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EPT Copenhagen: Day 1a completed - Canadian in the lead!

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Posted on 17 February 2010 by "T".

Day 1a of EPT Copenhagen delivered a lot of action, mainly because of the Scandinavian, aggressive style of playing poker. However, there is a Canadian (Andew Pantling - 155,800 chips) who has come out on top. Although a few notable players have dropped out of the Day 1a field - Martin Kabrhel, Thomas Bichon, Jeff Sarwer etc - there are still some really big names who have made it to Day 2 of the Main Event.

Just to mention three of them, Annette Obrestad, Johnny Lodden & Dario Minieri. Day 1b of the tournament will most probably be even more action filled and interesting to follow as William Thorson, Luca Pagano, ElkY, Peter Eastgate and many other big names will take part.

TOP 5 players of Day 1a
Andrew Pantling - 155,800
Johnny Ostbjerg - 117,100
Christian Togsverd - 116,100
Patrik Kaltrud - 133,200
Kristian Kofoed - 110,500


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9 comments on "EPT Copenhagen: Day 1a completed - Canadian in the lead!"

 MANUEDO17/02/2010 17:07:31 GMT
This time I see more pros fighting for final prize; very well Dario Minieri yesterday and Luca Pagano ( until now, of course ) today.
Hope to see an italian bring cup in Italy this time Smile
 dozn0117/02/2010 17:11:54 GMT
i carnt see me on the list, i know i should be there some where Tongue
 DAGOR17/02/2010 18:26:20 GMT
Hello everybody!
Too funny DOZN01. Seriously it is a hot tourney winner will be a Scandinavian hyper aggressive and unknown. Or just be a poker star you had to choose lol. Or just be DOZN01 Big Smile
See you soon for new posts! Tongue
 xxxbchxxx17/02/2010 20:54:37 GMT
So Canada in the if them winning all those medals at the winter olympics isnt enough....good luck to him, Andrew Pantling (never herd of him)
We all deserve a chance to shine and this could be his time?
Dario Minieri is a very good player and still so young, a potential winner every time.
 pmgignac18/02/2010 13:36:02 GMT
long live canada ... and no we dont have enough olympic medal yet
but we got realy nice onces for now ... will see whats happen
i would personnaly like to see annette reach the final table ... not cuz she's cute ...ok a little but its not the reason
i just like her game play ... she looks so naive.... damn she aint
 Hajinnho18/02/2010 15:48:26 GMT
Posted by dozn01:
i carnt see me on the list, i know i should be there some where Tongue

obv. they dont show people with more than 200 k Blink
 911insidejob18/02/2010 15:58:40 GMT
right on a Canadian eh eh eh....
 SuperNoob18/02/2010 17:35:33 GMT
most of the pros are still there in the game so it surely would turn out to be interesting one. and don't think that canadian will last long in chip lead
 LaBaiz19/02/2010 16:07:53 GMT
yeah, one of my poker chat friends from another forum Christian Togsverd seems to be doing pretty well. Keeping my thumbs for him.

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