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Player Had To Leave Tournament After Questioning Annie Duke Over Epic Poker League Scandal

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Posted on 25 September 2012 by "T".

Annie Duke has been lying extremly low in the live poker scene since the Epic Poker League filed for bankruptcy in the end of February this year. EPL gernerated only $37,052 during its short exitence, however the bankruptcy showed that Duke paid herself $299,784 for her time as commissioner while Epic Poker amounted debts of over $8 million. Among the defrauded in the EPL scandal was the Disabled American Veterans Charity.

Besides the EPL scandal, Duke was the face of Ultimate Bet and defended the site when it was discovered that some of the management had been using super-user accounts that allowed them to view hole cards and defraud players of over 2 million dollars between 2004 and 2008. In other words, the last thing she needed was the EPL scandal. However, it seems like she has gathered some courage lately and left the safety of her home for some live tournament action.

According to a post on a very popular poker forum, she particiapated in the same tournament as someone's "cousin Dave". Apparently, Cousin Dave wasn't the biggest fan of Duke as he wrote "epic" on the whiteboard before taking his seat. He then asked Duke several questions about her and Howard Lederer (her brother) and the UB, FTP & EPL scandals. The floor management gave Dave 5 warnings before kicking him out of the tournament.

Here is the post: (full version)

Cousin Dave just called me after getting kicked out of a tournament at The Poker Room in Hampton Falls for berating Annie Duke. He was issued a handful of warnings and then was finally booted from the tourney after #5. His infractions, chronologically, starting around noon today, are as follows:

1st warning: Cousin Dave leads by writing the word "epic" on the whiteboard on his way into the tourney:

2nd warning: Minutes into the tourney, Cousin Dave is seated next to Annie Duke. he asked if she feels good about making $500k off epic poker. Warning #2 issued by floorman

3rd warning: He then asked a few minutes later about Her and Howard Lederer feeling financially secure while NH based UB & FTP players busto that they convinced to sign up for their various sites. Warning #3

4th warning: Cousin Dave noticed Annie not interacting with the players. She was on her ipad / iphone. He asked if she thought she should be more engaged seeing that her name was on the tourney. She said she had no obligation to do so.

5th infraction, kicked out: For the finally, after the first break CDave asked Annie if she won would she use $ to partially fund player refunds for $1M Epic freeroll. Kicked out of tourney, stack forfeited, banned from property.

1:15 minutes of Cousin Dave crushing Annie Duke is all the floor could take. It looks like Cousin Dave will now be playing exclusively at Foxwoods and Hampton Falls will be taken out of the mix.


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9 comments on "Player Had To Leave Tournament After Questioning Annie Duke Over Epic Poker League Scandal"

 Fakiry25/09/2012 12:04:04 GMT
I didn’t know that a tournament player could be kicked off from the tourney for considered misbehavior just for talking to another player. I see the gravity of what he said, but sometimes we watch conversations on the TV that only have the intention of being prejudicial to other players. And I never saw anyone warning these pros. It’s good to know not everything is allowed in what matters to side action in a real poker tourney.
 kraemer25/09/2012 13:33:39 GMT
Thieves and Cheaters Welcome, but busted for calling them what they are...
 ayaraled25/09/2012 15:10:23 GMT
no one has been bust out in the tournament because of chatting bad with your opponents...some people do more than this...i think a chat ban will do but busting you out in a tourney is too much...even in live tournament argument happens but no one has been bust out....
 mcedger25/09/2012 16:37:18 GMT
you know as soon as players know that annie duke is a named player in the tournament she will be a target for some awkward questions, what did the organisers think was gonna happen?!
 grahamy2725/09/2012 18:52:10 GMT
im not a man of violence Blink but i would smacked the thieving bastard!! many peoples livelihoods ruined because of these scam artists!!

thinkj they should get permanent poker ban, the same way footballers and other sports people can be banned..everyone should also boycott the casino in question and show support for the small fry(us) against the real scam sharks
 Doarulle25/09/2012 19:05:42 GMT
Finally they made right... but don't worry others like them will appear soon :|
 pochui25/09/2012 19:22:26 GMT
to me all those questions were very normal- when you sit next to a babe with extra huge boobs- naturally u begin to talk to her about one way or another, and when you are sitting with a controversial person- you talk about those things that made him/her an unwanted person...strange one
 teddybears7325/09/2012 20:53:12 GMT
bit of a disgrace booting the guy out the tourney for after all what was only some questions,
he was probably only asking what millions of robbed players would have asked her themselves.
 mkrkinnen26/09/2012 00:07:50 GMT
i hope all those assholes from ub and ftp go to jail for long time!

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