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2019 PCA $25,000 Single-Day High Roller II won by Justin Bonomo for $383,650

Tags: Justin Bonomo, PCA, PokerStars
Posted on 16 January 2019 by "T".

The second $25,000 Single-Day High Roller event of the 2019 PCA was held last Sunday, January 13, which attracted a total of 47 player entries that garnered a prize pool worth $1,128,470.

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PokerStars Signs Comedian

Tags: cbc, comedian, free-play, Gerry Dee, isildur1, mr.d, pca, pokerstars,, viktor blom
Posted on 17 August 2012 by "T".

On Tuesday, PokerStars announced that Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and the site mutually had agreed to part ways. The very next day the world's largest poker site signed comedian Gerry Dee, the star in the weekly sitcom Mr.D on CBC. Dee will represent PokerStars' free-play site and will be starring in an upcoming PokerStars commercial that will air throughout the fall to promote a series of free online poker tournaments where Canadians can win a trip to Bahamas and play in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

"I'm better at math and statistics than the teacher you see on TV, so I'm not a bad poker player. I'm no pro but I've always been a bit of a poker buff. I really admire the skill it takes to compete at the top level. I'm excited about this partnership and am looking forward to improving my game!" said Dee.

Click here to check out Gerry Dee at the 2009 Just for Laughs Festival.


PCA Super High Roller: Haxton leads. Blom in 2nd place

Tags: 2012, isac haxton, pca, pokerstars caribbean adventure, super high roller, viktor blom
Posted on 06 January 2012 by "T".

There's some serious action at the Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island as the 2012 PCA is now alive and kicking! The first day of the Super High Roller tournament brought a field 32 players (In fact it was 30 players, but two re-entered the tournament) who could afford the buy-in of $100,000, which created a total prize pool of $3,136,000 and a first prize of $1,254,400.

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PCA and Aussie Millions on the way

Tags: aussie millions, pca
Posted on 03 January 2012 by "T".

Two major poker tournaments are just around the corner. PokerStars Caribbean Adventure will kick off in 2 days time and will run until January 14th. The highlights of the 2012 PCA will be the $10,000 main event and the $25,000 High Roller event. Both events will be streamed online with hole cards.

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PCA: William Molson took home the $25,000 High Roller tournament ($1,072,850)

Tags: jason mercier, leo fernandez, pca, pokerstars, william molson
Posted on 17 January 2011 by "T".

It ended up being a very interesting final table (many familiar faces) of the PCA High Roller tournament. 3 of the 8 finalists were PokerStars pros and many thought that Jason Mercier would be the one of them who would survive the longest. However, as we all know now, it didn't end up that way but instead it was Leo Fendandez who battled for the first place prize of over a million dollars against William Molson. But unfortunately he didn't stand a chance against the canadian and ended up in 2nd place. A big congratulations to the winner, William Molson from Canada.

Final table results:
1: William Molson, $1 072 850
2: Leo Fernandez, $554 925
3: Max Lykov, $369 490
4: Erik Seidel, $295 960
5: Govert Metaal, $240 470
6: David Baker, $203 475
7: Matt Marafioti, C$166 480
8: Jason Mercier, $129 480



PCA - 22 players left: Ana Marquez leads over 21 men

Tags: Ana Marquez, chris moneymaker, pca
Posted on 13 January 2011 by "T".

The player field is now down to 22 in the 2011 PCA Main Event in Bahamas. Leading the field is a woman, the only one left in the tournament. Ana Marquez played fantastic poker during Day 4 and one can't saying anything else than it's a well deserved lead! So what happened to Chris Oliver who was in the lead with 3.67 million when Day 4 started? Well, not much to be honest. Oliver's stack remained almost the same all Day 4 and he ended the day with 3.27 million chips. However, Max Lehmanski, Oliver's closes competitor when Day 4 started, was sent off the rail during the day.

A few notable players that still have the chance to reach the final table and battle for the first prize of 2.3 million dollars are Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker, Mike Sowers, Eric Froehlich, Eddy Sabsat and Sam Stein.



PCA - 48 players left: Chris Oliver in the lead

Tags: chris moneymaker, chris oliver, pca, team pokerstars pro
Posted on 12 January 2011 by "T".

The 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event is getting closer and closer to its final table. 3 days of poker have been played so far, and now we are are waiting for Day 4 to start. 48 players will return today and continue the fight towards the final table - in order to get a big share from the huge prize pool.

Chip leader of the tournament is Chris Oliver with 3.6 million chips. Other players with healthy stacks that will join him at the poker tables today are, for example, the 2003 WSOP Champ Chris Moneymaker (1.6m), Max Lehmanski (2.3m), Mike Sowers (1.36m), and Sam Stein (970,000).



PCA - 173 players left: Chris Moneymaker in 5th place

Tags: adam geyer, chris moneymaker, pca, viktor blom
Posted on 11 January 2011 by "T".

The 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is now down to a 173-player field and we're now waiting for the 3rd day to start. Chip leader is Adam Geyer with 909,000. Folling him are Ilan Rouah with 795,000 and Chris Oliver with 792,500. Unfortunately many of PokerStars biggest names fell out of the field during 2 of the tournament, Liv Boeree, Joe Cada, Dario Minieri, Viktor Blom etc.

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PCA: Viktor Blom through to Day 2

Tags: chris moneymaker, isildur1, pca, pokerstars, viktor blom
Posted on 10 January 2011 by "T".

Day 1b of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is now in the books. Not less than 913 players signed up for Day 1b and in total the tournament has attracted 1560 players. This means that a prize pool of $15,132,000 and a first prize of $2.3 million is up for grabs. The most interesting player who made it to day Day 2 from Day 1b is Viktor "Isildur1" Blom from Sweden. Blom will bring a 141k stack with him to Day 2 of the tournament and will do everything in his power to reach the final table - just like the other 644 remaining players.

Chip leader of the tournament is no one else than Pieter de Korver with 245,300 chips, but he can't sit back and relax yet as there are plenty of good players, Chris MoneyMaker etc, not far behind in chips. Day 2 will be a very thrilling day to follow since there are so many good players left. Personally, I will keep an eye on Viktor "Isildur1" Blom.



The identity of Isildur1 is finally revealed

Tags: isildur1, pca, pokerstars, viktor blom
Posted on 10 January 2011 by "T".

On January 8, the identity of the mystery swede Isildur1 was finally revealed - something the whole poker world been waiting for for a very long time (second half of 2009 - when he showed up at the nosebleed tables at Full Tilt). In an interview with PokerStars at the PCA, Viktor Blom, 20, admitted that he's the man who has won and lost millions of dollars online under the alias Isildur1. Of course this just confirms what many have been saying for a very long time, but at least now everyone knows for sure. This also puts an end to further speculations who Isildur1 might be (Tony G, Robert Flink etc).

Viktor Blom is playing PokerStars Caribbean Adventure at the moment. He has made it to Day 2 with a healthy stack. You can read more about that here.



PCA - High Roller: Viktor Blom knocked out during the first day

Tags: daniel negreanu, isildur1, pca, super high roller, viktor blom
Posted on 07 January 2011 by "T".

Yesterday, the first day of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Super High Roller was played. The field consisted of 38 world class poker players who could afford the buy-in of $100,000. At the end of the day 23 players remained and the chip leader was Tobias Renkeimer, closely followed by Daniel Negreanu.

Unfortunately Viktor Blom, who many believe is the mystery swede Isildur1, was knocked out by the Indian poker pro Vivek Rajkumar at the early stages of the tournament. Many have been waiting for the PCA Super High Roller tournament to see whether or not Viktor Blom would wear the PokerStars tag, but that was not the case.



PCA: William Reynolds wins the High Roller event

Tags: Lisa Hamilton, pca, pokerstars, William Reynolds
Posted on 15 January 2010 by "T".

It came to be a quite interesting final table in the high roller event this year. This thanks to Lisa Hamilton who impressed a lot, but also because of the action (from start to end) this final table delivered. All the players at this final table played very good and gave the crowd an entertaining final table to watch. Anyhow, the player that stood out among the rest of the players thanks to his fantastic timing, ability to shifting gears at the right time, and pushing all-in at the right time was William Reynolds. Williams never thought that he would take home the tournament as he was all in and shortstacked lots of times. However, he managed to double up time after time and used his aggressive style until he was the last man standing.

"I feel great! I can't count the amount of times I was all in. I was ready to be on the beach and up in my hotel room." Reynolds said after the win.

Lets hope that we get to see William Reynolds on more final tables in the future because he's quite an entertaining player to watch and learn from. 


Final table results:
1. William Reynolds, USA -- $576,240
2. Will Molson, Canada -- $322,075
3. Adolfo Vaeza, Uruguay -- $218,150
4. Michiel Brummelhuis, Netherlands -- $154,350
5. Lisa Hamilton, USA -- $133,770
6. Tobias Reinkemeier, Germany -- $108,045
7. Matt Marafioti, Canada -- $87,465
8. Dmitry Stelmak, Russia -- $66,885


Vanessa Rousso wins PCA Ladies Event

Tags: caribbean adventure, ladies event, pca, pokerstars, Vanessa Rousso
Posted on 13 January 2010 by "T".

Vanessa Rousso, 27, has just won the Ladies Event of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in Bahamas. She made it to the final table as chip leader and then nothing could stop her from taking down the tournament and the first prize of $24,725. Even though many of the players who took part in the ladies event had qualified online at PokerStars, Vanessa had to fight hard to reach the final table as pros like Annette Obrestad and J.J Lui were in the tournament as well.

"There were a couple of pros who played. J.J. Lui was in there, Annette Obrestad. There was a bunch of good players. Obviously you have to run well in any tournament you play in. But I didn't make any mistakes that I know of, I played well and I'm happy with the way I played. Starting the year off with a victory is really cool"; Vanessa said in an interview after the victory.



PCA - High Roller Event: Dario Minieri in the lead

Tags: Dario Minieri, elky, pca, pokerstars
Posted on 12 January 2010 by "T".

The Italian PokerStars pro Dario Minieri has taken the lead with 218,600 chips in the PCA High Roller event in Bahamas. Minieri is clossly followed by two players - Lex Veldhuis (214,500) from Holland and Dmitry Stelmak from Russia (203,400). 52 out of 85 players will return to play Day 2 of the tournament.

Elky, The Team PokerStars Pro who won last year's High Roller event only has 7200 chips left and is in last place of the remaining 52 players. Elky needs to double up a few times in the beginning of Day 2, because otherwise the blinds (400/800 blinds + 100 ante) will eat up his stack in no-time.

Play with Dario Minieri, Elky and other poker pros at PokerStars. We will give you a 100% up to $600 bonus on your first deposit.


PCA: Harrison Gimbel, youngest ever Main Event winner!

Tags: bahamas, barry schulman, harrison gimbel, pca, pokerstars caribbean adventure
Posted on 12 January 2010 by "T".

This is how the final hand between Ty Remain and Harrinson Gimbel was played out in the PCA Main Event.

Ty Reiman raise to 620k before the flop, Gimbel answers with a re-raise of 1.8 million. Remain thinks for a moment before announcing that he's all in. Gimbel calls.

Remain: 8[d]8[c]
Gimbel: 10[h]10[c]

FLOP 10[d]6[d]2[h]

Gimbel flop trips and Remain needs to get lucky on turn to have a chance to stay in the tournament.

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PCA: Lots of pros and celebs took part in the amFAR charity tournament

Tags: amfar, charity, mats sundin, nelly, pca, slash, spencer benjafield, william thorson
Posted on 11 January 2010 by "T".

The amFar charity tournament turned out really well this year as the buy-in of $5000 didn't scare off poker pros, celebs and other people from taking part (Slash from Guns 'N Roses, Nelly, Mats Sundin etc). Some of the participants of the tournament even made a few re-buys (PokerStars Pro William Thorson, just to mention 1 player with a big heart). Thanks to so many generous people - not less than $97,500 was donated to cancer research.

The winner of the tournament came to be Spencer Benjafield, an Englishmen who won his seat through a freeroll for players with 'supernova status' at PokerStars. For the win he received $37,500 from the total prize pool of $195,000.



PCA - Live Stream: They will battle for the first prize of $2.2 million

Tags: bahamas, barry schulman, pca, pokerstars caribbean adventure
Posted on 11 January 2010 by "T".

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event is just becoming more and more popular every year. The most popular event of PCA (like most other major tournaments) is the Main Event with $10k buy-in. This year, not less than 1,529 players signed up for the main event and put last year's record of 1,347 in the books. Now, after that 6 days of intensive poker have been played, it's finally time for the final table - a final table with these 8 players who are about to battle for the first prize of $2.2 million.

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PCA - Main Event: Lots of pros made it to Day 3

Tags: bahamas, dennis philips, pca, phil ivey, pokerstars caribbean adventure, praz bansi
Posted on 08 January 2010 by "T".

884 players out of 1,529 players made it from Day 1 a & b to Day 2 of the tournament. In the lead after Day 1 was Wayne Bentley, a PokerStars qualifier from UK. Bentely continued playing good throughout Day 2 of the tournament as he's in 3rd place of the 314 players that will play Day 3. Chipleader at the moment is Praz Bansi with 960,800 chips, followed by Marc-Etienne McLaughlin (702,100) and Wayne Bentely (602,450).

Even though the top 3 players above have accumulated big stacks, they will have to fight really hard to stay in the lead since the remaining field is packed with pros. Daniel Negreanu, Dennis Philips, Phil Ivey, Huck Seed and Johnny Lodden just to mention a few. Day 3 will be the most trilling day so far of the tournament - that's for sure!



PCA - Main Event: Day 1b completed

Tags: bahamas, Paul Wasicka, pca, phil ivey, pokerstars caribbean adventure, Vanessa Rousso
Posted on 07 January 2010 by "T".

The second starting day of the PCA Main Event has now been played. Not less than 846 players started this day - many of them were some of the biggest names in poker. However, the most notable players that made it through Day 1b and will play Day 2 today are Paul Wasicka, Matt Graham, Annette Obrestad, Vanessa Rousso, Peter Eastgate, Phil Ivey and JC Alvardo.

A total of 1,515 players signed up for the PCA Main Event this year. This means that last year's record of 1,347 is history. Up for grabs in the Main Event is approximately $15,000,000, which makes sure that even the world best and richest poker players will give 100% all the way.


PCA - Main Event: Wayne Bentley in the lead

Tags: bahamas, mats sundin, pca, pokerstars caribbean adventure, Wayne Bentley
Posted on 06 January 2010 by "T".

The Main Event of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in Bahamas started yesterday. Wayne Bentley, a PokerStars qualifier from UK, picked up pocket aces and doubled up against pocket kings in the very beginning of the tournament. After that, Bentley never looked back and kept on building up his stack. At the end of the day, Bentley had accumulated 329,500 chips. Almost 11 times the starting stack.

Notable players that made it to Day 2 of the tournament are (just to mention a few) Daniel Negreanu, Dennis Phillips, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Barry Greenstein etc.

William Thorson and Mats Sundin are two of the biggest names that will play Day 1b of the main event. It will be intersting to see if Mats Sundin is as good at poker as hockey.



PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Tags: bahamas, pca, pokerstars caribbean adventure
Posted on 05 January 2010 by "T".

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure poker festival kicked off yesterday with a Main Event satellite and a NL Turbo tournament. In total 50 events will be played between 4 - 14 January. The two most notable tournaments in this years PCA is of course the Main Event with $10,000 buy-in that starts today, and the highroller event with $25,000 buy-in on Janauary 11.

About PCA
PokerStars Caribbean Adenture was established back in 2004 and has since then awarded over $39,000,000 in prize money. The tournament is played in the beutiful Bahamas and attracts lots of poker players from all over the globe to come and play each year. The PCA is especially popular amongst younger american poker pros as they only have to be 18 years of age to take part and not 21 like in the WSOP.

Here are the previous PCA Main Event winners:

2009 - Poorya Nazari - $3,000,000
2008 - Bertrand "Elky" Grospeiller - $2,000,000
2007 - Ryan Daut - $1,535,255
2006 - Steve Paul Ambrose - $1,388, 600
2005 - John Gale - $890,600
2004 - Daniel Negreanu - $455,780


PCA: WSOP champion Peter Eastgate strikes again

Tags: Antoine Berube, Florian Langmann, PCA, Peter Eastgate, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure
Posted on 13 January 2009 by "T".

Peter Eastgate became the youngest player ever to win a WSOP Main Event last year. Aside from the event bracelet, the 9.1 million dollars and all the fame and glory he got from winning the biggest and most prestige full poker tournament in the world, he continues playing great poker and taking down new tournaments...

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