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Mansion Poker $2000 Rake Race [UPDATE]

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Posted on 05 January 2010 by "K".

Mansion Poker and BankrollMob are having a $2000 Rake Race for all Mansion Poker players who signed up at Mansion Poker through BankrollMob, either by using our previous $150 no deposit bonus or our current 100% up to $500 deposit bonus.

The $2000 Rake Race ends Sunday 31st January 2010.

Taking part and winning your share of the Rake Race is really easy, all you have to do is play poker at Mansion Poker. The points you earn in the Race period will count toward your placement in the race.

Click here to view the prize distribution for top 20, there's a total of $2000 to be shared!

Top 20 players as of January 4th are as follows:

Username Points
insu1afl 7.295,30
Barracudych86 5.989,20
JimmiNS8260 5.026,90
Gaz1makc1md 4.835,45
AlantikV 2.974,10
Ardal1977 2.745,90
HenriksenMicah 2.377,35
themgreens 2.234,00
dbomb32 2.182,70
NhaTrangIsHome 2.162,55
dreamteam084 2.113,90
melthorme 1.942,10
tripsvic 1.913,70
Nivan555 1.801,20
ATN71 1.800,00
peralta84 1.770,00
vikur 1.751,90
hackerui 1.722,10
olegim76 1.669,25
Phantom25 1.632,00

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5 comments on "Mansion Poker $2000 Rake Race [UPDATE]"

 LaBaiz05/01/2010 20:18:19 GMT
kind a missed out that mansion poker also featured a rake race. Well, good luck to everybody that goes for it. Blink
 Administrator05/01/2010 20:48:00 GMT
Posted by LaBaiz:
kind a missed out that mansion poker also featured a rake race. Well, good luck to everybody that goes for it. Blink

It's not too late to join in. As far as I remember, it's not even halfway yet.
 SuperNoob06/01/2010 02:01:54 GMT
the guy on first position is leading by a big margin, think he'll surely win it.
there's some serious competition below 4th place.
gl to ppl participating
 Plexo07/01/2010 00:21:24 GMT
Well I think I coould not take part of this rakechase anymore as long as I just cashed out all my bank from Mansion Poker due to the recent changes on its rakesystem.
 xxxbchxxx07/01/2010 08:02:48 GMT
Good pointage by all in the top 3. Thats a lot of playing at Mansion (a site i didnt get on with really) shame as i love these small races, but have never been in the I just cant put the time in that is needed to achive the points.

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