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WCOOP - Main Event: Tyson Marks wins the biggest cash prize ever ($2.2 million)

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Posted on 29 September 2010 by "T".

PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is now in the books after that the Main Event and the High Roller event finished early yesterday morning. What an amazing ending the 2010 WCOOP got! Tyson "POTTERPOKER" Marks won the Main Event and took home the biggest cash prize in the history of online tournament poker ($2,278,097) and Alex "Kravchencko" Kravchenko, the russian poker pro who finished in 4th place in the 2007 WSOP Main Event, took home the Eight Game High Roller event ($345,800) after a very exciting final table which included quite a few notables.

Final Table Event #62 $5,200 No Limit Holdem
1. POTTERPOKER, $2,278,097
2. joeysweetp, $1,404,725
3. Russian_nuts, $1,019,952
4. dazzy2004, $696,255
5. jackellwood, $509,976
6. darrenelias, $396,987
7. ROMDOM, $280,945
8. gray31, $183,225
9. carryhero, $112,988

Final Table Event #61 $10,300 Eight Game High Roller
1. Kravchencko, $345,800
2. kirbynator, $232,750
3. nachobarbero, $172,900
4. bigfish302, $113,050
5. PearlJammer, $86,450
6. Indigoae, $59,850




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12 comments on "WCOOP - Main Event: Tyson Marks wins the biggest cash prize ever ($2.2 million)"

 Aggro66629/09/2010 14:08:07 GMT
looking to the stats of the top3 players of the WCOOP main event let me ask, if poker is really a skill game or more a bingo...
 stojaca29/09/2010 14:18:34 GMT
Online poker is a skill game??? LOL

No man, only face to face poker (live game) is skill game, in internet poker player dont need brain or skills, just luck.
 Badcall8430/09/2010 08:30:50 GMT
i bet you are losing online, thats why you say so;]

When you deal with 3000 players tourney, and there are like 50 pro players its pretty obvious about result.

Look at the wcoop leaderboard after 61 events - why there are not many amateurs?
 mascona01/10/2010 13:19:21 GMT
patetic style of playing, fishy fishy fishy, with many unreal luck like K9 vs. AA with completed strite on river.... only drunken can play like that.
 eugen85ro01/10/2010 18:28:38 GMT
I agree with Badcall84, only loosing players complain.. But I still cant understand why are they still playing, they must be those who gable.
 nuts102/10/2010 09:45:44 GMT
congratulations Tyson Marks
nice win $2,278,097
 Calmplay02/10/2010 12:32:40 GMT
Very sick amount for a 1st place winnings for an online poker tournament, it's not surprising though as the number are players keep increasing at an impressive rate... I guess next time this event will reward more than 2.5 millions to the winner.
 anettegitte02/10/2010 14:02:41 GMT
Wow that cud be nice to win Big Smile
 SuperNoob04/10/2010 05:18:03 GMT
pretty nice win for an online tournament and that too for 5000 buyin, well done Potterpoker. this thing is possible only at big sites like PS or FT, others wudnt be able to get even close to tht prize amount
 jessthehuman04/10/2010 06:00:00 GMT
Posters #1 and #2 you're both complete jokes. F off.

Congrats to the winner.. that'd be so unreal winning an amount like that online... LoL can just imagine a thread started somewhere about withdrawal delays or some crap.. "yeh - they told me it was gonna take 3 business days to process my $2M withdrawal - security checks or some BS - what a load of crap - joke site"

 EimsbushKing04/10/2010 06:42:19 GMT
after uncle sam came across,they can effort 1 happy meal..all together.
 eugen85ro04/10/2010 10:17:37 GMT
nice cash, even though i dont really think he deserve the first place..

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