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EPT Prague becomes a part of history

Tags: ept prague, liv boeree, pokerstars, ville wahlbeck, william thorson, wpt prague
Posted on 07 December 2011 by "T".

The second starting day of the EPT Prague main event attracted amazing 488 players! Add the 234 players from Day 1a to that and you'll get a new EPT main event record! Out of the 722 participants, 437 players will return to the table in a few hours time and continue the struggle. The chip leader, just like Day 1a, comes from Russia. Andrey Saenko, PokerStars player, played outstanding poker during Day 1b and has accumulated 200,800 - about 20k more than Mads Wissing, from Denmark, in second place.

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EPT San Remo: 2010 WSOP Main Event finalist leads the pack!

Tags: ept san remo, johnny lodden, joseph cheong, pokerstars, vanessa selbst, william thorson
Posted on 24 October 2011 by "T".

In case you missed it: The EPT San Remo Main Event started a couple of days ago. A massive field of 837 players signed up for the tournament and now, 3 days later, 145 players have chips left to gamble with. Chip leader is Joseph Cheong, from USA, with 632,000. Cheong has about $4,5 million in career winnings - $4,1 million from the 3rd place finish at the 2010 WSOP Main Event.

Three notable players with plenty of chips left: William Thorson in 4th place with 508k, Vanessa Selbst in 6th place with 497k, and Johnny Lodden in 20th place with 287k. Anyhow, the tournament bubble bursts when there are 128 players left. The winner of the tournament will take home stunning €800,000 while the runner-up will get €480k.



PokerStars signs WPT Paris winner Theo Jorgensen

Tags: team pokerstars pro, Theo Jorgensen, william thorson
Posted on 27 October 2010 by "T".

It's not long ago since William Thorson, the swedish poker pro, announced that he was leaving Team PokerStars Pro after 2 successful years. Now, about a month later, PokerStars announces that they have found someone to replace him. Theo Jorgensen from Denmark is PokerStars' new pro who will get to travel around the globe and play with the rest of Team PokerStars Pro - for free!

Thanks to some fantastic results at WPT, EPT and WSOP over the past few years, Theo Jorgensen has really created a name for himself in the poker world. For some of you, the alias "THEDONKEY01" might sound a bit familiar? That's no one else than Theo Jorgensen playing at the nosebleed tables online against some of the best poker players in the world.

Best of luck to Theo Jorgensen and his future with Team PokerStars Pro.



EPT London: Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu through to Day 2

Tags: daniel negreanu, ept london, phil ivey, pokerstars, william thorson
Posted on 01 October 2010 by "T".

The EPT London Main Event attracted a field of 848 players, 339 players Day 1a and 509 players Day 1b, this time - a UK record tournament with a £4,112,800 prize pool! Both starting days are now in the books and it's soon time for Day 2 to kick off.

A field of 381 players will return to the poker tables in few hours and continue the battle towards the final table. In the remaining field of players one will find, for example, Phil Ivey, William Thorson and Daniel Negreanu. In the lead is Claudio Cecchi from Italy, and not far behind him are Soheb Porbandarwala (PokerStars qualifier) from USA and David Vamplew from UK.


William Thorson leaves Team PokerStars Pro

Tags: leaves, pokerstars, quits, team pokerstars pro, william thorson
Posted on 22 September 2010 by "T".

The swedish poker pro William Thorson has been a Team PokerStars Pro for 2 years and been PokerStars face on the swedish poker market during this time. However, his contract with PokerStars expired some time ago and according to the world's biggest poker site it was just a matter of time before he signed a new one. Now, William Thorson announces that he wont sign another contact with PokerStars and that he has other plans.

"After 2 years in PokerStars colors as a member of Team PokerStars Pro I have decided to move on. I have decided to to quit and move on with new projects and challenges.", says William Thorson to a swedish poker magazine.

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2010 WSOP Main Event: Theo Jorgensen in the lead (78 players left)

Tags: 2010, johnny lodden, main event, Theo Jorgensen, William Thorson, wsop
Posted on 16 July 2010 by "T".

205 players returned to Amazon Room at Rio Hotel & Casino to play Day 6 of the main event yesterday. At around midnight, the tournament crew called it a day and there were only 78 players remaining. In the lead is the danish poker pro Theo Jorgensen with 9,300,000, and almost 2 million in chips behind him are Michael Mizrachi and John Racener, both from USA.

Theo Jorgensen has played extremely well in the past few days and he has been advancing in the field every day. If you ask me, I think that he deserves to be where he is right now. I'm 100% sure he will make it to the final table if he continues playing this well. And who knows, maybe he will be the second dane ever to win a Main Event? Another player to watch out for is the PokerStars Pro William Thorson from Sweden. William has been running extremely well in live tourneys this year and I hope that he will be one of the 27 players who make it to the final day before the tournament goes on a break. 



William Thorson won PokerStars Baltic Festival (€80,823)

Tags: 2010 wsop, no limit holdem, pokerstars baltic festival, tallinn, william thorson
Posted on 21 June 2010 by "T".

Even though the majority of notables in the poker world can be found in Las Vegas at the moment (or getting ready to go there), there are still a few that play in other tournaments around the globe. William Thorson, 27, the Swedish PokerStars Pro, is one of them. It turned out to be a wise decision of Thorson to go and play PokerStars Baltic Festival in Tallinn, instead of playing some event in 2010 WSOP.

Thorson survived a field of 222 players and won over the Lithuanian poker pro Dominykas Karmazinas after 3 hours of heads-up. This is the first major No Limit Hold'em title for William Thorson. He has been very successful in different Omaha tournaments and also reached 4 final tables in the EPT, but he has never won a single major NLH tournament before.


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EPT Awards: Max Lykov takes home the Player of the Year award

Tags: Allan Baekke, ept awards, Kevin MacPhee, Max Lykov, pokerstars, William Thorson
Posted on 06 May 2010 by "T".

Last weekend, PokerStars (in the connection with the last EPT tournament of the season) dealt out the EPT awards for this year. William Thorson, the swedish PokerStars Pro, received the award for best Omaha player. William has been very successful in different PL Omaha events at EPT London and Bahamas.

Maxim Lykov received the EPT Player of the Year award. Lykov won EPT Kiev in the beginning of the season, then he won a side-event at PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January. He also finished in 13th place in EPT Snowfest + a few other good results in other side-events.

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Omaha is the future poker game?

Tags: daniel negreanu, ept, future, high, omaha, pokerstars, william thorson
Posted on 15 March 2010 by "T".

Will Omaha become bigger than Texas Hold'em in the future? That is a question that many people have asked themselves in the past few years as the game just keep on getting more and more popular. So why is Omaha getting so popular? Well, there are probably many reasons for this. The number 1 reason is probably that the game is similar to Hold'em but still much more action filled! Another 2 reasons could be that many poker players are simply getting tired of playing the same old Texas Hold'em or/and because the competition is getting tougher and tougher every day.

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EPT Berlin: Many Team PokerStars Pros in the top of the field!

Tags: ept berlin, main event, pokerstars, stefan huber, team pokerstars, william thorson
Posted on 05 March 2010 by "T".

Day 2 of the EPT Berlin Main Event ended up being a day with lots of action. In seven 75-minute levels, 360 of the 484 who started the day got knocked out. Thats almost three quarters of the field! Many notable players were sent packing this day - Thierry van den Berg, Jeff Sarwer, Noah Boeken, Florian Langmann, Barny Boatman (just to mention a few). However, many of the Team PokerStars Pros can be found in the top of the remaining field of 124 players - Johannes Strassmann (794,500 - 2nd place), Jude Ainsworth (720,500 - 4th place), William Thorson (496,000 - 5th place), Julian Thew (350,000 - 9th place) and Marcel Luske (270,000 - 12th place). Of these Team PokerStars Pros, my money is still on William Thorson to make it the furthest in the tournament.

Leading the field, thought, is young Swiss national Stefan Huber (picture) with 1,087,500 chips. He's for sure going to make it deep into the money if he continues playing this well. However, he will have to fight really hard in Day 3 of the tournament if he want to remain in the lead. Because all the Team PokerStars Pros in the top of the field will for sure switch to the next gear now and aim to build up even bigger stacks, so that they are ready for Day 4 and eventually the final table.



EPT Berlin is about to start

Tags: Arnaud Mattern, Benjamin Kang, ept berlin, Johannes Steindl, pokerstars, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Tom McEvoy, William Thorson
Posted on 02 March 2010 by "T".

Its soon time for the European Poker Tour to make another stop. This time it will be in Berlin instead of Dortmund where it has been played in the previous seasons. Anyhow, PokerStars is expecting even more players this year than last year because of the new location and the €1 million first place prize guarantee (667 players took part last year - Sandra Naujoks won and took home the first prize of €917,000).

Team PokerStars Pros Sebastian Ruthenberg, Benjamin Kang, Johannes Steindl, Arnaud Mattern, Tom McEvoy, William Thorson are all scheduled to take part in Day 1a of the Main Event, which will give the tournament the best possible start!



EPT Copenhagen: Day 1a completed - Canadian in the lead!

Tags: Anette Obrestad, EPT Copenhagen, Johnny Lodden, Kristoffer Sumpas Thorsson, main event, Peter Eastgate, William Thorson
Posted on 17 February 2010 by "T".

Day 1a of EPT Copenhagen delivered a lot of action, mainly because of the Scandinavian, aggressive style of playing poker. However, there is a Canadian (Andew Pantling - 155,800 chips) who has come out on top. Although a few notable players have dropped out of the Day 1a field - Martin Kabrhel, Thomas Bichon, Jeff Sarwer etc - there are still some really big names who have made it to Day 2 of the Main Event.

Just to mention three of them, Annette Obrestad, Johnny Lodden & Dario Minieri. Day 1b of the tournament will most probably be even more action filled and interesting to follow as William Thorson, Luca Pagano, ElkY, Peter Eastgate and many other big names will take part.

TOP 5 players of Day 1a
Andrew Pantling - 155,800
Johnny Ostbjerg - 117,100
Christian Togsverd - 116,100
Patrik Kaltrud - 133,200
Kristian Kofoed - 110,500



EPT Copenhagen begins today

Tags: Anette Obrestad, EPT Copenhagen, Johnny Lodden, Kristoffer Sumpas Thorsson, main event, Peter Eastgate, William Thorson
Posted on 16 February 2010 by "T".

Today, the Main Event (Day 1a) of EPT Copenhagen kicks off. This is the ninth stop on the EPT tour and for sure the one we will see most Nordic stars in. Just to mention a few of the players that are going to take part, Peter Eastgate, Johnny Lodden, Anette Obrestad, William Thorson and Kristoffer "Sumpas" Thorsson who just received the Rookie of the Year award in Nordic Poker Awards.

EPT Copenhagen will run between 16/2 - 21/3 and it will of course not only include the Main Event. However, we will keep you updated regarding the Main Event (since we believe it's the most important event and also the event with the largest prize pool) in our news section, so you won't miss out on the action!



PCA: Lots of pros and celebs took part in the amFAR charity tournament

Tags: amfar, charity, mats sundin, nelly, pca, slash, spencer benjafield, william thorson
Posted on 11 January 2010 by "T".

The amFar charity tournament turned out really well this year as the buy-in of $5000 didn't scare off poker pros, celebs and other people from taking part (Slash from Guns 'N Roses, Nelly, Mats Sundin etc). Some of the participants of the tournament even made a few re-buys (PokerStars Pro William Thorson, just to mention 1 player with a big heart). Thanks to so many generous people - not less than $97,500 was donated to cancer research.

The winner of the tournament came to be Spencer Benjafield, an Englishmen who won his seat through a freeroll for players with 'supernova status' at PokerStars. For the win he received $37,500 from the total prize pool of $195,000.



EPT: Vanessa Rousso takes home the High Roller Championship

Tags: EPT High Roller Championship, Randy Dorfman, Tony G, Vanessa Rousso, William Thorson
Posted on 05 May 2009 by "T".

Vanessa Rousso, the Team PokerStars Pro, took home the EPT High Roller Championship last weekend and received a stunning amount of €570,000 in first prize. The final table included notable players like Tony G, William Thorson, David Steicke & David Eldar.

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EPT Dortmund: 34 players remaining at the start of day 3

Tags: EPT, European Poker Tour, Johan Storakers, William Thorson
Posted on 13 March 2009 by "M".

It's starting to get close to the final table in the EPT tournament that is being held in Dortmund. Before today's game is started there are 34 players left to battle for the win in this prestigious event. The chipleader at the moment is Holger Kanish from Germany with $526.500 in chips.Read more » EPT Dortmund: 34 players remaining at the start of day 3


EPT Prague update

Tags: EPT Prague, Johnny Lodden, Peter Eastgate, William Thorson
Posted on 10 December 2008 by "T".

Day 1a of EPT Prague is now over and a few notable players made it through to Day 2........

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