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Happy New Year: A few words from the Mob Crew

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Posted on 31 December 2010 by "T".

We at BankrollMob would like to thank all of our members and sponsors for a fantastic year! It has been a great year and it's thanks to all of you, who have contributed in different ways (requesting bonuses, written in the forum etc), that BankrollMob is one of the leading free money sites on the market today! Now, we are counting down the hours to 2011 and we truly believe that it will be an even better year with a more active forum, better news updates, more deposit bonuses, new gift offers, new no-deposit bonuses etc. We are sure that all this is possible with a little help from all of you!

Happy New Year and we hope to see you all next year! 


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27 comments on "Happy New Year: A few words from the Mob Crew"

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» Happy New Year: A few words from the Mob Crew

 awood8831/12/2010 13:51:47 GMT
10 hours to go here in the UK. Here's hoping 2011 will be better than 2010.

Happy new year everyone.
 jovicakralj31/12/2010 14:18:18 GMT
9 hours to go in Serbia...
 B1gfoot31/12/2010 14:19:04 GMT
Smile Smile Smile Smile HAPPY NEW YEAR Smile Smile Smile Smile
"BankrollMob is one of the leading free money sites on the market today"
By the end of 2011 lets make the only free money sites on the market
 Kristan31/12/2010 14:21:25 GMT
Hope all you Stuff members and our Forum regs will have a blast today Blink!
Go BiG BRM Winner!!!!!
 mahdrof31/12/2010 14:59:25 GMT
Happy New Year to BRM staff and members! Glad to hear that BRM is healthy and will continue on into 2011. Good site and only getting better. GL to all in the 2011 at the tables!
 dozn0131/12/2010 15:25:22 GMT
its been a emotional year Smile
hope next year will be a good 1 too see you all soon again ..................
 Calmplay31/12/2010 21:25:19 GMT
Happy new year,
may god bless u all,
peace & love, enjoy!
 StasBr01/01/2011 00:21:13 GMT
Happy new year from Russia :*
 jessthehuman01/01/2011 00:58:54 GMT
Happy NY everyone. 12pm NYD here in aus.. back at work ! Sad
 oliver08229801/01/2011 01:11:32 GMT
i`m setting a new goal this year, i hope to reach 3k posts... double my first year...
 ibarra01/01/2011 01:19:24 GMT

Happy New Year to all of you and may we have a fruitful 2011 year.
 seqaz01/01/2011 10:12:22 GMT
happy newyear everyone Smile
 Grownhead01/01/2011 11:17:25 GMT
Happy new year!
 nyshark2301/01/2011 14:24:15 GMT
happy new year and good luc.k at the tables to everyone
 upsi101/01/2011 15:13:58 GMT
Happy new your to all of you and a lot of Dollar Dollar Dollar at the tables
 Fakiry01/01/2011 16:16:57 GMT
Lets hope for that. I truly hope i can have more time to make some more commetns, Its something i really like to do but last months i havent had much time! New year, new life, better expectations!
 Cliffem01/01/2011 19:46:05 GMT
Thanks BRM Keep up the good work in 2011,Happy 1.1.11! Happy new year!! Smile
 SuperNoob01/01/2011 19:49:28 GMT
A very Happy New Year to all of the members and BRM staff Smile and thanks for all the nice promotions and offers. hope everyone has a good time at tables and we have a lively forum as ever Big Smile
 Schwede66601/01/2011 20:58:32 GMT
Best wishes for 2011 ...
 arkstfan02/01/2011 03:24:15 GMT
Off to a good start! I come here for the free bday ticket and crack the safe! Happy new year.
 dule-vu02/01/2011 13:48:12 GMT
‎happy new year for MOB member,hope that you would have health on first place,then all will come,money,family...!!!"May all your cards be live and pots be monsters!"
 MANUEDO02/01/2011 19:58:23 GMT
Thanks and best wishes to you all; I already know we will spend another beautiful day together Blink
 aurora2902/01/2011 20:28:53 GMT
boldog új évet mindenkinek a világon Big Smile
 Hajinnho02/01/2011 21:56:33 GMT
Posted by $k:

yeah, a happy new year and lots of great pots for all of you... well most of you... Blink
 dlkiv03/01/2011 20:24:46 GMT
Happy New Year all Smile

I am soooo glad the festive season is over Big Smile

Big winnings for all Blink

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