57:53 GMT
And i use to talk bad things about portuguese government, i dont even want to know what passed on Eastgate's head when they took pice of his prize... But at least dennish all have beautiful lifes and dont need to worry about his future (not all but most of)...
 SuperNoob19/09/2009 08:44:46 GMT
omg thats crazy amounts to pay as tax. its difficult enough for some people to be a winning player and when they manage to win, a big chunk of it goes to government,.............. sick
 PokerJosh20/09/2009 10:45:32 GMT
yep that is indeed hard and very unjustified...

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