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LAPT Punta del Este

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Posted on 26 February 2010 by "T".

307 players signed up for the LAPT Punta del Este Main Event this time. So far, day 1 and 2 have been played. Now, 24 players are fighting for a seat at the final table. Among them we find Team PokerStars Pro's Jose Ignacio Barbero (Argentina) and Humberto Brenes (Costa Rica) in the top of the remaining field. Chip leader as Day 3 of the tournament is about to start is Cesar F. Mostafa with his 529,00 stack. Closets to him in chips is the last female in tournament, Daniela de Lima Zapiello with 485,000.

Next player to go out of the tournament (24th place) will receive $7,300, and the winner will get nothing less than $279,330. In other words, we can expect that even the short stacked players will give the big stacks a fight to remember since its a quite steep payout structure.


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9 comments on "LAPT Punta del Este"

 Joe_Average26/02/2010 13:27:47 GMT
Poker starts to pick up in popularity in Latin America as well; 307 contestents are not manyfor the LAPT, but the WSOP had only 220 once.
I have never heard of the names mentioned here, but that will soon change, i suppose.
Hmm, let's google for Daniela.... err, pokerbabe of tomorrow? Cool
 MANUEDO26/02/2010 16:18:32 GMT
I watched last year final table of this event on tv and I was really surprised to see a norvegian young guy winning it; wtf was he playing there ?
 Joe_Average26/02/2010 16:29:12 GMT
Posted by MANUEDO:
I was really surprised to see a norvegian young guy winning it; wtf was he playing there ?

Poker maybe? Big Smile
You don't have to be Latin American to play in the LAPT, you racist! Big Smile
 mazas27/02/2010 10:42:00 GMT
Humberto Brenes (shark ) its really impresive player he can put all in with AA and also can bluff and put all in with some 5-8 or another stupid hand
so its really good tour and good luck all especially ladies Smile
 LaBaiz27/02/2010 20:05:59 GMT
not too many players in this tournament. And the prize for the first place is pretty adequate for such size. Last female in tournament and the 2nd chip stack. Nice.
 xxxbchxxx27/02/2010 21:09:04 GMT
Look like a good tourny for sue that stars player is quite hot nice pics Joe.
$279,330. is a lovely payday for the winner. over 7K for the next player out as well isnt to sad is it?
 Puuuru27/02/2010 21:22:53 GMT
Im just a rookie, but this seems quite interesting for me.. Tongue
 SuperNoob28/02/2010 06:37:50 GMT
doesn't look like a very famous tournament , no big pros playing in this or maybe they busy with some other big event. but still good turnout for this game and decent prize pool
 GIOMi601/03/2010 18:30:19 GMT
I think that this tournament for poker players who live in Latin America. But I think the WSOP is the best event of the world, where international professional poker players compete.

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