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Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson quits poker

Tags: high stakes, Jonas Nebuchad Danielsson, poker pro, Scandinavian poker awards.
Posted on 13 January 2010 by "T".

A few days ago, Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson, wrote in his blog that he has lost his interest in poker and also the edge when he's playing. These are 2 of the main reasons why he has taken the decision to end his poker career and do something else instead.

"If I take good care of the money I have earned from playing poker, then I probably dont have to work for the rest of my life"; "Nebuchad" writes in his blog.

For many (including myself) it wasn't a big surprise that "Nebuchad" would stop playing poker. I mean, he hasn't played more than a few shorter sessions in the past 2 years. Even his blog has been dead during this time, and when he finally writes something - it's usually about something else than poker.

About "Nebuchad"
Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson, 25, lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He started playing poker many years ago and turned PRO back in 2005. "Nebuchad" has won millions of dollars playing No Limit Holdem against some of the world's greatest poker players. He was even involved in the world's third largest pot online against Patrik Antonius a few years ago. This was before games at $500/$1000 started. In 2008, he was voted 'player of the year' at the Scandinavian poker awards.


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24 comments for "Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson quits poker"

 goliathfirst13/01/2010 11:08:16 GMT
wow i am really shocked....player of the year and someone who would earn some serious money has quit...really surprised. but i do wonder if this might just be an extended break and when he gets his fire back he will come back and be even better
 EimsbushKing13/01/2010 11:56:54 GMT
if he really lost his edge against them,its just smart to stop playing because he wont win money from em in the long run.

but its sad
 jporp13/01/2010 13:14:27 GMT
If he had earned enough money for the rest of his life and he is tired of poker i think it is a good choise.

of couse it is a huge lost to the poker world

GL to him
 mazas13/01/2010 13:21:18 GMT
just must relax some time and no play maybe do brake some months or 1 year brake . but then money gone away and he need more money he will back and be strong again.
hope he just come back in future and we all hear about great back of Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson
good luck all
 pmgignac13/01/2010 13:27:02 GMT
sad but is choice we are not in is shoes.....I wish....lol
so guess he for the love of money then the love of the game
have a nice retirement Nebu
 ZmxPowah13/01/2010 13:29:14 GMT
Omg mazas u can't read or?
He said if he take good care of the money he will never need to work or anything like that. And if you read more and more u see he didn't play much for 2 years...
So what are you writing? lol

Anyway i don't know that guy... maybe that's becuase he was playing times when i didn't even think about Poker to much. If he's bored of that game he need to find something new.
 river_mantel13/01/2010 13:32:28 GMT
if hes won enough money not to work for the rest of his life then its job done.the money he has is probably the reason his edge has gone.how many times have you heard people winge about winning nothing after they cash out.of course this has nothing to do with the fact they have deposited money in their banks and lost their edge until its gone and they need more.why risk the life he can now lead for ever on the turn of a card.

good luck to him
 Davoodoo13/01/2010 13:49:25 GMT

Not working in the rest of ones life sounds boring at a age of 25 ...
 Joe_Average13/01/2010 14:07:51 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:

Not working in the rest of ones life sounds boring at a age of 25 ...

"If I take good care of the money I have earned from playing poker, then I probably dont HAVE to work for the rest of my life";

Souds like he "was only in it for the money", and now he can do things he realy likes.
Wouldn't be surprized if he started doing charity-work, beside "taking good care of the money", so he won't get bored at all. Cool
 fejset13/01/2010 14:17:21 GMT
I think he is gay also..
He Cant stand to sit whit a couple off nice guys at the table whit a hard on Shock
Sometimes it more than a man can take,, Big Smile
 dozn0113/01/2010 16:31:46 GMT
good on him better to quit ahead than losing wd Smile
 klaverstede13/01/2010 16:34:20 GMT
It's his choice, sad that he choosed that way, but he doesn't want to take risk anymore to loose a lot of money probably
 chiptaker13/01/2010 17:37:58 GMT
thats a wise move goout on top.i would better then loseing you lifes poker earning tom dwan or some one lol
 Tchungpo13/01/2010 18:12:43 GMT
Well well, i didnt knew him but if he want to stop his poker career, its his choice.
It wouldnt estonish me to see him back in ten year ^^
 ih8usukouts13/01/2010 18:22:40 GMT
If I had that much money and was bored of the game I would quit too while I was ahead. Sounds like this dude is extremely burned out and wants to move on. Even talks about losing the edge, so that says enough. I don't think he is done working for the rest of his life, but he def. wants to take another path. Good luck and enjoy those winnings. Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Big Smile
 psycokiller13/01/2010 23:17:24 GMT
Poker's like an itch, the more u ignore it, the more irritating it becomes until you have to scratch. He might not be seen playing for a while, but eventually he'll start playing serious again.
 jevo14/01/2010 00:43:57 GMT
I've heard it all before :rolleyes:

He should just drop to a level he can thoroughly enjoy playing with-out all the seriousness and risk of loosing his lifestyle.
 doomdy14/01/2010 07:47:08 GMT
This guy was so crazy to tattoo his sponsor on his butt Big Smile
 fejset14/01/2010 08:02:36 GMT
Damn that was 1 hairy as Shock
Never wondering to shave it Question
 DaMessiah66614/01/2010 08:04:45 GMT
I'm sure he will come back, eventhough he has lots of money to waste. He will play amateur poker and, without realising, he will begin playing against pros again
 MANUEDO14/01/2010 08:18:19 GMT
He's only 25 and already owns a huge amount of money.He has chance to live ant to do all he wants. Do you think it's wrong ?
 pmgignac14/01/2010 15:55:51 GMT
how can you get bored when youve got the money to do what you want
 LaBaiz14/01/2010 21:02:42 GMT
I think he just got enough of the cash to have a good life and wasn't that great last year so he decided to quit. Good move i think.
 SuperNoob15/01/2010 12:44:53 GMT
no use playing if he has lost interest. don't think he can win if he plays without interest.
but its difficult to stay away from poker once you've got used to it.

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