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PokerStars - NAPT: New HighRoller Bounty Shootout

Tags: bounty, napt, pokerstars, shootout, tournament.
Posted on 09 February 2010 by "T".

When NAPT (North American Poker Tour) makes a stop at The Venetian, Las Vegas, PokerStars will try a new type of HighRoller Bounty shootout tournament. The buy-in for the new tournament will be $25,000 of which $5000 will go to the bounty prize pool. In other words, if you knockout a player - you will get $5000. Anyhow, one player from each table (10 players - sit & go tables) will make it to the next table and fight for a piece of the prize pool. PokerStars will give the one who takes home the most bounty's extra $100,000.

According to PokerStars, the pros they have been talking to so far are very positive to the new tournament. And who knows, maybe EPT and WPT will start arranging similar tournaments if the turnout is good at the Venetian?


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14 comments for "PokerStars - NAPT: New HighRoller Bounty Shootout"

 mazas09/02/2010 16:03:09 GMT
maybe not bad Smile
hope good known poker player try it and will enjoy this 5 knock outs and u bring back yours buy in money Smile
and then u go to try win thepot anyway good idea hope pro players will like it

good luck all
 Kristan09/02/2010 16:12:07 GMT
Well im sure atleast FullTilt pros have been playing Terminator tourneys before. Not so big prizepool tho Smile.
Cant imagine if Hellmuth takes part of it and gets donked out what will happen then^^.
 xxxbchxxx09/02/2010 19:52:44 GMT
Oh how much would you just love to get in to this tourny.....Oh yes
Kids up for sale?
Wife on the job?...lol
Quick bank job?..............need some financing...lol
 dorinba09/02/2010 20:09:25 GMT
Very interesting, somethink new.
But with this very big buy in in this games will play only players with very big banckroll, so I doubt I will play it soon.
 leroi2109/02/2010 20:28:59 GMT
the buy-in is to big for my bankroll wow with 25 000$ i can buy a new car Tongue hope some day i make one of this tourney with buy-in like this main event is more easy to enter
 DAGOR09/02/2010 21:33:54 GMT
Hello everybody!
it's very interresting as a new formula. But this is not within reach of every purse lol.
See you soon for new posts! Smile
 dule-vu09/02/2010 22:13:11 GMT
such a big buy in Shock !like someone say you can buy a car Big Smile !but this for people who can buy in and not be scary if thay lose!so good luck for all of them!
 BhStaljin09/02/2010 22:22:30 GMT

wow man buyin of the 214 dollars and so much people registered....like it is not that much

money to lose in the one hand where you aces get cracked first or second hand....I

wouldn't risk that much money ...altought you could win a much....whit that much players
there is a lot of luck involved...

 Doomsday_vic09/02/2010 23:16:06 GMT
Looks like theres more and more highrollers these days, damn that is a lot of people registered lol.
 ZmxPowah10/02/2010 01:06:46 GMT
If only one player from the table will go through it'shigh possiblity that one of the top 10 will have most bounty ^^.
Would be more interesting if like 3 players would go through....
 SuperNoob10/02/2010 09:10:26 GMT
one player from each goes to final table , so unless you reach final table you most probably end up in negative. maybe they shud hav more bounty than prizepool
 LaBaiz11/02/2010 13:09:49 GMT
Pokerstars are making some great promotions, seems like there is no other way but to join them and grab some of their promotions. Blink
 mazas11/02/2010 13:24:18 GMT
new and strong must be for pro players also can donkeys try his luck but buy in is maybe a little to much for donk play

good luck all Tongue
 Fackinas11/02/2010 15:27:37 GMT
Posted by mazas:
maybe not bad Smile
hope good known poker player try it and will enjoy this 5 knock outs and u bring back yours buy in money Smile
and then u go to try win thepot anyway good idea hope pro players will like it

good luck all

Aww crap! He Notth americe hmmm.. How much is buy in and how much average people is there? Smile Of course I wont take part in but maybe i will take part by watching that and a 10years latter I will take part in Big Smile

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