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EPT Copenhagen - Day 3: Peter Eastgate is getting closer to the final table

Tags: Bertrand ElkY Grospellier, EPT Copenhagen, Juha Helppi, Peter Eastgate, pokerstars.
Posted on 19 February 2010 by "T".

76 out of 243 players who started Day 2 are now through to Day 3 of the EPT Copenhagen Main Event, which will start in a few hours. Notable players that have made it to Day 3 with decent stacks are Team PokerStars pro's Peter Eastgate (302,000 - 9th place) and Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier (243,800 - 16th place). 2 other big names can be found further down in the field, Juha Helppi & Anette Obrestad. In the lead is Csaba Toth with 561,900 chips. Almost 150k chips behind him are Fabian Gentile (413,300 - 2nd place) and Stig Rossen (411,200 - 3rd place).

56 of the remaining 76 players will get a piece of the total prize pool of 14,212 DKK (about €1,9 million dollars). The winner will get about €500,000.


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12 comments on "EPT Copenhagen - Day 3: Peter Eastgate is getting closer to the final table"

 ierons19/02/2010 09:31:58 GMT
i knew it !!

go Peter Eastgate !! go !! ^^
 mazas19/02/2010 16:25:54 GMT
so good tourney and big names are in the lead Smile

good luck all and be happy
 Kristan19/02/2010 16:31:19 GMT
Like many others already predicted - Eastgate is going to make a history soon again Blink.
Glad to see Juha also init, hope he goes deep aswell!
 SuperNoob20/02/2010 03:33:46 GMT
peter eastgate is not much behind the chipleader and there is still lot of poker to be played, gl to him. hope he can make the final table again
 parrix20/02/2010 04:48:10 GMT

I quite like to see this kind of tournaments,

like the ept or this style, plus it is very common to see them on television,

so it's nice to see and learn more of these players have much to teach,

plus they always seem be the same I like a lot for your game ElkY unpredictable.

 GabeKaplan20/02/2010 09:58:08 GMT
I think Peter Eastgate is going to make the final table, he has that look of the wsop
 MANUEDO20/02/2010 13:49:29 GMT
Should I be surprised of it ? No, of course: he's a big pro, very strong so it's natural he's ( almost ) in the lead. I stopped reading a blog yesterday afternoon so I hope some italians are still in tournament
 DAGOR20/02/2010 14:53:56 GMT
Hello everybody!
Go Elky! you are the best lol! Seurieusement the tournament will still be long and it's nice to see him well placed.
See you soon for new posts! Smile
 LaBaiz20/02/2010 20:03:12 GMT
Should be a lot of fun with Elky and Peter Eastgate at the final table if they make it, seems like great pokerstars player convention. Blink
 LanceP20/02/2010 20:34:26 GMT
never heard of the guy to be honest Tongue he is a pokerstars player right?
 dez22/02/2010 11:42:43 GMT
14,212 DKK is about 3k US $
 Fakiry22/02/2010 13:52:36 GMT
First place is almost doubling second, i am sure he will be living hard times this day. Many will try to reduce his stack to fill in the pockets, he ought to be aware of slow plays. In my opinion, he should always adopt an extremely tight strategy to hold on wayting to see how things develop.

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