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WCOOP - Main Event: Day 1 report

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Posted on 21 September 2009 by "T".

Day 1 of PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker started yesterday. Even though the buy-in was as high as $5200 the tournament still attracted a big starting field. 2144 players signed up for the WCOOP Main Event, many of them won their seat through satellites starting from just a few dollars. Thanks to that so many people took part in the tournament the prize pool became greater than the $10,000,000 guaranteed by PokerStars.

Out of 2144 players, 178 made it to Day 2 of the tournament. All of them are already guaranteed to get more money than the buy-in back. Among the survivors we find no one else than former WCOOP champion J.C. Tran (picture). He showed what a great player he really is on the bubble (before the money). J.C. Tran called a quite big raise from the player "MaxErosAmore" before the flop. The flop came 7Heart6Diamond8Diamond. Both players checked. On the KSpade turn, Tran betted 7,500 and "MaxErosAmore" mini-raised him. Tran didn't think for long before he went all-in. "MaxErosAmore" decided to fold after some time going through possible hands JC could have. Tran shows 4Club4Spade for a bluff and hell breaks loose in the chat. "MaxErosAmore" calls J.C. Tran a lot of bad names. Tran took it all very relaxed and simply replied "It was good, right?".


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10 comments on "WCOOP - Main Event: Day 1 report"

 doomdy21/09/2009 14:33:03 GMT
J.C. Tran a hero, one off the best at this time Worship

Edit: Watch the pic, u see J.C. Tran no sponsor, why? He dont need it, he so fokin good Tongue
 Ali_c21/09/2009 14:37:08 GMT
there is only 178 left not 306.

and that was a cool bluff from tran.

 Davoodoo22/09/2009 07:19:05 GMT
Min raise bluff against tran ? Doent make sense, tran will push all in 4/5 times in that situation ...
 Calmplay22/09/2009 08:57:18 GMT
What about ElkY winning 2 WCOOP events in just only 3 days I think... Shock how sick is that? Congrats ElkY Thumbs Up
 ih8usukouts22/09/2009 10:33:54 GMT
lol, Tran makes some good plays. He's to good to throw in a min raise and will make you pay for doing that kind of stuff at him.
 Fakiry22/09/2009 16:05:38 GMT
Tran did it well, if Max was that worried why didnt he showed his cards? I don't believe he had something. Perhaps AT or a low pair too, but if wanted to win he had to bet post flop, he should have sent Tran to the ropes, and he didnt.
 Plexo22/09/2009 23:45:34 GMT
Tran took it all very relaxed and simply replied "It was good, right?". ahahhah I havent read this one.

I can't imagine what MaxErosAmore said in the chat after reading that. ahah
 joulukinkku30/09/2009 12:57:07 GMT
Gongratz to Jevgeni who won this whole sh*t ! Nice benefit for him 1.7million!!! That´s huge. Hope he enjoys the money and spend it to good reason like playing more poker Big Smile
 xxxbchxxx02/10/2009 00:27:23 GMT
2144 players, 178 made it to Day 2
WHAT! thats some cut on day 1.
as for JC 44 bluff, you got to love that...hahaha MaxErosAmore looses the plot and flips out hahaha
Well pplayed JC
10,000,000 now thats what i call a payday..

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