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Vanessa Selbst on the way to NAPT title defense

Tags: NAPT, Patouche Poker Tour, Vanessa Selbst
Posted on 12 April 2011 by "J".

Vanessa Selbst became the first winner of NAPT Mohegan Sun last year, and now she is the chip leader with just 24 players left, in this year's edition.

For many years, Jennifer Harman, Annie Duke and Kathy Liebert were the ones you talked about, as the world's best female poker players, but the last few years the trio has gotten fierce competition, especially from the two Vanessa's, with the surnames - Rousso and Selbst.

And especially Selbst looks like a better and better bid, to take over the unofficial title from the three female "poker veterans'.Read more » Vanessa Selbst on the way to NAPT title defense


Vanessa Selbst wins NAPT Mohegan Sun ($750,000)

Tags: Mohegan Sun, napt, pokerstars, vanessa selbst
Posted on 12 April 2010 by "T".

PokerStars NAPT (North American Poker Tour) Mohegan Sun Main Event was a huge success as not less than 716 players signed up for the tournament. One of these players was Vanessa Selbst, a student at Yale Law School and also a very successful poker player with some great results at the World Series. Vanessa got the the best possible start in the tournament as she won almost ever single pot in the first day. After that Day 1 was over, she had created a massive stack and also earned a lot of respect from her opponents. 

Anyhow, Vanessa never looked back after Day 1 as she remained in the top of the field all the tournament. And when she finally made it to the final table and was playing heads up against Mike Beasley, it only took her 7 hands to eliminate him as well and grab the first place prize of $750,000! A big congratulations to Vanessa Selbst!


NAPT Venetian - Main Event: Tom Marchese takes down the first prize of $827,648

Tags: 2010, champion, napt, north american poker tour, pokerstars, Tom Marchese
Posted on 25 February 2010 by "T".

It came to be these 8 (2 PokerStars qualifiers) relatively unknown players who made it to the final table in the NAPT Venetian Main Event. Sam Stein, Thomas Fuller, David Paredes, Yunus Jamal, Tom Machese, Eric Blair, Daniel Clemente and John Cernuto.

Anyhow, the 2 players that dominated the final table and made it to heads-up were Sam Stein and Tom Marchese. Sam Stein took the command almost straight away, and because he had won almost every single pot in the 3 past days, no one thought that Tom Marchese stood a chance against him. However, Marchese managed to figure out Stein's game and sense his weaknesses - and exploit them. It didn't take long before Marchese had taken the command over the game and after some time he had also taken every single chip from his opponent. A big congratulations to Tom Marchese.



NAPT Venetian Main Event: 29 players left - Vanessa Rousso is one of them!

Tags: napt, north american poker tour, Sam Stein, Vanessa Rousso, ventian
Posted on 23 February 2010 by "T".

PokerStars 2010 NAPT (North American Poker Tour ) Venetian Main Event is soon coming to an end. Out of the 872 players who started Day 1 of the tournament, 29 are now left in the tournament playing Day 3. These 29 players are now fighting for a seat at the final table. The biggest name among the players who have made this far in the tournament is Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso.

Vanessa Rousso has played really good from the very first day of the tournament and she will definitely make it to the final table if she continue playing this well. However, Vannessa and all the other players in the top of the field are still far behind the chip leader, Sam Stein. Stein has accumulated a stack of 340,000! Almost 120k chips behind him is Eric Blair in second place.

The winner of NAPT Venetian will receive $827,648. In other words, a huge first place prize!



PokerStars - NAPT: New HighRoller Bounty Shootout

Tags: bounty, napt, pokerstars, shootout, tournament
Posted on 09 February 2010 by "T".

When NAPT (North American Poker Tour) makes a stop at The Venetian, Las Vegas, PokerStars will try a new type of HighRoller Bounty shootout tournament. The buy-in for the new tournament will be $25,000 of which $5000 will go to the bounty prize pool. In other words, if you knockout a player - you will get $5000. Anyhow, one player from each table (10 players - sit & go tables) will make it to the next table and fight for a piece of the prize pool. PokerStars will give the one who takes home the most bounty's extra $100,000.

According to PokerStars, the pros they have been talking to so far are very positive to the new tournament. And who knows, maybe EPT and WPT will start arranging similar tournaments if the turnout is good at the Venetian?


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