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BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase - Standings (Jan 18th)

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Posted on 18 January 2010 by "K".

BigBet Poker RakeChase LeaderboardIt's time for another standings update for our exclusive BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase.

The BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase is exclusive for BankrollMob members and is really simple. Just hit each of the 9 VIP Point Milestones (as specified on the link above) and get RakeChase Prizes for hitting that level.

There's a massive $5000 up for grabs for the 1st person to reach the last level and if you make it through each of the 9 levels, you will get nearly $10,000 in RakeChase Prizes!!

The RakeChase runs betwen 20th November 2009 and Sunday 28th February 2010 - still plenty of time to get involved!

If you're not in yet, sign up for the 110% up to $750 first deposit bonus now and participate in the $25,000 RakeChase!!


Nickname Points
djdavid883 28430,17
hugeblob 18810,81
VKonst 12614,98
immuul 11117,64
calllletom 10783,41
riversucks17 10432,13
saya23killer 9437,44
dantheman7733 9400,47
CallmeAcehole 9394,05
nastyfrog 9384,44
Habasima 8365,75
idalenesara 8045,95
breatheNY 7714,87
From72 7497,67
xxMumblesxx 6270,7
3psil0n 6061,23
cesa88 5804,08
newlicano 5704,96
25081987 5087,77
FischkucheN 5024,36
BLOWERS1 4904,96
gueguito 4687,11
TheBipolarBear 4427,81
MikeTerrano 4007,79
APA300 3970,58
perombo20 3965,54
VlatkoK 3964,26
Guapitodecara 3806,51
RomiMontero 3559,37
alehandreSPb 3361,75
ponomarevco 3081,71
Rokknrollar 2987,57
Fainas87 2873,1
Herbalizier 2818,39
klodin1960 2805,58
IdidBoobjob 2762,38
Brasasking 2754,99
Bombz84 2681,05
LT1337 2621,84
ooklosar22oo 2503,13
AllDream 2473,51
OMGplmgrn 2431,07
NoSmokinggg 2419,72
razzma 2400,97
freespirit47 2346,17

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13 comments on "BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase - Standings (Jan 18th)"

 mazas18/01/2010 15:44:36 GMT
good news for points leaders i believe that now they all days play more harder to keep they leeding positions or trying to catch the leader now they sleep at the poker tables and eat there just they want to get that pot
good luck and try to be on top Smile
 Fakiry18/01/2010 16:06:14 GMT
Some pf you are really making an effort to win big at Big Bet. Its very interesting, and even more when you know its just for BRMers. Ok, so now we are about 180,000 but not all are involved in this type of game, envolving such amounts of money. Good oportunities!
 pmgignac18/01/2010 16:43:31 GMT
are those names all mobster
 Tchungpo18/01/2010 17:21:20 GMT
Lol djdavid is far far far very far away from others !
I think he will make it ! Mass grinding for $.
And Nastyfrog lost some place no? Come on nastyfrog !
 dozn0118/01/2010 18:10:48 GMT
hmmmm cant see me................... oh i dont play on that site thats why Tongue
 ZmxPowah18/01/2010 18:45:45 GMT
I would like to know how long hours the play in a day and what ^^.
The first guy have rlly big lead so maybe like 18 hours a day? lolz Tongue
 dmass18/01/2010 19:03:33 GMT
yo...testing Smile)
 LaBaiz18/01/2010 22:12:03 GMT
great promotions, too bad I can't get used to bigbet poker client and so i don't play there a lot. But good to see my buddy amongst top 10 Blink
 w00zy18/01/2010 23:27:56 GMT
tuff race Sad
 Doomsday_vic19/01/2010 01:51:13 GMT
Didn't know there would be quite a few high rakers from this forum lol. Nice going~

Almost got the 2nd level of the chase o.O
 SuperNoob19/01/2010 11:37:13 GMT
Posted by Tchungpo
And Nastyfrog lost some place no? Come on nastyfrog !

he might have lost some but there isn't much ifference in points, sure he'll catch them up
 pmgignac19/01/2010 13:52:17 GMT
28430 points thats too much no one gone catch him now go go go
 xxxbchxxx21/01/2010 02:31:38 GMT
tuff race only if your just
Good luck to all, i hope i will get in there on the next race.....maybe , maybe not if thats anything to go by.

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