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PCA - Main Event: Lots of pros made it to Day 3

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Posted on 08 January 2010 by "T".

884 players out of 1,529 players made it from Day 1 a & b to Day 2 of the tournament. In the lead after Day 1 was Wayne Bentley, a PokerStars qualifier from UK. Bentely continued playing good throughout Day 2 of the tournament as he's in 3rd place of the 314 players that will play Day 3. Chipleader at the moment is Praz Bansi with 960,800 chips, followed by Marc-Etienne McLaughlin (702,100) and Wayne Bentely (602,450).

Even though the top 3 players above have accumulated big stacks, they will have to fight really hard to stay in the lead since the remaining field is packed with pros. Daniel Negreanu, Dennis Philips, Phil Ivey, Huck Seed and Johnny Lodden just to mention a few. Day 3 will be the most trilling day so far of the tournament - that's for sure!


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15 comments on "PCA - Main Event: Lots of pros made it to Day 3"

 mazas08/01/2010 14:45:18 GMT
great to hear that lots players pro go to day 3 its really be interesting day because most of them must fall today
 Miloutre08/01/2010 15:14:12 GMT
Well, they are pros after all...
 dozn0108/01/2010 15:45:11 GMT
put phil ivey on tilt by saying your dating his wifey now, il say that if i was playing against him, would be good tactics Blink
 Tchungpo08/01/2010 19:38:00 GMT
Yeah, phil Ivey is still in and Negreanu too : --> Go the final tables guys and lets show to the world what is poker !! hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!
 leroi2109/01/2010 03:59:45 GMT
negreanu all the way! he's my favorite pokerstars pro he deserve to win.
 LaBaiz09/01/2010 05:03:04 GMT
negreanu and ivey still in the fight for the win, I think they both will get to the final table, but none of them will win it.
 ZmxPowah09/01/2010 06:54:37 GMT
It sounds really interesting ^^.
I will w8 to hear more info about that event ^^

dozn01 , they best anserw to that attack Phil can say is....
Who doesn't?
 wardy3209/01/2010 11:28:07 GMT
looks like a good tournament!! be intresting too see who wins!! we will prob see ivey at the final table
 SuperNoob09/01/2010 17:53:10 GMT
amateurs will surely have a tough time playing against the big pros. the only advantage they have is their big stack but still plenty of players left in the tournament.
 MANUEDO09/01/2010 21:45:10 GMT
It's always beautiful to hear many unknow players have chances against pros. So I hope their stack it's enough to organize a strong defence
 IslandJack10/01/2010 00:37:19 GMT
Would like to see Negreanu do well, Ivey does well enough.
Glad to see some pros are getting up there, it seems like playing good poker doesn't mean much nowadays... I mean it's all about agression...and getting booted on a bad beat on one of the obligatory 50 all-ins... no?
Set me straight if I'm wrong... Confused
 Fakiry10/01/2010 16:44:23 GMT
With so many big names still in he race, there will still be big spins the chip ranking, thats for sure. Some of this will not be easy to send home, even if, till now, they havent showed the best of their poker habilities. At least Negreanu and Ivey will not go home soon.
 DaMessiah66610/01/2010 17:12:53 GMT
My god! Phil Ivey? Maybe he mucked a winning hand and lost all his chips lol .... News like this encourage me to play Smile
 xxxbchxxx11/01/2010 08:38:20 GMT
thats how it should be . with the pros getting to day 2. they put all that time and effort in to playing they deserve to get there aslong as they arnt playing crap cards.
 mazas11/01/2010 16:30:29 GMT
its interesting lost off pro make day 3 but in over hand in final table is only few known pros over isnt known maybe just one or two times heard but now Sad
so its new players year start Smile
good luck all

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