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The One Question Isaac Haxton Wants to Avoid...

Tags: Isaac Haxton, Malta, poker pro
Posted on 26 February 2014 by "T".

Ever wondered what it's like being a full-time poker player with millions of dollars in the bank account? Well, if you ever happen to run into Isaac Haxton, you better not ask him.

Earlier today Haxton, a member of Team PokerStars Online, uploaded a blog on the subject in question to pokerstarsblog. It's some great reading (and an interesting video from last fall where Haxton talks about his move to the island of Malta, Black Friday etc), so we wanted to share it with everone here on bankrollmob. Enjoy!

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High Stakes: "Isildur1" Wins $1.4m!

Tags: full tilt poker, high stakes, poker pro, sweden, viktor blom
Posted on 29 July 2013 by "T".

After a couple of not-so-successful sessions in the past 1,5 week or so, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom was back on track yesterday and booked a massive profit at Full Tilt Poker's nosebleed tables. He started the day by taking $150k from Isaac Haxton at the $500/$1000 CAP NLHE tables, then he won about $500,000 (in about 4 hours) playing Triple Draw and FLO8 against Kyle "KPR16" Ray, Phil "Polarazing" Ivey, Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius.

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British Poker Pro Jailed For 20 Years!

Tags: jail, las vegas, Marcus Bebb-Jones, murder, poker pro, Sabrina, united kingdom, united states
Posted on 02 May 2013 by "T".

Britsh poker pro Marcus Bebb-Jones, 49, was arrested at his home in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, in 2009 for the murder of his wife Sabrina, 31, in 1997. He admitted second-degree murder, telling police he killed his wife in a "heat of passion". On Wednesday, bbc news wrote that he had been jailed at Garfield County Court for 20 years, but his sentence will be reduced to reflect the time he has severed awaiting the trial.

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Poker Pro Commits Suicide - Father Blames Black Friday

Tags: alaska, las vegas, Matthew Anthony Roth, poker pro, Rest in Peace, rip
Posted on 01 May 2013 by "T".

Matthew Anthony Roth, of Fairbanks, Alaska, made a living from playing online poker since he was 18 and had a very bright future ahead of him, but his life (and many others) changed drastically on April 15, 2011 when online poker was shut down in the U.S. by FBI (Poker's Black Friday). Roth (in the middle of the picture) spent months reclaiming his funds, which were spread around several poker sites. Although he recovered most of his money and graduated in 2012 with a degree in finance - his life never became what it once was.

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Chris Moorman Wins FTOPS Event

Tags: all-time online tournament winner, Chris Moorman, england, ftops, full tilt online poker series, poker pro
Posted on 20 March 2013 by "T".

The British poker pro Chris Moorman is running pretty decent online and live as of late. On Saturday, he finished 8th on the EPT London Main Event final table for £57,000 (live tournament), and two days ago he showed his online-skills by winning his first Full Tilt Online Poker Series event!

The tournament in question (Event #3: $85,000 Guarantee; Pot-Limit Omaha Rush; $216 buy-in) saw a field of 399 players who created a total prize pool of $79,800 ($5,200 overlay) and Moorman received $21,250 for his first place finish. The 27-year-old pro now has an increadible $9.2 million in online tournament winnings and is the biggest winner in online poker tournament history!

Click here for more information on FTOPS XXII


Joe Sebok's Working Hard at Winery

Tags: barry greenstein, California, joe sebok, poker pro, stepfather, stepson, wine, winery
Posted on 02 January 2013 by "T".

The American poker pro Joe Sebok, 35, has almost $2 million in live tournament earnings (no major title) and was well liked for several years when he was known more as Barry Greenstein's stepson than a poker pro.

It has been very quiet from Sebok in the past year or so and the question is if he ever will win a major tournament title - because, according to a recent interview, he spent last year at Vinify, a premium custom crush winery in Santa Rosa, California, where he worked really hard and lost almost 17 pounds during the last 3-month harvest.

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American Poker Star Arrested with Large Amount of Drugs

Tags: Anthony Spinella, drugs, Ecstasy, high stakes, holdplz, lsd, narcotics, poker pro
Posted on 12 November 2012 by "T".

Anthony "holdplz" Spinella, an American poker pro with almost $2.5 million in online and live winnings, has got himself into some serious trouble. Spinella and two friends (Jared Joseph Roberge and Daniel Karabchievsky) were arrested on a Framingham street last Saturday with more than 20,000 hits of LSD, Ecstasy and nitrous oxide in a case with apparent ties to a California drug dealer, a prosecutor said Monday.

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Russian Poker Pro Passes Away at 47

Tags: dies, funeral, Nikolay Evdakov, poker pro, rip, russia, wpt final, wsop
Posted on 08 February 2012 by "T".

The Russian poker community has lost one of its greatest players as poker pro Nikolay Evdakov passed away on Monday this week. He died at the age of only 47 and no reason to his sudden death has been given.

Evdakov made a name for himself in the poker world during the 2008 World Series of Poker when he beat the most cashes during one WSOP record. In total, he cashed in 10 events and his best result was a 14th place in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha event. Last year he reached the quarter finals in the WSOP $25k NLH heads-up event, and the year before that he finished 9th in the World Poker Tour Final.

The funeral of Nikolay Evdakov will be held in his hometown next Wednesday. Rest in peace! 



Poker Pro could face death penalty

Tags: debt, Ernie Scherer III, murder, poker pro
Posted on 13 October 2010 by "T".

Ernie Scherer III is the name of a poker player who did very well in different live tournaments between 2003-2006. In total he has won around $340,000 in different live tournaments. Unfortunately Scherer always found it very hard to hold on to his money, and the expenses always been greater than his incomes. Scherer was so buried in debts last year that he decided to take very, very drastic measures.

He drove from Las Vegas to his parents home in Pleasanton, California and stabbed them multiple times in the neck, then drove back to his home in Las Vegas, where his wife and baby son were waiting for him. Ernie Scherer III was less than a year away from inheriting upward of $1 million.

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Poker Pro arrested for murder & dismemberment

Tags: dismemberment, murder, Pianchai Wanphen, poker pro, Ron Fanelli, thailand
Posted on 29 July 2010 by "T".

Ron Fanelli made a living from poker during the first half of 2000 and became a well known face on the TV channel Poker Channels program, mostly thanks to the british journalist and poker player Victoria Coren, one of the channel's hosts. Ron Fanelli moved to Thailand in 2006 and quickly got married and had a kid with his wife. A few years later, his wife left him to the other side of the country and took their kid with her. After this, things started going really bad for Fanelli as he started sleeping with prostitutes and drink lots of alcohol frequently.

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Poker Pro charged with assault

Tags: assault, poker pro, stockholm, sweden
Posted on 16 April 2010 by "T".

According to one of Sweden's biggest newspaper, a famous Swedish poker player, who has become rich from playing poker, has been charged with assault. The poker player, whose name isn't public yet, has kicked and punched another man in a queue to a hot dog stand in central Stockholm on November 29 last year.

The poker player has admitted to the police that he was drunk that night, but he denies that he assaulted anyone. The victim is asking for a bit more than 500 euro in compensation for what he paid for visiting different doctors for his physical pain. If witnesses can confirm that the assaulted man's story is true, then its probably just for the poker millionaire to pay. If he's really lucky, he might get away with just paying the damages, which shouldn't hurt his bankroll so much. However, if he has sponsors, it might be a bit more expensive if they decide to end the deal.



Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson quits poker

Tags: high stakes, Jonas Nebuchad Danielsson, poker pro, Scandinavian poker awards
Posted on 13 January 2010 by "T".

A few days ago, Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson, wrote in his blog that he has lost his interest in poker and also the edge when he's playing. These are 2 of the main reasons why he has taken the decision to end his poker career and do something else instead.

"If I take good care of the money I have earned from playing poker, then I probably dont have to work for the rest of my life"; "Nebuchad" writes in his blog.

For many (including myself) it wasn't a big surprise that "Nebuchad" would stop playing poker. I mean, he hasn't played more than a few shorter sessions in the past 2 years. Even his blog has been dead during this time, and when he finally writes something - it's usually about something else than poker.

About "Nebuchad"
Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson, 25, lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He started playing poker many years ago and turned PRO back in 2005. "Nebuchad" has won millions of dollars playing No Limit Holdem against some of the world's greatest poker players. He was even involved in the world's third largest pot online against Patrik Antonius a few years ago. This was before games at $500/$1000 started. In 2008, he was voted 'player of the year' at the Scandinavian poker awards.


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