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PartyPoker: Polish qualifier wins an 2010 Aston Martin DBD9 Coupe

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Posted on 11 October 2010 by "T".

It ended up being 19-year-old Marek Sosnowski from Poland who took home Party Poker's Drive the Dream tournament this weekend. For the win he got an 2010 Aston Martin DBD9 Coupe, a very luxurious car worth around $150,000. However, there's a small problem - the winner doesn't have a drivers license! Well, he could always sell the car and get a nice bankroll for his poker career. What makes this win even more fantastic is that Sosnowski qualified for the final table through a freeroll at Party Poker!

Marek Sosnowski wasn't the only winner at the final table at the Mint Club in London. Here is how the final table paid out:

1.Marek Sosnowski - Poland - 2010 Aston Martin DB9 Coupe
2.Bob Gipson - UK - Lamborghini Extreme Driving Academy Package
3.Gregor Wojtowicz - Germany - Ferrari Driving Experience Package
4.Araujo Nunes - Brazil - Porsche Sport Driving School Package Donaldson
5.Davide Altea - Italy - F1 Grand Prix Brazil Package (Sao Paulo)
6.Michal Wawer - Poland - F1 Grand Prix Santander D'Italia Package (Monza)
7.odney Jones - UK - US$4,000 Cash
8.Christian Altrogge - Germany - US$3,000 Cash
9.Rizwan Patel - UK - US$2,000 cash


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12 comments on "PartyPoker: Polish qualifier wins an 2010 Aston Martin DBD9 Coupe"

 mazas11/10/2010 11:19:38 GMT
good final good prises for all who play here
hes really lucky becouse only 19 years old and now he have chance to drive one off the perfect machine ever
good luck all and keeping playing
 MANUEDO11/10/2010 12:40:00 GMT
Hasn't him a driver license ? No problem, I can drive it in his place Blink Congratulations, nice winning
 Davoodoo11/10/2010 16:54:53 GMT
poor car ...

 SuperNoob11/10/2010 18:14:20 GMT
even if he had driving license, keeping that car would require lots of money for maintenance and unless hes a rich guy he'll have trouble with it. but very nice win for him as he qualified thru a satellite.
 duck_199111/10/2010 18:56:52 GMT
lotto winner
 stojaca11/10/2010 19:22:27 GMT
Congratulations to Marek. I'm glad that young amateur player win this car, not one of pro's.
 astra411/10/2010 20:56:42 GMT
ccongratulations to him, i wonder if he got cash to fuel up the car....well well....thats a nice price to win.
 MoeJoe11112/10/2010 00:21:06 GMT
lol, its worth 150.000 $ and he s got no license. would be an awesome first car but incredibly stupid to drive regarding all the scratches and bumps a learners car has to take.
 shokaku12/10/2010 06:07:57 GMT
Posted by MoeJoe111:
lol, its worth 150.000 $ and he s got no license. would be an awesome first car but incredibly stupid to drive regarding all the scratches and bumps a learners car has to take.


So he would be better off to sell this thing and buy a small used car.
 mazas12/10/2010 08:32:48 GMT
hey marek i can easy drive your car let me drive it Smile
xaxaxaxa hope soon u ll get the driver license Smile

lol only its made use and drive it at the UK look at the driving weel so he easy will sold this car and get no the much then 100.000 $ but itsreally i thing good win for him becouse on the poland u cant drive that kind off the car with weel on the right
 spinek13/10/2010 12:10:50 GMT
I believe he decided to take the money. I think it's good decision. If he had a private jet already then he could take the car.
What would a normal dude do with such a car? Drive to the nearest store to buy groceries?

You have to be rich already to drive a car like this.
 BMan9813/10/2010 13:34:02 GMT
It must be difficult to have to make a decision as to whether to take the money or the car. Oh to have such problems in life.

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